Aunt Wanda

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Aunt Wanda

I always wanted to fuck my Aunt Wanda, my mother’s younger sister was only eight years older than I and the first woman I ever fantasized of having sex with. Aunt Wanda often baby sat me and my three brothers. I remember her well as a teenager, wearing cut off blue jeans shorts so tight, how she got in them I don’t know.

I didn’t know anything about bra sizes at the time but though they looked really nice when I peeked through the key hole of the bathroom door of my Grandfather and Grandmother’s house, it was an old house.

The day my fantasies begun Aunt Wanda put us down for a nap one afternoon, lying down with us, Aunt Wanda faced me wearing the cut offs. Aunt Wanda lay up on the pillows of her side facing me, her pussy directly in my face as I was lying farther down the bed. Pussy hairs I could see curled around her jeans where there was no hem. I could see her pussy outlined of the jeans, a camel toe it’s called today, my older brother lay to her back to the other side of the bed.

I reached over and rubbed my finger through Aunt Wanda’s camel toe, Aunt Wanda opened her eyes looking me in the eyes without moving or saying anything. When she closed her eyes, I did it again, at least in my fantasies I did but couldn’t swear it truly did happen today.

I remember very well how much she wanted to fuck as a teenager but after that I’m pretty sure she started fucking my dad and my mother knew. My dad, mom and my three brothers moved to a new house and when we were toting things in I accidentally found pictures of my mom and dad.

Dad had a huge cock, he was holding up and showing off, Mom pussy was hairy which looked much like Aunt Wanda’s, Mom’s tits were kind of small but looked nice. Aunt Wand’s tits were larger with nipples that poked straight out. My grandparents’ house was old and had three bedrooms and only one bathroom with adjoining doors, between two of the bedrooms. The third bedroom you had to pass through another bedroom getting to the bathroom.

Doors of the bathroom were the old type that had a skeleton key, the same key would open the front and back doors of my grandparents’ home. The key for the bathroom doors was always left in one door or the other, leaving a key hole open, one could look through. Any time I knew Aunt Wanda was taking a bath and it seemed to me, she took baths often. My grandmother caught me one day demanding to know what I was doing but the door opened quickly with Aunt Wanda coming out.

“I got to pee,” I rushed in, my saving grace the key was in the door Aunt Wanda came out.

Often my parents would go over to another couple’s home for a party of dancing and drinking, all the kids would sleep of the floors, even those who lived there.

I didn’t connect the dots until years later, my Mom and Dad were Swingers. As kids they let us play until we were played out and sleep like fallen logs. So I never saw much going on but never forgot those pictures of Mom and Dad. Years later after my Mom and Dad had both passed and I got most of Mom’s saved photos. I found a picture of my Aunt Wanda, posing in at see through negligee, when she was young.

Though I’m married and have grown grandchildren of my own, all those fantasies of fucking my Aunt Wanda have returned. These ancient years later I know if a man wants to fuck a woman, the first step is to let her know he wants to fuck her, if my dad taught me anything of this world it was that. How do I go about letting her know, I want to eat her hairy pussy and fuck her.

Should I send her this website and see if, Aunt Wanda finds my invitation to fuck. It seems a crude way of letting Aunt Wanda know of my fantasies, should I pay her visit and just come out say. Aunt Wanda I have wanted to fuck you all my life, I think about my cock in your hairy pussy all the time, I can’t help it wanting to fuck with you. So many questions of my mind, could I face the rejection or get the pussy I’ve wanted for so long.

Finally I got my courage up enough to post my story and sent Aunt Wanda this website, figuring if Aunt Wanda found my story mad her angry and confronted me, I could always deny saying it wasn’t me. Three days after I posted my story I got a phone call from Aunt Wanda, she asked if I were home and alone, with my answer of yes she hung up without another word. Aunt Wanda’s tone of voice gave me no clue rather she was angry or not, I didn’t know to run or stand my ground, had my denial all planned out if she were angry.

Through the door my seventy six year old Aunt Wanda came without knocking, she was wearing one of those dresses that pulled over the head, fitting loose and comfortable, her heavy breasts swinging, I could see she was wearing no bra. Aunt Wanda is well rounded, portioned so I never thought her anything but sexy, her butt a bit wide but of our ages, so is mine. Where I have pot belly her wide hips are flat across.

“Where is your wife,” every one of the family knows my wife spends her all her weekends, with her elderly mother.

“At her mother’s,” I quickly answered, still unsure rather to run or stand my ground.

“Here, I’m sure you are going to need these,” Aunt Wanda handed me a small bottle of little blue pills and pulled her dress over her head, giving it a fling, toward the couch. There before me was the hairy pussy I’d fantasized all my life, it was beautiful, looked way larger than my wife’s. A really hairy bush I had fantasized Aunt Wanda’s pussy from when I’d peeked and seen her but through the key hole of grandparents, old home.

Lopes of Aunt Wanda’s stood out as if swollen, high above her flat hips and the camel toe of her cutoff jeans came to mind. Wet hairs sticking to the pinkness of Aunt Wanda’s pussy of the inner sides, luscious and wet, I immediately wanted to eat Aunt Wanda’s pussy. It appeared large and opened as I had imagined, all these years. Aunt Wanda’s tits had grown much larger and sagged but ever more sexy in my mind with huge nipples and aureoles, large as tennis balls.

“I won’t fuck in another woman’s bed,” Aunt Wanda lay to the corner of the couch of her back, lifting one leg with knee bent opening her wet large pussy for my viewing. Gulped two of the pills down in a rush to get naked, wanting to dive into the pussy, I’d fantasized so long.

“You are only supposed to take one of those pills at a time,” Aunt Wanda watching as my hard cock jump free, kicking my pants aside.

“I don’t care, I’ve wanting this far too long,” Aunt Wanda’s medium dark brown pussy with its pink inner showing wet and so luscious, I knelt and kissed ever so gentle, licked making sure I found all her buttons and felt her hand to the back of my head. The softest, beautiful, most exciting and satisfying face fuck I’ve ever known, Aunt Wanda slowly fucking and loving my mouth with her wondrous pussy, I’d always known would be fanatic.

“You know it takes about an hour for those pills to kick in,” Aunt Wanda spoke as I kissed and loved, flooding my face. There are not words to explain the sexual satisfying emotions flooding my mind as Aunt Wanda fucked my face, as no other has loved, so well. My hands to her huge tits, rolling hard nipples of my thumb and forefingers.

“I have hours,” had to force my mouth from her tasty pussy to answer, two huge orgasms I sure Aunt Wanda had before I decided it was time to fuck her beautiful pussy. Looking down on her luscious hair covered, inviting pussy and huge tits, I climbed to the couch and slid my cock in the softness wet pussy, I ever felt. I could see in Aunt Wanda’s eyes, she wanted to be fucked.

Palms filled with heavy tits I fucked Aunt Wanda through another huge orgasm, until I felt my cum building, readying to blast, stopped and went down for more pussy eating, felt Aunt Wanda’s hand return to the back of my head.

Began to feel a little woozy, unsure it was the pill or the excitement of Aunt Wanda’s wonderful, loving pussy, when she climaxed, I was back in fucking the most fanatic pussy I didn’t know, could ever exist and I’d fantasized so long. Aunt Wanda’s dark brown covered pussy with my cock sliding in and out, felt beautiful, never had I felt beautiful, my cock in the hottest, wettest, best pussy I have ever known.

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