At The Barbers

by Colin (Portrush Northern Ireland)

This happened a long time ago. I was just 18 at the time I'm an only child and my parents moved house to live in a little market town ,village in England. I had plenty of time to walk about exploring my new surroundings. It was summer then and I was very sporty and loved to go for runs on my own but I also needed a haircut.

I showered and put on my running gear t shirt shorts with an elastic waist sport socks and my running shoes, as I thought I'll find somewhere to get a haircut then go on my run. Eventually I asked and was pointed to a Barbers shop that I'd never had found in a million years .It was up this lane totally away from any sort of shops.

It looked ancient. I went in anyways. It was real old fashioned the type that as you opened the door the bell pinged. Iwas in a room with just a big bench seat al around the room and then off from this room was a doorway. As the bell pinged ,a man I'd say in his mid-sixties came out of the doorway so I asked if I could get my hair cut.

He was very friendly and said yes sure follow me. I followed him thru the doorway into another room and there was two big old fashioned barber chairs and a lad Id say around my age was in one of the chairs. There was another barber there about the same age as the other barber. He was standing behind the lad in the chair cutting his hair with the usual cover over the lad.

I went and sat on the other chair and had the cover thing put over me. My barber asked me what I wanted so I said oh short at the back and sides and just trim the top. My chair was facing a window looking out onto a back yard with a high wall all around .The barber then sprayed some water on my hair and set about cutting it and chatting away to me .

He was really sociable and very chatty asking me about myself as he knew I was a new face. As the haircut proceeded, I was aware he was very close to me and seemed to be pressing himself against me quite a bit. Thru the mirror I could see him glancing over to the other barber and the lad. I also noticed the lad seemed to be very flushed looking.

I put one of my hands on the arm of the barber's chair and sure enough as he was on that side of me I definitely felt himself press against my hand. Then after that he started touching my neck giving me goosebumps as he was cutting my hair. Also I could feel him touching my back and caressing my shoulders .He kept glancing over to the other barber as well and it looked like the other lad was having the same treatment.

He then asked me if I go running as he could see I was wearing my running gear. I said yes I run a lot. Then he asked me if my shorts had an elastic waist and I said yes thinking what a strange question. It was then I felt him fumbling at the back of the barbers gown I was wearing. I didn't do or say anything and when I didn't I felt his hand under the gown at my side making its way around to my front. Again I didn't say do or stop him.

Thru the mirror ,I saw him glance over at the other barber and it looked like he was doing the same with the lad on his chair. I felt his hand now right at the front of my shorts and I was hard and it got me so damn horny. Putting one of my hands under the cover I lifted the front of my t shirt up and felt his hand at the waistband of my shorts.

His hand went straight down inside my shorts and I felt his fingers wrap around my cock but I had to open my legs a bit to give him a bit of access. He asked if I was ok and I said yes. He then proceeded to wank me slowly at first and you could see the front on my gown moving as he wanked me. Looking thru the mirror I saw that the lad with the other barber was getting the same treatment.

His eyes were closed and he was resting his hear on the barber standing behind him. Keep the gown on my barber said just in case someone comes in but it's highly unlikely he said. We would hear them anyways he said with the bell, and I then thought was that why they had the bell on the door. He gave me a lovely wank though standing behind me all the way through the wank .

It looked like the lad was getting the same .He got me to cum and it was really nice and said for me to come back anytime but preferably late afternoon. The lad was finished before me and when I came out of the barbers, he was standing looking at another shop window . He then came over to me and asked me if id enjoyed the barbers.

I told him yes very much so and he told me hes been going there for roughly eighteen months now and told me as my barber said to go there as late in the afternoons as possible for a good time. He told me hes been in there with the TWO barbers a few times on his own ,so I'll take their advice and next time go there late afternoon It was a fantastic wank so I definitely will be back for more episodes.

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