Aunt Flow Comes To Visit

by Rick

I couldn't wait to get home and spread mom's legs so I could lick her sweet pussy. Mom had taught me how to eat her pussy now I can't get enough.

l Come home and eat out mom's pussy every day, but today when l tried to get between mom's legs she held her thighs shut tight usually she spread her legs wide for me to lick and suck on her pussy.

Mom said not today baby I have Aunt Flow Visiting, I looked at her she laughed and said my sweet baby boy mommies on her period, I said I don't care mom I need to eat your sweet pussy I leaned in and kissed her panties.

I could smell a Stronger more musky odor but for some reason this musky metallic aroma made my cock extra hard it was like a primal instinct mom's period was making me so aroused.

l forced her thighs apart pulling down her panties the maxi pad slipped down the pad was full the aroma was Stronger but still making me so horny l stuck out my tongue and slowly licked mom's puffy pussy lips tasting her.

It wasn't bad kind of like a rare stake l licked her lips clean mom started cumming bucking her hips up pushing her pussy into my mouth her lips parted my tongue went up inside her l licked and licked tasting my mother's womanly essence.

I ate mom out like a man possessed giving her multiple orgasms I couldn't Stand it Any longer I Drove my Rock Hard Cock all the way in her pussy, Mom was tighter there ever and her pussy seemed hotter.

Oh yeah that's it Baby Fuck Mommies Pussy she moaned, l Love Fucking mom's pussy but fucking her on her period is a very special treat, mom is so much more sensitive on her period.

She cums so much more even her nipples are more sensitive l can make her cum just by sucking on them when she's on her period, period Sex with Mom is the ultimate, l Love When Aunt Flow Visits Mom.

My Daddy Drugged Me

I was 18 when my Dad did this to me. It is the summer I'm sitting in the sun at the pool wearing my black two piece binkni. I have black hair green eyes thin 110 pounds nice size breasts 38c big round nipples my ass is cute plump.

My Dad came home from work early on Friday before mom got home from work. He came out and gave me a cola to drink it's hot out. I drank it then I felt funny my body went limp.

My Dad was watching and he picked me up and took me in the pool house wear he had put a bed in, he put me on the bed. I watched him get a syringe and put something in it and he then took my arm and put the drug in me.

What are you doing to me? Shhhh he said it's ok. I'm still limp but now my pussy is getting wet my clit is now throbbing. Then my Dad takes off my bikini. He looks over my body, he likes my shaved pussy. Now my pussy is swollen and throbbing.

My Dad gets undressed he is hard, my Dad's cock is not too long but it's thick big head. He opens my legs and puts his cock in me. I let out a moan and I cum.

My Dad is saying yes baby yes baby. Then he fucked me hard and fast. Making me cum hard and harder oh Daddy oh Daddy. Then I feel him swell up and he doesn't pull out of me and shoots his cum deep in me.

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