Arcade Fun

by Mike (Inglewood, California, USA)

One day I was in Marina Del Rey at an arcade.

There were two teen boys about 18, playing video games.

One was a very light skinned black or Puerto Rican, the other was a blond long haired surfer white boy.

They were wearing white cut-off football jerseys showing off their rock hard abs and some very short Daisy Duke cutoff jean shorts.

Their ass cheeks were bulging out of the bottom.

All week long I had these hot images in my head, getting all hard and horny and jerking my dick to them.

I got tired of jacking off so I returned the following weekend, hoping to get lucky.

Only the white boy was there so I started a conversation.

He said his name was Jonathan, his dad was out of town on business and we should go back to his place to party.

When we got there, his high rise condo had an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

I told him about the shorts I saw and he pulls out a skimpy pair and say's "You mean these?" I said yes and suggested he try them on.

When he returned, he sat right next to me with the zipper down and the shorts unbuttoned.

The outline of his rock-hard dick was obvious in his powder blue silk under shorts that looked like panty's.

I knew it was a sign to go for it but it was too good to be true and I was too scared.

About 2 a.m. I saw it was getting very late and felt it was now or never and had nothing to lose so I started massaging his creamy white thigh up to his raging boner.

We stood up and made out for about 20 minutes, massaging each other’s backs and butts and rubbing our boners together.

We slowly took off each other's clothes and humped like two horny rabbits.

I was in heaven because all week long, I had been jerking my dick to all kind of scenarios and now it was really happening, and I had this hot naked ass in my hands.

I was about to blow my load and suddenly the door bell rang and we got dressed in a hurry.

I was thinking "Who on earth would be coming by at this hour?"

It was the other boy dressed as he was earlier in the week.

My dick popped back up and thought "Boy! This would make a hell of a threesome".

I'll never forget it because as Jonathan was fucking my face like he was expertly riding a bicycle, he holds my ears like handlebars, and calling out commands like "Suck his dick Anthony! Lick his balls, eat his ass, put your dick on his thigh and hump it Anthony!

When Jonathan did cum, it was like a can old Ready Whip gone crazy, I blew a huge load of cum on to Anthony. There was so much cum, it felt like we used a lot of paper towels to get it all off. It seemed like we used the whole roll.

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