Another Encounter with Mom

by Steve (Ohio)

Now mom and I sleep together every night she said you no longer need to steal my underwear, what did you get from it. It started when I was 18 and we were on a break at a log cabin by the lakes in the autumn and it was very cold at night and you forgot to pack my pajamas so you said why here put this on and handed me one of your lovely slippery soft full nighties as nobody will see you only me. So she said raise your arms and slipped the lovely nightie down over my head and let it fall over me.

I shuddered as it slipped down over me and you said you liked that feeling didn't you. I loved the feel as I moved in the bed and it gave me an erection and I wanked in your nightie and I loved wearing it and was sad when we returned home and I was back to pyjamas at night. When you were out with friends, I looked through your drawers and found lots of big soft silky panties and wore them and a nightie to lounge around in and as It always aroused me wanked myself.

If you said you were going to be out most of the day I would have plenty of time and nobody would come then I would wear your big silky panties a bra and suspenders and lovely silky stockings and a nightie all matching and parade around the house for hours sit on your dressing stool brush my long wavy hair out and put my hair up in a fabulous silky soft scarf from your vast collection.

It totally relaxed me and the feeling was electric the first time rolling the silky stockings up my hairless legs with the wonderfully soft welt at the top. I like to put a stocking over my cock in the soft slippery welt and imagine you doing it for me. My mom said Steve we have always been especially close and don't keep secrets from each other, I only wish you would have told me about these feelings years ago we could have had such wonderful special times.

Mom then took my hand and said come we went to the bed room she opened a drawer and picked out a pale powder blue pair of big soft silky panties bra and suspender belt, then from another drawer a packet with new silky stockings in. I have always loved it when I saw you open a packet and put on a new untouched pair of stockings and thought it must feel wonderful as you rolled the delicate stockings up your legs.

Then she knelt down in front of me and pulled my shorts down my cock was now fully erect and it sprang up and hit her under the chin mom said wow this has got you very excited already then took hold of my now huge cock and slipped my huge glistening mushroom cock head between her soft lips into her eager mouth and sucked it for a minute then stopped and said hold out your arms and slipped the bra around me luckily we are roughly the same size then she stuffed the bra with stockings.

Then she slipped the suspenders around me sit on my stool she said and proceeded to roll the stockings up my legs and attached the suspenders then she picked out a nightie said raise your arms and let it fall down over me I shuddered with the feel of all that slippery softness around me. Mom raised my face and said would you like me to brush out your lovely wavy hair I was in ecstasy and whispered yes and she lovingly brushed my hair then she said would you like me to put your hair up in a silky scarf I whispered please mom.

She then took out some make up and said would you like me to make you look very pretty I nodded looking into her eyes. She then applied foundation, blusher lined my eyebrows then finished it of with a lovely red lipstick, now she said look in the mirror and I was astounded by the transformation.

Then mom put a pair of her heeled mules on me the tears were rolling down my face and mom kissed them and said why the tears, I said I have never felt so wonderful and so excited, then she took another stocking and lifted the nightie up and put a stocking over my rampant cock rubbing the welt around it and wanked me there she said is this the dream I leaned back and moaned aloud then she put the stockinged cock in her mouth and sucked it.

She said your cock is loving this as I have never seen it so big and hard then she stopped slipped her dressing gown of she too was dressed head to toe in lovely soft lingerie and led me to the bed then n she kissed me so passionately as are lipstick lips merged together her fanny was soaking and she said my darling lick my fanny please licked her until she writhed as she came again and again then she turned around slipped her panties off, then said oh Steve please fuck my ass as she put it in the air she was so wet with cum it slipped in easily.

We had never done that before but we both loved it, then mom opened her bedside cabinet pulled out a huge realistic cock out and said put that up my fanny while you fuck my ass my darling as she impaled herself on both until she came again. She turned to me took the dildo out all glistening with her juice and held as if she had a cock up to my mouth and said would you like to suck it I opened my mouth and slipped my lipstick lips over the head and sucked it and wanked it.

Mom said my I think you would like the real thing wouldn't you I was so lost in the moment and said yes in between sucking the huge cock then she said bend over the bed my lovely and I did and raised my butt in the air. Mom lifted the nightie up over my back pulled the panties down put some lube on my rosebud and carefully rubbed the cock around my bud putting the head in a little and with drawing it and then again until it slipped in painlessly until my insides opened and allowed her to insert it bit by bit.

I began to rock back and forth as this wonderful feeling swept through me and I started to cry as I thrust back to feed more into me and mom pushed as I thrust back until the whole 10 inches was up me. I moaned and groaned as the first anal orgasm swept through oh fuck me mom I said as I lost myself in the moment mom was fingering herself all the while.

Then she stopped laid back on the bed holding the dildo like it was her cock and I faced her and sank down on it bouncing up and down as she wanked me in her nightie after a few minutes I got off put her head over the edge of the bed fed my cock into her mouth and pulled her legs over her head and lapped at her sopping cunt until we both came again then she rolled me over pulled my head to her cunt frigging her engorged clit until she came again an squirted her lovely juices into my mouth. I tried not to waste any then when we were totally spent, we fell into each other's arms and fell into slumber in our silky heaven.

I slept all night dressed in moms underwear nightie and scarf and was awoken by mom sucking my huge erection then she kissed me she said we will do this more often now I have a lesbian friend all to myself and we giggled and cuddled, I can't wait my lovely mom she said we will go shopping for some things of your own if you would like I just nodded.

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