As I Was Awaken: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

As I was sleeping, I was awakened with the feeling of someone slipping their hand into my underwear. It was still dark so I couldn’t see whom it was as I cracked open my eye lids. Their hand began sliding back and forth over my sex which was creating a strange feeling within me!

I can’t tell you just how long they continued creasing my sex before I smelt something strange near my face. Again just as they slid their hand into my underwear, they slipped their hard cock against my lips and then finally into my mouth. I continued to pretend to still be asleep as I began to taste with something leaking out into my mouth. Wow . . . I could hardly believe the amount of pre-cum running down my throat! This man was really working me over as he began pumping his uncut cock in and out of my mouth as the other still continued to stroke my sex.

As I felt him begin to tremble and then force his cum down my throat I felt myself cum with a force like I had never ever felt before. My underwear was now soaked with cum, which was mine, as he continued stroking my sex.

I felt myself begin to sleep again as if nothing had happened to me at all! Morning finally greeted me and I arose, dressed and entered the kitchen to eat breakfast. There were several people setting around the kitchen table as I counted 2 women and 3 different men! Each of them spoke to me and greeted me with a nice, but sort of knowing smile!

Was I sexually abuse by just one man, or two men? Or was it possibly one man and one woman? They all continued with their own breakfast as one woman began to chat with me.

“Well Bob, did you sleep well last night?” She began. “Any good dreams young one?”

“I just sat their continuing to eat as I pounder my reply! “Well I guess I could have been dreaming but something tells me I wasn’t actually dreaming at all!” I commented back. I saw a pushed look on her face and two of the men now all looking at me!

One man then spoke asking me if I dreamed often when I slept. He continued speaking saying, “You know I have read that some dream can be remembered as quite very real . . . you know as if the basis of the dream was actually real to the person dreaming!” He shared.

This comment then began a detailed discussion among the entire breakfast table! I heard so many different thought, some quite strange and several quite sexually nasty, I mean down right vulgar! One woman shared that she awoke one morning feeling truly convinced she had been raped, like multiple times, while she slept finding herself and her bed sheets soaked with cum . . . and her pussy very very sore. It was so strange to hear her share that she tasted what cum was still moist placing her fingering into her mouth but unable to determine if it was only her cum or that also of another person!

One of the men then asked her if she ever fingered herself which resulted in the same feelings.

“Why yes,” She answered, “but when I tasted the moist cum, I thought I could taste sperm . . . you understand male cum . . . which of course I surely couldn’t create myself!”

After that comment some of the people left the table leaving only one of the men and the woman that had shared her most very vivid dream like experience. They had now finished their breakfast and continued to set there now watching me finish mine.

I finished with my breakfast and asked to be excused. I then left and walked back to my bedroom, stripped and entered the bathroom. After I finished my morning peeing and pooping I rose and entered the shower. Oh my how wonderful that hot water felt as I soaped my entire body finally feeling clean as if I hadn’t enjoyed any form of sexual experience last night as I slept! As I left the shower still drying myself I heard someone in the bedroom. As I opened the door, still drying my shower wetness, I saw a young woman changing my bed sheets.

“OH, I am so sorry,” She uttered, “ I thought the room was vacant and I wanted to freshen the room as I do for all of our guests! I am one of the maids and we all try our very best to ensure cleanliness and the happiness for each of our guests!”

As she spoke I began to realize I was standing there listening to her, this very pretty girl, rubbing my towel across my back, leaving myself quite exposed . . . to this young woman!

“I am so sorry,” I finally spoke covering myself fully with my towel, “I should be more careful! I never should have exposed my naked body like that to anyone, let alone a total stranger!”

“Please don’t worry,” She answered, “As a maid I have seen many of our quests in various forms of nakedness . . . I mean . . . some even in the act of fucking . . . I mean engaging in sexual activity!” She was looking at my sex . . . in a very strange way!

After our brief conversation I gathered my clothing and re-entered the bathroom leaving the maid to finish in my bedroom. After I dressed I left the maid to finish with my bathroom telling her to have a nice day!

I spent the entire day visiting all the wonderful sites around the town returning only after having a delicious lunch snack and then a filling evening meal of sushi. Upon returning to my hotel I saw some of the folks I met this morning setting round the fireplace chatting and enjoying various forms of drink. After I enjoyed the somewhat late evening of discussion and drinking I removed myself to my own room to sleep.

As I drifted off to sleep I thought briefly on my thoughts of last night but soon gave into my somewhat drunken sleep! This night I found myself being awaken finding myself on my stomach with my underwear being pulled down!

Soon I smelled and felt a cock being pushed against my mouth rubbing its pre-cum over my lips and then into my mouth!!! Just as last evening this cock was quite large, uncut, and continuing to release loads and loads of pre-cum down my throat!

As I tried to relax my throat muscles the best I could allowing for more and more of this large cock to go deeper down my throat I felt my legs being spread! Next I felt someone crawl between my legs as they began to kiss and then lick my sex. WOW this person knew how to service a person kissing so gently and then licking harder and harder! I felt myself begin to become aroused, feeling my own cum begin to rise! Just as I felt myself begin to peek my lover pulled away from me giving one last kiss and wet lick against my butthole!

I then felt someone push my legs wider and then rub some cool lube against my butthole! Just a quickly I felt their cock push against and then finally into my ass! This couldn’t be a dream as I felt both cocks driving into me over and over! One was holding my head as he drove his cock deeper and deeper down my throat! The other holding my hips as he drove his massive cock in and out of my ass! He had lifted my hips fucking me again rubbing my sex in sync with his pumping against me.

Both men continued fucking me as they joined in sync both releasing their cum into my body! Cumming and cumming they both filled my throat and my ass with their volumes of cum! I was so sexed I felt my throat and my butthole both climax with spasm after spasm over and over!

Just as quickly I felt both of these cocks exit my body leaving me lying in a pool of cum. I could still taste the cum in my mouth and the cum and I could feel draining from my butthole!

Again my bed sheets were soaked my cum . . . cum which was now having no doubt both mine and that of two . . . not just one but of the TWO men that had raped me!

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