Bathhouse Fun

by Yani (Bahrain)

I have always known I was bisexual since I was a kid. I have topped but never bottomed, I have attempted bottoming a few times. The first time I was in my teens and my friend and I tried, we didn't have lube and I wasn't stretched out properly. A few years ago I bought a butt plug which is 4 inches long and a 8-inch dildo. I lube every night, put the plug in, and every other night the dildo. It feels good when I do so.

A description of myself, I am an Arab male, 54, look to be in my 40's. Slim 5'6, 140 lbs. I have an 6 1/2 inch cut thick & big head cock.

one night I decided to go to the bathhouse, I was feeling extra horny. I pay my admission to get my locker to put my clothes in it, shower dries off, and lube my ass up just in case, but also love having a finger stuck in me.

I do my walk around and see some doors open and guys showing off their goods, a few guys getting blown or fucked. I think to myself this looks like it good is a fun night. I went to the video room and there are two couches in there.

One couch has a guy laid out on it stroking his cock, the other has a beautiful tall Thai crossdresser, dressed in a leather strapped top, short leather skirt, stockings, and knee-high boots. I start a conversation with her. She looks down and notices my bulge under my towel, tells me she hasn't had a Arab big cock all night, she motions to the glory hole section, and I follow her over there. She goes in one cubicle and I go in the one next to it.

I then feel her lick and play with my balls then she starts to put it in her mouth and she could suck, I take a hit of poppers she then takes my whole cock in her mouth, wow!! did that feel great, never felt anything like that before, at this time a guy comes behind me and starts feeling my cock and balls his hands move to my chest and he starts nibbling my ears and neck. My eyes are closed and I didn't notice another guy come in and start licking my nipples, I reach back and feel a cock it is about 6 inches but very thick, and rock hard. He starts feeling my ass and whispers in my ear you are all lubed up.

Meanwhile, my sexy crossdresser has decided she wants my cock in her ass, she pushes herself up on it I feel it going in and she starts grinding on it and going back and forth on it. Meanwhile, the guy who was sucking and licking my chest starts kissing me sticking his tongue down my throat, and the guy behind me is rubbing his cock against my ass. I press up against him and I feel the head pop in, I let out a loud moan the guy kissing me just kisses me harder. We all take several hits of poppers and I feel that cock just go in I smile to myself and say finally.

There was a little pain but having prepared myself for a while it was a beautiful sensation. I start pumping into my sexy crossdresser as he is pumping into me. Meanwhile, the guy kissing me is stroking away and lets out a loud moan as he shoots his load on me, feeling his cum on me I let loose in her ass, I hear her yell out yes and she starts screaming as she cums, of course he lets go in my ass, he pulls out of me I feel it leak out my ass.

My kisser gets on his knees and licks and cleans me out. She comes into the cubicle and kisses me I feel her ass with my cum in it and play with it take out my fingers and stick it in her mouth we then kiss some more. She walks out. I decide it is now shower time.

I shower catch my breath walk around some more still with a raging hard-on and my ass feeling great. I pass by a door a guy is laying on his bed watching a video, getting blown he smiles at me I walk in he motions me to him and starts blowing me, the guy who was blowing him then stops and climbs on his cock and starts riding it, another guy walks in, he comes behind me sticks his cock in my ass, I am thinking to myself 54 years nothing, then Bam in a 45-minute span twice.

The guy climbs off my sucker, the guy fucking me stops the starts fucking the other guy, the sucker turns around and I start pounding his ass. The guys we are fucking are facing each other and start kissing, we each take a hit of poppers and everyone is just moaning out loud a few more people enter the room and are watching and stroking and feeling our bodies up.

I can't resist anymore and let loose my 2nd load of the night. The other guy lets go of him and the guys we were fucking followed suit. We all collapsed on the bed exhausted and some of the guys who were watching us decided we needed to be cleaned up.

I can't wait till I get fucked again.

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