Auntie Anne

by David (Leeds, England)

Bag packed, I kissed my mum on the cheek and set off on my adventure. The bus ride took what felt like days when I finally arrived in London it had turned 11 pm, and being a strapping 6'3" lad I was stiff and aching from being cramped up into the seat and eager to get off and stretch. I called auntie Anne as soon as I had my bag in my hand

"Hi, auntie Anne, yes the bus just got in, yeah I know, sorry its so late, listen I'll get a taxi round to you, save you coming out if that's better for you?"

"Ok if your sure your ok doing that?" she replied.

I assured her it was fine, she confirmed her address and postcode for me and I went looking for a taxi. easy as there were loads.

The taxi pulled up outside her house and I paid the driver, I saw her peep though the curtains and I gave her a wave as I got out of the cab. I got to the door and was about to knock as she opened it.

"Come on in David" she said.

"Please auntie Anne, call me Dave, David's what mum calls me when I'm in trouble" I said as I entered

"Well drop the auntie bit and I will" she said hugging me "It makes me sound even older than I am"

Anne was into her mid fifties, still had the jet black hair I'd remembered and looked so like Sophia Loren it was uncanny. At nearly midnight, she had on a dressing gown, and I guessed if I hadn't have been late would have been in bed hours ago.

"I bet your starving aren't you? big lad like you, I'll show you your room and if you want I'll call for a takeaway for you?

"Thanks auntie...sorry Anne, yes I'm hungry but can I have a quick shower to freshen up?"

"Yes of course" she said leading me upstairs, "you will be in here..and bathroom in there. are you ok with Pizza for takeaway?"

"Great thanks, I'll only be a few minutes" I dropped my bag on my bed and headed through to set the shower running. I closed the door and stripped off, checked the temperature and got in.

A few minutes later I came back downstairs and finding my bearings walked into the kitchen to find Anne at the table with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Pizza will be here in a few minutes, do you want a glass of wine or would you prefer a beer?" she asked

"Beer please, I don't really like wine" I said. I'd pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt after the shower and saw Anne's eyes go from my face and linger on my legs. The shorts I'd pulled on were a bit on the short side, and a bit too tight really.

"In the fridge, help yourself. do you feel better for the shower?" she asked as I turned to the fridge.

"Yes thanks", I said "Not much leg room for me and I get cramp if I can't move about"

I got my beer and sat down.

A knock at the door announced the arrival of the pizza and Anne went to the door and paid the delivery guy. she came back into the kitchen and put the box down in front of me "Peperoni, I hope that's ok for you" she said and poured herself another glass of wine. "When you've eaten I'll give your legs a massage for you before you go to bed. don't want you cramping up in your sleep".

I nearly choked on my beer "Errr...ok, I should be ok though honestly"

"Don't be silly Dave", and she patted my thigh "I'm pretty good at massages you know, you will be glad of it tomorrow" and she picked up her wine, "enjoy your pizza, I'll go get some massage oil warmed up for you"

She left me to my pizza, my mind racing. auntie Anne was still gorgeous and I was getting a semi thinking about her massaging me. I wolfed half of it down in about four bites, swilled it down with the beer and stood up.

"Anne" I called as I left the kitchen, "I've eaten enough thanks, is it ok with you if I go to bed now, I'm tired after the trip down here?"

"Come on up, I've warmed the oil up for you", she called back. I climbed the stairs nervously "I'm in your room" she said as I reached the top.

I walked into my room and Anne was sat on the bed waiting for me. "Shorts off and lay down, cover your bits with that towel"

I looked at her, my mouth had gone dry "Errr auntie Anne, my cramp has gone, I'm fine now, honestly"

"Come on David, don't be silly. I'm your auntie and you haven't got anything I haven't seen before...plenty of times I might add" and she stood up "I'll turn away if you want me to. If your too shy...?" she made a point of covering her eyes.

I had gone a little bit past a semi by then and my shorts did little to hide the fact. I pulled off my t shirt, quickly yanked down my shorts and lay on the bed. I laid the towel over my crotch "Ok" I croaked and cleared my throat.

Anne looked at me and smiled. My cock was rock hard under the towel. " I'll have to take my gown off" she said and undid the belt. Underneath she had on a nightie, nothing flashy, just a short cotton thing like a long t shirt and as she climbed onto the bed next to me it rode up and gave me a fantastic view up it to a pair of black shiny panties.

I swallowed and my throat clicked audibly. She poured some oil onto one of my thighs just above the knee and began to massage it. She did the same to the other, I put my head back and closed my eyes.

"Does that feel better David?" she asked me, her hands working the oil into my skin, sliding slowly higher and higher on my thighs, I felt her finger tips brush against my balls and I jumped. "Oops, sorry" she said and moved to the other leg "Your a bit bigger than you used to be" her fingers brushed against by balls again, "Open your legs a bit so I can get to you properly".

I eased my legs a bit wider apart and felt her move the towel and my balls were exposed

"Yes a lot bigger" she sighed and I felt her hand slick with massage oil cup my balls and gently massage them.

I couldn't resist it any more. I pulled the towel off me and put Anne's hand on my cock "I'm a big boy now auntie" I said as I sat up and tried to kiss her.

She pushed me back down and smiled at me "So I can see David" she climbed on top and sat astride me. she reached down between her legs and pulled her panties to the side, After a bit of fumbling, she sighed as she sat down on my hard cock. she sat the motionless and then stripped off her nightie.

God she looked good, even at her age. A small waist, her tits were small too, hardly there. She placed both hands on my chest and started to move herself up and down on my cock. Rocking her hips forwards and backwards. Her breathing was getting shallower and quicker. I reached up and gently squeezed her little nipples and she gasped with pleasure. She suddenly impaled herself on me hard and ground herself down against my pelvis, groaning as she came. I hadn't cum and my cock was still hard inside her as her pussy muscles held and gripped it. She breathed long and deeply and climbed off my cock.

"Phew... I shouldn't have done that", she said "Your my nephew..."

She lay down at the side of me, head on my shoulder, naked apart from her silky black panties. I moved out from under her and she rolled onto her back. I put my hand onto her pussy and through the material traced her pussy lips until I found the place where her clit was "I won't tell mum if you don't" I said and lowered my mouth to her nipple, taking it between my lips and flicking my tongue over it. she moaned gently and I felt her pushing back against my hand.

"Just fuck me, do me hard from behind" she whispered

I moved and she rolled onto her belly then up onto her knees. She looked so sexy with her arse up like that and I moved to my knees behind her.

She reached back between her legs and pulled the panties to one side again. I placed the tip of my cock on her clit and rubbed it there for a few seconds then entered her in one movement. She gasped and went face first onto the bed. I went with her, keeping my cock in her as deep as I could and pinned her with my weight. I began making long thrusts into her and with each one she let out a little moan. I was thrusting as hard as I could, really slapping against her. Her pussy was soaking and so were her panties.

I topped thrusting, I maneuvered myself above her, closing her legs together and kneeling up so I could look at her. My cock still buried in her I began moving again and pulled her panties tightly up her arse crack.

" you like that, looking at my arse like that?" she moaned

I replied by sucking my thumb and as I was slowly fucking her, pushed it into her arse, she pushed her arse up to me and my thumb was swallowed. I lengthened my fucking stroke and fucked her arse with my thumb, matching the strokes. She was moaning loudly and pushing back against me

"Please... put your cock in my arse...please" she groaned

I took out my thumb and there was I pop as it came out, I pulled my cock out of her soaking pussy and put the tip to her arse hole, she wriggled back against it and I slowly pushed it in. it seemed to suck me in and I was to the hilt in her and grinding against her. she was groaning and wriggling under me and she put an arm under her and a felt her hand on my balls for a moment before she started rubbing and playing with her clit. I Started moving my cock in her arse, slowly so start with, and using my hands I spread her arse cheeks wide.

I moved so that just the tip of my cock was in her and twitched it then ploughed in up to the hilt. She moaned loudly and I did it again, pulling out until I was just in and I twitched my cock. She pushed back and as she did I thrust in deeply and settled into a stroke taking me from the tip of my cock to my balls slapping against her playing fingers.

Her arse felt amazing and its sucking action didn't take long to get me to the point of coming and as I felt my balls tighten I pulled my cock from her arse and sprayed it over her cheeks.

I was exhausted. I climbed off of her panting, sweat rolling off of me and collapsed at her side. She lay there panting with my cum running down her side.

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek

"Hi auntie Anne", I said as my breathing slowed down.

"Call me Anne, Dave, just Anne ok"

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