At Long Last

by Ron Johnson (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)

As his head entered my canal, a calm came over me that I had never felt before. It was if I was in another world, a world of sereneness. I felt his head moving inside me and I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling of being filled with a hard cock.

I raised my hips up a little more in the air and he went deeper, deeper than I thought he could or that I could let him. Now he was filling a deep desire that I have had for many years, a desire to feel what it was like to have a hard cock pushed up my canal.

I think I sighed a little bit because he stopped and waited for a second before continuing his journey inside me. I felt the hairs on his groin against my bare thighs and his balls resting just under them. He was fully inside me now and waiting for me to adjust to his size and girth. I sighed again as he slowly pulled his cock out of me until just his head was inside me.

I waited and he again pushed his entire length into me before starting to thrust back and forth, filling me up with a thrust in and emptying me with a thrust out. Soon, I felt his balls slapping against my thighs every time he thrust up into me. I also felt his sweat dripping on my chest as he fucked me.

I grabbed the back of my legs and pulled them more towards my chest as he continued to pound me energetically. I moved with him, rocking back and forth with every thrust and we groaned together when I felt his head expanding. Suddenly, my ass felt hot as he came, filling my canal with his seed, over and over again.

He stopped thrusting and just held himself inside me as he emptied himself. Finally, after what seemed a long time, he pulled his spent cock out of me and with it came a stream of hot come. It ran down the back of my still raised thighs and into the crack of my ass.

I opened my eyes as he got off me and wiggled down between my legs. I felt his tongue on my hole as he licked and sucked his come out of me. It felt as good as his cock did inside me. I kept my legs raised so to give him complete access to my hole which he soon had soaking with his spit and his come.

I could see the shine around his mouth as he continued to suck at my hole until he had all the come out of me. He raised himself on his elbows and wiped his face with a wide smile. I think I smiled too.

He moved up and we were in each other’s arms instantly, our mouths finding each other. Our tongues intertwined as our lips devoured each other. This was a first for me too, kissing a man and tasting his tongue in my mouth. I knew right then that I was going to enjoy today more than any other.

The day didn't stop there either. After a while, he was hard again and rolled me over onto my back. This time he took my legs and put them on his shoulders before aiming his cock at my hole. With a slow thrust, he entered me again and again I felt the rush of having a hard cock buried inside me. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling as he pushed his length up into me.

Soon he was fully inside me and he started to fuck me again with long slow thrusts. After a few minutes, he sped up and was soon slapping his balls against the back of my thighs again. He didn't last as long this time and soon I felt his hot seed spurting into me.

For a second time, he filled my canal and when he was finished, he pulled his spent cock out with a slight pop. His come ran down into my crack again but this time he didn't get between my legs to lap it up. He just took a finger and scooped some of it up and put his finger in my mouth. I licked and sucked on his finger for a few minutes, not wanting the taste and situation to end.

But end it must and did. After relaxing for several minutes, he got up and dressed, leaving me naked on the bed, spent and well fucked. This was the first time and finally at long last. It was not going to be the last and maybe next time, I could have more than one cock inside me.

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