Barry's Real Man

by Dan (AZ)

Barry was enthralled by Ron’s manly dick.

He was only nineteen and unaccustomed that that sort of male rapport between friends. Ron was thirty-two and quite unabashed his liking male companionship. Of course there were guys who were gay and then there were guys who just enjoyed having male friendships and this was quite apart from being gay, and this was something that Barry had not experienced before.

If Ron had been gay, Barry knew that he would have been turned off. That was not him. He had known some gay boys in school, and there was just something about them that he found unappealing. It was like they were into their own little private world of gay stuff. It was not like that at all with Ron. He was good looking, well built, and very manly and Barry had found himself pretty much seduced by that aspect.

The first time that he had been naked with Ron, Barry had felt practically overwhelmed and quite taken by Ron’s confident and male-friendly attitude, as well as by his handsome physique and his large hard manhood. With him it just felt so rewardingly masculine having a boner together. It was very straightforward and nothing frivolously gay about it, nor anything even remotely effeminate. It was very much just all male.

Hey were naked together that morning at Ron’s place and both of them were having an erection.

“You really give me a boner,” Ron said, proudly displaying his nine inches of hard and thick male cock.

Barry felt flattered thinking that he could give Ron a boner and seeing the proof of that with his own eyes.

“You give me one, too,” he said as he stood there with his own stiff penis just as nakedly and unashamedly displayed.

Ron smiled and they kissed. It wasn’t a gay kiss, but a manly kiss as Ron held him in his strong arms. That felt great between them as guys and Barry loved it.

“It sure is great being with you like this,” Ron said.

“I like being with you like this, too,” said Barry.

They kissed again.

Barry was captivated by the male chemistry.

“Let me get this into your butt,” Ron said in a straightforward manner.

“Okay,” Barry said with an unconcealed eagerness.

He turned and put his hands on the arm of the sofa as Ron lubricated his penis.

Then, with Ron standing up behind him, Barry felt Ron’s thick boner being pushed through his tight sensitive butt hole, and then without pause his maleness filling his accommodating anal sheath. It felt so good to be fucked by Ron.

“Ah, yeah … your butt feels so good,” Ron said.

Barry could only stand there leaning over, enjoying feeling privileged to be fucked by the older male. He loved Ron’s penetrating maleness. Ron’s dick felt huge in him, stretching him to his limits.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” Ron grunted with his repeated insertions as he fucked the younger male’s butt, taking pleasure in doing so. He enjoyed the shared maleness of the moment in the same way that Barry did. It was just between guys.

Being fucked like this was making Barry’s boner ache with stiffness. He had never before experienced anything like this. Over and over he endured Ron’s thick boner going back and forth through his butt hole, each and every time with it filling his anal sheath to the maximum. Sure lots if guys, and not just gay guys, fucked. But to be fucked a real man was incredible.

Ron took his time plunging his erect manhood into Barry, appreciating the younger male’s reciprocal accommodation and eagerness to be guy fucked. That was truly an equaled pleasure that he thoroughly enjoyed with another guy.

Then he took his boner all the way in Barry.

“UH! UHHHHH!!! UHHHHH!!!” he grunted as the semen pulsed from his hard dick with a fulfilling satisfaction, giving Barry his manly sperm.

Barry gasped with surprised as he felt Ron ejaculating in him once again, and this excited him unbelievably, making him ejaculate spontaneously.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Barry cried out as he helplessly felt his liquid squirting wildly from his throbbing boner, his semen catapulted clear over the sofa in a wildly uncontrolled discharge. This was not the first time that Ron had fucked the sperm out of him. It was like a complete body fucking experience that he could not resist. His hands gripped the padded arm of the sofa and the toes of his bare feet dug into the carpet. It almost like he couldn’t stop cumming.

“Oh, yeah … yeah … that’s nice,” Ron said, savoring his liquid output into Barry as his male organ delivered it fully into the younger male’s naked body.

Then they both sighed.

“Oh, man …” Ron groaned as he pulled his dick from Barry’s butt.

Barry turned, looking overwhelmed and drained.

Ron gave him a confident smile. “It sure is good when two guys can fuck,” he said.

“It is,” Barry agreed without hesitation, feeling just so taken by the opportunity to be like this with Ron as a real man.

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