Back in the Day: Pt 2

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Back in the Day Pt 2

After fucking my Aunt Joyce in the back seat of Uncle T’s 58 Buick with him asleep in the front and learning from Aunt Joyce she loved to incest fuck and incest fucking was common place of our immediate family. I ran the three blocks home from Uncle T’s parents house. Learning Mom had made her younger sister promise not to fuck me until I eighteen, gave me a horrendous need to see Mom. An only child to a single parent Mom and I are very close.

Mom is a knock out, knock you down gorgeous blonde with long beautiful hair of dark roots, tits the size to make men stare, long shapely legs, trim waist and flaring hips, dazzling blue eyes, face and eyes so stunning as to stop men in their tracks. Stand out of any movie star I’ve ever seen upon the silver screen and for sure any porn star, I’d seen with Uncle T and Aunt Joyce.

Aunt Joyce very beautiful but not to compare to Mom, in my eyes and the clues Aunt Joyce had put in my head, my cock was hard by time I reached home. In my mind’s eye, I could see Mom naked, often I had peeked at when bathing. Love Mom’s dark haired, bushy pussy, contrasting of her blonde head. Blonde and shaved pussies I seen of the XXX movies I loved too but none compared to Mom with her perfect triangle, when Mom stood of the bath tub, getting out.

“What was the movie,” Mom questioned just as soon as I burst, through the door.

“Tribble X, Mom,” grinned watching Mom’s eyes to my couch and back up.

“Did you fuck your Aunt Joyce,” Mom had never used bad language, around me before.

“Yes Mom,” Mom didn’t reprimand but smiled.

“Good, she wants a baby, so badly. You need a bath, I’ll fix you a snack, you clean up,” a boy child I knew, Aunt Joyce wanted.

Of course I wanted to jump Mom’s bone, the bulge in my jeans told that story and Mom looked again. Hardly no one had showers in those days, waste of too much water, stripped and was in the bath before it could fill. Dressed of P J bottoms and t-shirt, Mom had two huge meatloaf sandwiches and chips, my favorite, sitting upon the kitchen table. Mom smiling made me believe Aunt Joyce even more.

“What did you and Aunt Joyce talk about,” Mom came sitting beside me, Mom’s bath robe slightly parted revealing luscious, creamy thighs, I wanted to kiss.

“Our family and fucking,” I answered with mouth full and a big grin.

“It didn’t bother you, incest fucking, your Aunt,” I nearly sprayed food across the kitchen.

“No Mom, you and Aunt Joyce have always been my fantasies, when beating off,” choke down the first of the sandwiches.

“Slow down, you don’t have to be in such a hurry,” Mom laid a hand to my thigh.

“Sorry Mom, I’m so excited,” felt Mom’s hand move to my hard cock.

“Mommy is pleased but don’t want you choking to death, drink your water,” top of my PJ’s, Mom’s hand slipped in.

“How many times did you cum in Aunt Joyce’s pussy,” forced myself to chew more slowly, before answering.

“Four times,” Mom’s legs and robe parted a bit more.

“That’s good, should do the trick and you are still this excited. Mommy is very pleased,” a long time it’s been since Mom referred to herself as Mommy, head of hard cock Mom’s fingers traced around the head.

“Eight inches and very thick, much like your father’s. I can hardly wait but you are going to need your strength,” Mom’s fingers now around, the hard shaft.

“Mom, talking with Aunt Joyce made me wonder, who my real father is,” I wanted to throw Mom upon the table and ram it to her.

“Your father, Aunt Joyce’s father and my father, are all one in the same,” water I gulped.

“Really Mom,” my open mouth Mom shoved close with her free hand.

“Yes but that is something I want to tell you about with your huge cock, buried deep in Mommy’s pussy,” Mom stroking my cock ever so gently.

“With you cumming four times tonight, you should last a long time for Mommy,” Mom’s eyes to mine, it’s wonder I didn’t blow a load.

“I can hardly wait to get my mouth on this cock,” shoved my chair back finishing the chips, Mom kissed the head taking my hand, leading to her bedroom.

“I promised your Aunt Joyce, she was so distraught losing her baby right after losing Mom, Dad and your Uncle Bob. She could have your cherry but she was not to eat your cum. That was to be mine and mine alone, the first time,” Mom dropped her robe allowing me to view the most beautiful creature to ever walk this earth, in my opinion.

Mom’s tits perfect, large like Aunt Joyce’s with hard nipples an half inch or longer, triangle dark hairy pussy framed by flat hips which flared out of Mom’s narrow waist. Mom knew she had me captivated, showing her entire body, large melon’s pointed nipples, slightly upwards.

“Lay to the middle of the bed,” Mom pulling the covers of her king size bed to below the foot, out of PJ’s I lay with hard cock standing. Over the top of me, Mom straddled placing her gorgeous pussy in my face, no more than a half inch from my nose. Enticing odor of Mom’s wet, hot pussy only slight noticeable but fermions or whatever was deliciously attacking my nose, shooting to my brain.

“Do with that what you will, Mommy will be down here,” Mom knew I’d never eaten pussy and Aunt Joyce had been my only release, beyond my own hand. Twenty minutes I lasted, Mom eating all my cum, Mom orgasm lasting all the way through, finished with a huge orgasm of eating my cum. Mom kept loving my hard cock, making sure it stayed hard came kissing my face and mouth, all my dreams and fantasies coming true.

“Mommy needs your big hard cock, inside her pussy now,” to my side Mom lay pulling me atop, learning from Aunt Joyce I knew what to do with cock of hand, Mom stopped me from lying atop her tits.

“Don’t you want to see what you are fucking with your huge cock, Mommy wants to see you, fucking her hairy pussy. Watch you fucking your mother as I tell you of our family,” of course I followed instructions.

“Mom! It’s feels even more fanatic, than with Aunt Joyce,” fucking with lights on I would want for ever more.

“It will always be better with your Mommy, than Aunt Joyce, though fucking your Aunt Joyce you will still want. One of the perks of incest fucking and why so many still do today. Incest fucking with your very own son, will be the very best, my Mom told me and your Aunt Joyce. Why Joyce wants a son of her own so badly. I know you have heard from others, not Joyce and I, incest fucking is taboo but it has gone on for thousands of years. Laws have been passed of many cultures, illegal for kings and queens to fuck or marry anyone, who wasn’t related. Long stroke Mommy’s pussy with your magnificent cock, while Mommy explains,” likens the three little words that never say I love you, well enough. I can’t explain in words how the gratifying feelings, I was having, just no way it could be done.

“Many tales of incest fucking have been passed down through the years, my father explaining as I am to you. Angels it is said came to earth taking the beautiful women with long flowing hair, as their lovers, reproducing. These tales can be found in many cultures even today. Families such as our, though I do not know of any, it’s not like we can come out into the open. Have been committing incest and reproducing without birth defects, for generations. My mom said it was foolishness from others, who were jealous of the pleasures, we receive. Spread lies and rumors, making taboo of today’s world.”

“Mommy doesn’t know what is fact or fiction but I do know, I have no sexual desires outside my immediate family.”

“Mom, why haven’t we done this before. I swear Mom, my cock has never felt so powerful, my cock feels bigger, harder and better than ever before, inside you.”

“Yes that is all part of it. Mommy will have many orgasm, it’s like I’m having millions of orgasm right now, your great huge cock sliding in and out of Mommy’s hairy pussy.

Each time you cum inside Mommy, I’ll have a huge undeniable orgasm and have huge orgasms between but the best will come with each time you cum inside me. Huge orgasms I’ll have, eating your cum. You will cum far more times than ordinary men, many more times.”

“Your Aunt Joyce is to be commended, helping you finding release, I could not have helped you without going too far. The prodigious abilities you’ve had, why you’ve had to jack off so much, could have driven you out of your mind, if Aunt Joyce or I had given in to our desires to fuck you with. We have learned throughout the times, the males puberty must be completed for you to handle your tremendous desires and just happens to coincide, what has come to be legal.”

“Oh Baby,” Mom pulling me into her as we both reached our first, truly tremendous climax, with one another. Kissing and loving Mom matching my every trust, the pleasures seemed to last forever and my cock stayed hard, wanting to fuck with my beautiful mother.

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