B & B Arrangement in UK: Pt 2

by Anonymous (Spain)

I was long without fucking a girl, leave alone a mature one! And she was introducing to the joys of sex. My cock swelled, my cock exploded, and a thick flow of semen forced down my cock to her throat. I groaned as I pumped more into her mouth. She coped admirably, she gulped a little then proceeded to suck and swallow it all.

She kept on sucking as her body started to tremble. She jerked up and down for a few moments then, with loud moans, she climaxed. I never had experienced such an intense sensation, but was aware that this was only the beginning.

Auntie lay beside me fondling my cock and I stroking her boobs as we recovered from our climax. May be within 30 minutes my cock began to respond to her manipulation.

As soon as it was stiff, she opened her legs raising the thighs wide, and then she told me to get between them and insert only a couple of inches of my cock into her, I was only too willing to comply and happily entered into her warm, wet vagina and started to stoke slowly along the upper part of her vagina – closed eyes she started to writhe in pleasure...

Soon I was thrusting deeper and deeper into her juicy hole, her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands on my backside until I collapsed on upon her as she reached her orgasm and I squirted jets of semen deep into her. Done, we lay there sweating and panting for a while. I ran my hand over auntie’s body and she shivered slightly and eased herself into a more comfortable position.

We spent almost three hours together. It was time uncle to return from the pub… I got up as there was only an hour left for us. I knelt beside her and lowered my mouth to her wet and puffed up vagina - kissed, licked and sucked her to full arousal once again.

I slid two fingers into her and gently teased her love hole. As I licked and sucked her clitoris my own arousal really took hold and once again auntie had a solid cock in her hand. She was smooth and warm inside, full of sticky fluid. I loved the tangy taste of it.

In response to her urging I pulled my tongue out, pressed my lips against her clitoris, and began to gently suck on it. I surprised her by removing my mouth from her vagina and licked gently at her anus, and gently rubbed until it started to open allowing me to insert my first finger a little way into it.

It wouldn't go in very far but I found that if I ran my finger around its outer edge it opened a little more allowing my finger to get a little deeper inside her and gently ease the sphincter apart to allow me to probe even deeper inside her. I left it for later exploration … I would then push my tongue into her anus, licked around it for a few moments to moisten it and fuck her in near future.

We went to the kitchen for coffee. Uncle, almost drunk, came in soon – we dumped him to his bed and return to finish our coffee. I was encouraged to fondle her breasts as we sat at the table then she took hold of my limp cock and began to massage it back into semi-rigidity. I started to respond to her stroking and realized that I wanted more.

I suggested that we go back to her bedroom. Auntie got on the bed on her knees and spread her thighs wide. I eased my semi rigid cock into her and enjoyed the sensation of slowly fucking her still wet but warm pussy from behind, now quite loose and made easier from the earlier fucks. After a short while I again slid a finger, then two into her, now very accessible, anus.

Don't use your finger, use your cock, please, she urged. I was stunned but loved her invitation. She wanted me to fuck her anus! My cock quickly got aroused went into its desired rigidity.

I had no experience of anal sex so was extremely nervous, but I certainly was not going to turn her request down. She reached into her bedside table drawer and brought out a packet of condom and a small jar of Vaseline and asked me put it on my cock then rub Vaseline on it and into her anus, and then lowered her head onto her pillow.

Spreading her thighs she asked me to get behind me and push the cock into her anus. I drew her ass cheeks to expose her anus better for me and pushed a good two inches of rigid cock into her anus.

She moaned … It was a very tight fit and that made the sensations even kinkier, but I couldn't control myself well enough, I pressed myself into her and she shrieked as another three inches entered her. The Vaseline made it good for my cock to enter deeper inside until finally she had a good 7 inches of me inside the anus. I stopped for some time at that stage to relish the warm feeling of ass-fucking.

I started gently pumping her anus with my cock in and out for a while, the sensation of her tight rear soft hole rubbing against my cock was mind blowing and I wanted the feeling to last for ever, but lust and inexperience took control and I began to fuck her as hard and fast, my hands were gripping her hips and pushing and pulling her off and onto my raging cock until at last I felt a surge of mounting pressure and I jetted a stream of my load into her wide stretched anus.

As my lust and passion subsided, I eased out of my sweet auntie, and she slowly lay down flat on her stomach and rolled onto her back. I think there are quite a number of things you can teach me and I am very eager to learn, I told my auntie, I'm going to fuck you whenever you want, I said.

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