Beach Party

by Mvpparrack (Waycross, GA, USA)

Strangest thing happened to me last weekend; I was at a party at a beach house where my bff and her boyfriend Jeff lived. It was right on the beach with a huge sliding glass door in the living room facing the ocean. The party went on into the night with about 20 to 30 people there.

We had a big fire on the beach and the music was load and everyone was drunk and having fun. About 2 am the party died down and everyone went home. I was way too drunk to drive so my friend let me sleep on their couch.

I was passed out when I heard something that stirred me awake, the ocean breeze was blowing in my face through the open glass door, I thought that I had shut it before laying down, oh well. I passed back out.

Then a hand from out of the darkness pushed my head into the armrest that I was using as a pillow, I started to scream but a voice said “don’t make a sound and I won’t hurt you” scared to death I obeyed. Then I heard the sound of a zipper “Open your mouth” came the same voice.

I opened my mouth and he stuck his dick into it. I tried to turn my head away from it but he pressed harder on my head “Do what I tell you to do and I will leave without hurting you, now start sucking.”

I was still half drunk and drifting in and out of conciseness, totally confused about what was happening. I started sucking his dick as best as I could, but kept passing out. At one point I came too and he was just holding my head and fucking my mouth. I passed out again.

When I awoke the next time I was lying face down on the couch with a pillow under my hips and my pants and panties pulled down around my ankles I could feel his hands gripping my waist as he thrust in and out of me, I tasted something salty and realized that he had cum in my mouth, how long was I out this time? I passed out again.

As I drifted back into conciseness I could hear that same voice whispering to someone else. “Yeah, I fucked her already, it’s your turn.” When I came too again I was laid over the armrest of the couch.

I looked to the side and saw a hand on the couch next to my shoulder, I turned my head and saw another hand on the other side, that’s when I felt a dick ram into my asshole, I let out a whimper and heard a different voice from the man that had just entered my ass.

“Hey shut her the fuck up, or she will wake the people in the other room up” I drifted out again and when I came back around, my ass was still being pounded, I could hear the steady slapping of his pelvis against my ass cheeks, but now I couldn’t make a sound because someone had my head in their hands shoving it up and down on his dick.

This time I was able to stay awake a little longer and tried to get way but my face was shoved up and down more violently, and my struggle seemed to excite the man behind me as he held my waist down tighter and started moaning “Yes, baby shake that ass for me”.

Then the man that was face fucking me stopped and spoke as he pulled my hair harder. “Remember what I told you? Do as you are told and you won’t get hurt. Do you understand me?” He was pulling my hair so hard I thought that he was going to pull it all out.

I nodded my head and he loosened his grip and started bouncing my mouth up and down on his cock again. “I’m going to cum and you had better drink it all.”

He was moving my head so fast that I was getting dizzy. “Are you about to cum dude?” The other man responded “Fuck yeah, I’m about to fill her asshole up” came the voice behind me.

My face was being held all the way down so that I couldn’t hardly breathe “Swallow it bitch, swallow all of me” He shot cum down my throat with a couple more hard thrust then let go of my hair I lifted my mouth off his dick and heard “I didn’t tell you to stop.

Suck me clean” I guided my head over and grabbed his semi limp dick with my mouth and sucked it back in and started sucking. About that time the man fucking my ass slowed his ramming down but with much harder thrust until he rammed all the way into me and moaned “What a great piece of ass.”

He pulled his dick out of my ass, and I passed out again with a dick in my mouth. I awoke after what seemed like hours. I had my clothes on and was laying on the couch. I heard my friend’s voice “Wow what a party me and Jeff passed out as soon as our head hit the pillow. I have a bounding headache. I am making some coffee; it will be ready in a minute. How did you sleep?”

What the fuck?? Did I dream all that shit? I did have cum taste still in my mouth, and my asshole was sore.

“Did anyone else sleep over last night?” I asked “NO, it was just us three, why?” “Oh, nothing I guess. I just had a bad dream or something” “Well that couch isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep on. Oh, I closed the glass door when I got up, that wind is a little cool first thing in the morning.”

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