Backdoor Mom

by Ronald (OR)

My mom was naked on her hands and knees on the living room carpet. I was just as naked on my knees behind her. Taking a hold of my hard erection I guided the swollen mushrooming head up to her tight anal pucker. Slick with liberation, I easily pushed it inward.

“Ohhhh …” I heard my mom moan softly as I entered her butt hole.

I looked down and saw my penis fully inserted into her anal opening. I still couldn’t believe that I was doing this with my own mom, or that my mom liked this.

My parents had divorced a couple of years ago. My mom and I had always been close, and now with my father not being there, and although I was twenty-four and living on my own, my mom and I started to become even closer. We enjoyed getting together and going out and doing things. We enjoyed being at her house and sort of teasingly flirting affectionately with one another, with both us finding the allure of the suggestiveness of this appealing.

One day I came up behind my mom as she was standing at the sink in the kitchen, and put my arms around her and I playfully nuzzled her neck. She murmured enjoying that, encouraging the closeness. Then without making it sound illicit, she asked if I was going to make love to her. A few minutes later we were naked together in her bedroom having intercourse. It was so incredible doing that together and we both loved it.

We made love several more times, savoring the intimacy.

My mom surprised me when she asked if I wanted to do it in her butt. So we had anal intercourse.

As I looked down and saw my erection pushed deep into her butt hole, I knew that my mom had a genuine passion for this in the way that some women did.

Slowly I began to slide my erection in and out of her poop hole, feeling her soft anal sheath caressing the length of my stiff penis. As I did this, she brought her hand around and began masturbating her fully aroused clitoris.

“Oh, yes! Keep doing it! Keep doing it in my butt!” she panted as she rubbed her clit faster and faster with the violating anal stimulation exciting her.

I had my hands on her bare hips as I gave her my hard dick again and again in her butt.

“AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” my mom cried out as she climaxed.

Her lusciously full naked body tensed and trembled as she was overcome by the intense pleasurable waves of her orgasm. I loved seeing my mom cum.

Then her sexual torment eased and she was left breathing hard.

I was very excited and I could feel the urgency within my boner. In the next moment I was ejaculating, my penis pulsing to wetly fill my mom’s anal sheath with my semen.

“Uhhh … Uhhhh … Uhhhh …” I groaned with my male release, with the thick liquid moving through the length of my rigid organ to shoot out of the throbbing head without constraint.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” I heard my mom gasp as I did this in her.

In a moment more it was over and we both savored the satisfaction of our once again being successfully joined with the pleasure of our doing this as mother and son.

I pulled out of my mom and we more or less collapsed right there together on the soft carpet.

My mom smiled at me, doing so with almost a slight shyness.

“It’s so personal having you do it in my butt like that,” she told me. “I never even did that with your father.”

I smiled. “It is personal doing it in your butt,” I told her, thinking just how intimate that was.

We kissed and enjoyed the moment.

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