As I was Awaken: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I dressed for breakfast and entered the kitchen. There were only two men and one woman present at the table this morning. I was standing at the counter preparing my meal when the woman asked me if I was ok?

“Sweetheart,” She spoke, “are you ok, I mean, is anything wrong this morning?”

I turned to look at her as I felt something wet inching down my left leg. I reached for my shorts and found the leg AND my crouch totally wet! “Well I’m not sure!” I responded. She rose and as she reached me she too used her hand to touch the wetness on my leg and then she brought her fingers to her nose.

“OH MY!” She cried out, “This is cum running down your leg . . . and your shorts . . . I mean you crouch is soaked with cum! What in the world is going on?”

I just stood there in shock not knowing what to say or how to share that I felt . . . I mean I thought . . . I mean I knew that I was raped last night both orally and anally!!!! Finally I broke out in tears as she began to hold me in her arms, now against her very soft and large breasts!

“How in the world do you have SO MUCH cum on your body?” She continued.

By then one of the men approached and he also began to hug me. He then pulled me away from the woman and asked me to set down at the table. Then I saw him look at the other man.

“What the hell went on last night?” He shouted. The other man began to get up from his chair but was told to set back down! “What the hell happened he asked me?”

Now in a bit of shock I finally found my words and began to speak. “Well when I woke this morning I found my bed sheets totally wet and then found my asshole . . . I mean my butthole was wet too and very very sore! Then I realized I had the taste of cum in my mouth . . . TOO! As I lie there I began to remember that I was in fact rapped in my bed . . . by TWO DIFFERENT MEN! They rapped me at the same time . . . it was just horrible!” I cried out.

The kind man jumped up from his chair and reached across the table grabbing the other man by the throat! I watched as the two men began to fight only to see the final man . . . the third man enter the room. He was now standing there in shock watching his friend . . . his team mate in rape being beat to a pulp! Then I watched the man defending me approach the third man and began punching him in the face! As all of this anger was going on the woman took my hand and led me to her room.

“Come on,” She spoke, “Let’s get you cleaned up.” We entered her room and she slipped off her dress and then her panties and then she slide my top over my head and then my shorts to the floor! She again hugged me . . . I mean for quite a while and then led me by my hand to the shower. She made the water nice and warm and then began running her hands . . . now covered with sudsy soap all over my body.

“I'll be very gentle with you butthole . . . I promise!” She whispered. I then felt her fingers brush over my butthole so very gently cleaning away any left over cum. Then I heard her again whisper to me but this time in my right ear! “Go ahead and pushed a little, you know like you were trying to do a poo and make sure all the bad sperm is out of you.”

Like be a rag doll I held on to her as I began to push down.

“Oh no!” I yelled.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” She shared, “This sometimes happens and is also oh so natural . . . you know normal!” Remember we all pee and poo and this time it is happening because . . . well because of the sperm . . . I mean cum that that mean man pumped into you asshole!”

Like the wet cum earlier, I was feeling the warm poo slide down my legs down to the shower floor. Then as just as normal I felt my pee began to leave my body. Oh my . . . my warm piss had to be flowing over the wonder woman knelling next to me.

“WOW,” she now spoke out loud, “Golden Showers to boot! It’s been a long time since I felt piss flow over my body . . . I mean other than mine! Don’t worry about anything . . . just get all of your pee and poo out of yourself and I’ll ensure your washed as clean as a new born baby! Well I mean a new born baby without diapers . . . well at least not for now I hope!”

After we exited the shower she dried me off so gently and while doing so she blessed me with several oh so sweet kisses! I really enjoyed her kisses and once she reached my lips I too kissed her back. Then I felt her tongue enter my mouth as she pulled my naked body against hers!

“I’m so sorry you had to experience the meanness of those nasty men!” She shared. “No one . . . I mean just no one should ever be raped! Raped is so mean and so unwanted! Again I am so sorry! You are such a kind person you deserve so much better!”

Accompanying her kind words followed a kiss . . . a sweet, sexy, full tongue kiss! Her hands began to run over my body, working her way to my sex and finally my butthole. “If you will let me please,” She began, “I would like to share with you real love . . . a love that will bring you comfort and pleasure.”

I wasn’t sure what to say but as we began kissing again she took my tongue play as a yes. She led me to her bed and lay down next to me again exploring my body with her hands. Oh yes it did feel like a comforting love this time . . . unlike those mean men! She left her kissing my lips to moving to my nipples. They began so hard and pointed! Then she moved to my sex kissing and licking . . . finally sucking . . . yes sucking in my tiny penis!

“Your little clit is so sweet!” She whispered. “Please let me help you cum . . . share your sweet cum this time . . . please let you cum flow out into my mouth!”

I knew other girls were never so kind when it came to my tiny penis. A couple even laughed at me telling me that I was more a girl like them than a boy! She kissed and sucked my little nub and she also working a hand between my legs and began touching my butthole.

Then she pushed not one but two fingers into my butthole and began sucking my little penis even harder! Her finger fucking was so much nicer than that cock that had raped me and her kisses were so much sexier than the cock that had rammed itself down my throat!

“Come on little one,” She spoke, “relax and let your sweet cum flow from you little penis! I can feel her getting hard like my clit does when I am aroused. Her loving continued as I did finally feel a funny twitch in my groin. Then I heard her moan as I did feel my cum begin to leak from my body! Oh how good that felt having her fingers sliding in and out of my butthole and her sweet mouth drinking down my cum!

She moved from my little penis up to my face. Next she began kissing and then licking my lips and as I parted my lips to join her . . . she opened her mouth and let my own cum flow out into my mouth! I had never taste my own cum . . . never!

“There there little one,” She whispered again, “Thank you for sharing your body with me! I hope this loving was enjoyable for you. “ As she was speaking to me I was surprised she continued to finger fuck my butthole. It did feel good . . . much better than a ramming cock! Finally she rolled me over and moved her lips to my butthole. She began kissing and then licking and then pushing her tongue into my opening! As she continued I felt her hand move to my mouth and she then offered me her nasty fingers . . . those that had just come from my butthole!

“Please enjoy my fingers covered with you sweet poo!” She spoke, “I know you’ll enjoy cleaning my fingers and tasting yourself . . . well maybe some of his cum too.”

She went back to enjoying my spread butthole as I did suck in her fingers and allowed myself to clean them just as she had asked me to! She was right . . . the smell and taste of my poo wasn’t bad . . . not even nasty, but more sexy if anything!

Her last loving move was to settle down over my face and lower her oh so wet pussy to my mouth! I quickly opened my mouth and began kissing and then licking her dripping pussy. Her cum was very tasty too and was she sharing it as my mouth began to fill!

“Drink me down sweet one,” She shared, “Sorry but I can’t hold back my pee so please enjoy that too!”

Her pee didn’t taste bad as I continued to drink and drink her down! She finally finished her piss and after I had lick her pussy clean she rose.

She helped me rise from her bed and then handed me a shirt and underwear . . . I mean panties!!!! Finally she handed me a little dress which she helped me slide on

“Sorry I don’t have any of your clothes in my room but trust me . . . this little dress looks so sweet on you!” She shared.

Well . . . do I go to my room and change OR do I continue to wear this little dress and go with her back into the living room . . . in front of everyone there? The panties do feel sort of nice and sexy and . . . . . . . .

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