Aunt Liz

by Anon (Australia)

My uncle in his early 40s had his second marriage after his first wife had died. His wife Liz was in her early 30s at that time – slim with modest pair of boobs and wide ass cheeks. I had seen Liz when she changed her dress, she was quite open in doing so. I was in my mid-20s and I have masturbated several times thinking about her body. I also got her panties left in the bathroom or in the chest and even put her panties over my face and jacked off smelling the sweet aroma of her juicy cunt.

This day I returned home early from work and heard shower running in the bathroom. I looked into the room as the door was half- closed and saw my aunt naked in the shower and to my amazement she was masturbating her pussy holding the hand shower close to her pussy. I could hear her moaning closing her eyes.

I had a hard-on and I pulled my trouser down, lowered the underwear and began stroking my rock hard cock. I was stroking my erect cock, my eyes were half-closed in enjoyment. All on a sudden the door opened and Liz saw my cock, took it in her hand. But I was close to cumming when Liz got on her knees and started sucking my throbbing cock. I came quickly and semen was rolling down her lips to her bare boobs.

She grabbed my ass and pumped her mouth up and down my shaft. I could feel another load building up as she kept on rolling her tongue around my knob. Soon I shot another load of cum. She swallowed it all and stood up breathing heavy. My cock was dangling down as it went limp slowly… She held my hand and led me to her bedroom and we lay on the bed. This was what I had been dreaming of for years…

I turned to her and started massaging her tits and sucked on her hard swollen nipples as she caressed my cock. Soon I ran my tongue all over her body till I reached her abdomen. She parted her thighs exposing her ripe swollen pussy. I put a finger in her wet slit and tasted the juice. As I moved my mouth to her pussy to suck on and stroking her clit with my finger, she orgasmed clenching my body towards her. She was moaning and breathing hard and I was ready to fuck her by then.

I put Liz’s legs up on my shoulders as I drove my thick cock into her cunt. It slid deeper inside and she was taking all of it at ease. She began to rock to and fro in response to my thrusting in and out. We kissed long and hard as my hands smashing her firm boobs. Within twenty minutes or so I shot wave after wave of cum deep into her hole! Liz was moaning in pleasure, trickle of sweats appeared on her forehead and between her tits …

I slumped upon her body, she holding my body close with her hands. I pulled out slowly, saw my semen tricking out of her slit and fell onto the bed. I laid myself beside her, stroking her body and she my cock. BUT soon I have another hard-on and I got up. I turned Liz on to her four and this time I fucked her dogie. She told me that she loved dogie … and shuddered as I pushed my cock into her pussy slowly.

Soon Liz was humping and shoving her cunt back onto my cock. It took only about 20—25 mins that I could not hold longer responding her cunt-clenching thrusts - I could feel myself about to shot my load all inside her pussy with thick hot cum as I quickened my thrusting deeper. She was almost spent and seemed to pass out and slumped down leaving my cock!!

We fuck all the time now when opportunity allows … and love it.

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