B & B Arrangement in UK: Pt 1

by Anonymous (Spain)

It was quite common for students to live in selected homes in Bed and Breakfast (B&B) arrangement in the UK till college accommodations were available. I was put in such a home owned by an old couple for eight months.

Both the husband and the wife were extremely nice - she aged early 50s looked motherly while her retired husband about ten years older was quite friendly with me. I used to call them auntie and uncle – that suited us all well.

One evening, I was studying in my room when auntie came and sat in the armchair opposite to me, I couldn't help seeing that she was wearing absolutely nothing under her mini skirt. I had noticed over the last two or three weeks that she was wearing more revealing clothing, and assumed it was because of the warmer weather as summer was approaching.

Thanks to the warm weather, it was a pleasant sight, as the time progressed, to see the layers of her dress slowly came off, revealing a shapely body, nice legs and soft bouncy breasts under her top. She had given me that display deliberately to see if it had any effect. It did! She had really turned me on, not a difficult thing to do when in my early-20s, didn't have any girl friends around and short of enough money.

Normally uncle was at the pub with his friends in the afternoon, not to return until 11 pm. This evening she started with something like whether I liked living here, so far from my home in Spain. Gradually the conversation turned to girl friends – whether I have any and if I was looking for a companion. Later on she became more inquisitive and wanted to know whether I had any sexual experience with girls! Yes I did have sex with some of them but did not have much experience in female’s sexuality, I answered!!

I just wondering where this conversation was going to when she told me I should know more about women and their hidden secrets. I was staring at her – what next? She looked at me intently then she looked down at her short skirt.

I was certain she knew exactly what I had been looking at. Do you like my skirt? - Very much, yes, I responded and continued - I liked the fact that they are short enough and tightly fitted with your butt and I could see that you're not wearing anything under them! She responded with a good laugh …. This led to jiggling of her bra-less boobs!

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I could also feel my face flushing. To my surprise, auntie stood up and removed her skirt. I sat there staring at her smooth, hairless mound. I could see her labia, a bit protruding, I moved intuitively to reach for her abdomen, which was smooth and soft, I then slid one hand down to her pussy and the other around to her buttocks, which were also smooth and soft.

She stood still as I explored her and even parted her thighs to allow me easier access to where she knew I wanted to feel. Her breathing was becoming heavier. Then she whispered, please take my blouse off.

I quickly removed her blouse and feel her lovely soft, perky nips of her ample boobs with some sagging…while also sliding a finger along the cleft of her vulva to part her pussy lips and then began to nibble gently on her clit.

We both knew that we were going to fuck, very soon. She pulled me up and traced the outline of my hard cock in my boxer. Goodness, what a size! she whispered… It's a long time since I felt something that warm and hard… my hubby had a smaller one!! Feel my boobs, mmm, roll the nipples between your fingers, oh yes, yes, suck them, gently, ...feel my pussy again, aah, easy, easy, now slip a finger inside it, I'm soaking wet, Oh, ohh, ohh, my auntie was writhing in lust as she was undoing my boxer. I stood there naked, my hard cock erect and throbbing. She grasped it and led me out to her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom I turned to fondle her breasts, but she had an agenda of her own. She pushed me onto my back, grasped my cock, and slid her hand up and down its length, and for a few glorious minutes, she masturbated me.

My cock was in her mouth and I could feel her tongue moving around it. Slowly she sucked on it and each time she took a little more into her. She gagged on its size a time or two, but, finally it was all the way into her mouth, I felt it slide down her throat!

After a couple of minutes of just moving her mouth up and down a few inches she pulled away and smiled wickedly. I was wondering how many young students she was with earlier to satisfy her sexuality!!

Her breasts were in my hands, smooth, warm and soft and I was in heaven. Then she leaned over me turning her hips around. I felt rich musky aroma from her shaven crotch. The pink slit of her cunt, now exposed out of her brown pussy lips, was glistening with moisture.

I waited not too long to run my finger along her wet slit to find her nice little clit. Then, moving slowly, she pressed her widened thighs on to my mouth. I could see into her well-used vagina as she spread her legs over me. Above I could see her puckered anus. My cock was again in her mouth, my mouth was clamped on her engorged pussy lips, and I was in paradise.

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