Back in the Day: Pt 1

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Back in the Day Pt 1

Back in the day, when Drive In Theaters were on the way out, my mother’s younger sister and her husband would come to pick me up and we’d take in a movie. My Aunt Joyce and Uncle T liked to watch the XXX movies. Often they came to pick me up, mostly of winter time, when we’d huddle under blankets. When Mom would ask what the movie was, I’d tell her it was a western or some movie, we’d seen long ago.

Every one of the family always talked of how Aunt Joyce could have done so much better and what she see in him, the family outside of Mom and I who live away from all other of our family members. Aunt Joyce didn’t have to marry him just because she was pregnant. Not often did our entire family come together, mostly at funerals only, this I did not think strange for it had always been that way.

Aunt Joyce was the baby of her family, only a few years older than I, very popular in high school, cheer leader, Home Coming Queen and all that. Why did she stay with Uncle T after losing her baby, on one could understand and considered Uncle T a Nut Case, returning from the Korean War.

Uncle T would make remarks, “Look at the cock on that guy, bet you couldn’t take that cock, Joyce.” Aunt Joyce would always answer him back, “Your cock is all cook, I need,” with her hand on my cock under the blanket. On the rare occasion I wasn’t sent to the concession for drinks and popcorn, Aunt Joyce would unzip my jeans taking my cock out, playing with throughout the movie until cum strained my pants. Many a time I had to cover up or make the excuse, I’d spilled.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, when I get you home,” getting turned on by the movie, Uncle T. “Yes, Baby,” Aunt Joyce would always answer, giving him a big smile or kiss. “You have a bigger and nicer cock than his,” any time Uncle T was out of the car, restroom for Uncle T always brought beer along. Aunt Joyce didn’t drive at night and I was Uncle T’s back up, this went on for over two years, until I turned eighteen.

“You ought to see your Aunt Joyce’s titties, you want to see some beautiful titties, Jim,” Uncle T looking around Aunt Joyce to me.” “One of these days I’m going to take them out and show him,” Aunt Joyce would answer him with both her hands on a cock, under the blanket. Aunt Joyce would duck her head under the blanket suck his cock and eat his cum, her head bobbing easily seen, Uncle T would look to me with a huge grin.

“Oh Baby, you do that so well, better than the whores of Korea.” “You know how much I love it, Baby,” Aunt Joyce would answer him back. An audience they must need, I thought many times but was shortly to find out it wasn’t Aunt Joyce, who had the need for someone else to hear and see. Celebration of my eighteenth birthday day, not my knowing everything was about to change. Saturday night and the Drive In advertising the Raunchiest movies ever shown, Uncle T just had to see.

“Pop me a beer, I’ll be right back,” over the back seat Aunt Joyce plucked from a cooler, opening her purse taking out two pills dropping into the beer.

“To help him sleep,” Aunt Joyce kissed me on the lips with tongue in mouth, never before had I received, more than a peck and a hand job.

“Doesn’t taste quite right but I hate to waste a beer,” Uncle T threw back his head and emptied the can. “Hand me another,” Aunt Joyce reached taking her time, wrapping of a napkin, not popping the top handing to Uncle T. Fiddling Uncle T could get the beer open and slumped over, passing out from the pills.

“It’s time we did more than play around, let’s move to the back seat,” I looked to Uncle T, snoring by now.

“Don’t worry about him, this is not the first time I have knocked him out with the pills, the VA gives out so freely,” Aunt Joyce reached unlatching the passenger door rushing me to the back.

“Your mother promised me, I could have your cherry but not until, you were eighteen,” onto the rear seat of Uncle T’s 58 Buick Roadmaster Aunt Joyce pulled me inside, unbuckling my belt for me to drop my jeans, half way.

“Hurry, I’ve waited for this so long,” of course my cock was hard before Uncle T passed out. See very well we couldn’t, Uncle T always parked far in the back and a way from all other cars. Most cars of the back rows respect each privacy, wanting their own. Lots of room in those old cars back in the day. Smooth soft thighs I could feel, Aunt Joyce guiding by hard cock into place and into her pussy.

“Oh My God! Your cock feels so fanatic, Jim,” it did, felt magical, earth shaking and all that but being this was my first time, how was I to know and didn’t last much longer than it took Aunt Joyce to hook her heels to the backs of my thighs.

“That’s alright, Aunt Joyce is cumming too,” bucking against me Aunt Joyce trussed her hips, whimpering and moaning, overcoming my first orgasm inside a woman’s pussy, I kind of went limp.

“Oh God, I love your cock, Jim,” excited I hadn’t lost my hard completely.

“Let’s get completely naked now, Jim. We’re going to have so many fucking good times, from now on, Jim. You can leave your socks on, wouldn’t want to lose one of the car.

“Aunt Joyce, aren’t you worried Uncle T may wake up,” how Aunt Joyce got out of her dress so quickly I don’t know but she was now helping me strip shirt and pants, undershirt and boxers.

“He won’t wake up until mid-morning are so, we’ll cover him with blankets and leave him in the car to sleep it off,” by now I was undressed with Aunt Joyce’s mouth on my cock. After making sure I was hard and ready to fuck again, Aunt Joyce leaned back against the pile of blankets kept there, sure I was Aunt Joyce saw to the blankets.

“I love it when you call me, Aunt Joyce. Especially so with your cock buried deep in my hairy pussy, Jim. Your cock is huge and so thick, Jim. Lie down atop of me and let’s fuck slow for a while, we don’t have to be in a hurry, we can fuck until they turn on the bright lights behind the big screen. Your Aunt Joyce loves to incest fuck, how do these titties feel, Jim,” huge tits with hot hard nipples felt more than fanatic after the many times I’d been teased to see by Uncle T, made me think and ask.

“Aunt Joyce, have you incest fucked before,” back in Aunt Joyce’s hairy pussy I was by now, felt so magnificently fanatic but I had no other to compare.

“Oh yes! I loved fucking my daddy and older brother. Your cock feels so much like theirs, your Aunt Joyce wants to fuck you and keeping fucking you. It’s has been absolutely horrible, Mom, Dad and older brother dying in the car wreck. Aunt Joyce wants to fuck you all night long but I promised your mother,” this the second time Aunt Joyce brought up the subject of my beautiful Mom.

“Aunt Joyce, did Mom fuck her father too,” my cock feeling so good, my head swimming unable to focus.

“Oh Jim, your cock is the best. We’ll let your mother explain all the rest,” after kissing me passionately, Aunt Joyce began to beg for what it seemed, I could only give her.

“Please call me Aunt Joyce over and over as you pump your beautiful, fucking cock in and out of your Aunt Joyce’s wet, hot, hairy pussy, Jim. Your Aunt Joyce wants to be pregnant, I want a son of my own,” fucked Aunt Joyce for about three hours, cumming four times before the bright lights lit the drive in signaling closing and I couldn’t wait to get home. Thankful of my Aunt Joyce counting my lucky stars, parking the car of Uncle T’s parents’ home, I ran the three blocks home to Mom.

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