Another Bucket List Item Checked Off

by bigdaddykingdavid (USA)

I am a freak and I am not ashamed of it. I have only two standards when it comes to sexual partners and that is simply because I am straight and not a pedophile. I can only have sex with females who are of legal age, other than that anything goes.

What I mean, is the person I engage sexually must have been deemed female at birth and has not changed that designation in any way. They must also be of legal consenting age in accordance with the law of the land I find myself in at the time.

Things like weight, height, age, race, or attractiveness, (or lack thereof) have no bearing on my ability to become erect and take pleasure in having sex with a woman. Of course its always nice when I encounter a woman sexually who has the qualities I prefer or even some of them, but when spread open, all pussy is pink and warm inside.

The end result is always the same no matter what a woman looks like, smells like, or even which orifice is involved. Again, it's nice if the pink flesh ones cock is fucking happens to smell good, is tight, lubed but not overly so, and connected to a person that one finds attractive, but none of these conditions are mandatory in order for the penis to achieve orgasm.

I concede the quality and strength of the orgasm can vary greatly since these attributes can enhance stimulation or detract from it in some cases. It can be argued that things like stress, drug or alcohol use, exercise etc, can also have profound effects on libido, performance, and quality of sex.

This is where I happen to be very lucky in life because I enjoy feeling naughty very much. In fact I get extreme amounts of pleasure doing things that are generally considered taboo, naughty, perverse, and unacceptable in society. I can thrust my cock into an obese woman' pimple covered ass and have it stink terribly yet have the most amazing orgasm because of those conditions.

This brings me to the sexual pleasure I have been experiencing almost daily for the last two months and hope to continue for as long as possible. I started out as a bucket list sex encounter that I had given up on years ago because it seemed unlikely to ever happen.

I have always wanted a woman who has dentures to remove them and give me a gummer blow job.
I expected it to be with an old worn out saggy grandma, however in my mind I envisioned her to be the aggressive slutty type who loved even more than I would. She would gulp my loads of cum like it was the fountain of youth and drain my balls of every drop.

The problem is dentistry has progressed like all other technology and dentures are a thing of the past. Implants now line the jaws of the lovely older ladies I had been cultivating friendships with while patiently waiting for their teeth to rot out.

Then it happened to come about that I stumbled upon a perfect candidate and caught me by total surprise. I moved from one state to another because of a promotion at work on short notice. The only housing available at the new location was in a mobile home park.

Having recently changed the 55 and older requirement allowed the manager to lease me a spacious double wide mobile home despite my age of forty. I was the first person under age 55 to move in to the park so all my neighbors are senior citizens.

The manager took me to meet the elderly woman next door to my house telling me that she was no longer able to get outside her house except by wheelchair and only then for doctor appointments.

When I first met Bonnie I didn't even notice she had no teeth. She is in her late seventies and weighs about 60 pounds. Withered down to skin and fragile bones Bonnie is not much to look at but her mind is sharp as ever. Many of the other residents in the park visited her daily to help her bathe, cook, and do laundry etc.

Once I moved in however they all stopped coming by and Bonnie began to call me with increasing frequency to come help her with various things she needed help with. I work night shifts so I began spending most of the daytime hours sitting and talking with Bonnie.

She is a widow of twenty years and I am single but nothing had ever crossed my mind until one day I warmed a T.V. dinner for her and served it on the stand in front of her chair. The meal was chicken fried steak and I offered to cut the meat for her . It was rather tough meat and I asked if she could chew it with her dentures?

"What dentures?" Bonnie replied. I turned in surprise and looked at her in confusion so she continued saying, "I had dentures made many years ago but they didn't fit right so I tossed them out" I had never noticed that she was toothless because she ate her meals seemingly like any normal person does.

I asked if she was completely toothless and she proudly said she in fact was and could gum any food she wanted including steak and apples with no problem. This caused me to stop cutting her steak and I sat back down across from her while staring at her mouth. My mind was trying to imagine a way in which I could bring up the subject of her doing me a huge favor and gum my cock as she sucks it.

Turns out I didn't have to ask because Bonnie started laughing and pointed at my crotch saying I was a naughty man. I looked down and my pants were tented by a very swollen cock with a mind of it's own.

I was speechless but Bonnie however was not and smiled a toothless grin a mile wide and asked, "you didn't know I was without teeth did you? I know what your thinking because I was married to a trucker who was also a naughty man. He loved me using my gums on his big fat pecker.Your thinking you want to try it too , I can tell because it ain't my good looks that got your pecker all swelled and big."

Not knowing what else to do I explained a gummer was on my bucket list and had been something I had given up hope on. Bonnie cut me off and took charge saying,

"I love the taste of mens peckers and there sperm juices even better. It's been years since I had me some and I ain't as agile as what I once was, so your going to have to bring that thing over here to me if you want it sucked and knawed on."

I didn't think I just reacted and walked over to her chair. I dropped my shorts and boxers letting my fat cock spring loose and point at the ceiling. Bonnie reached out and grabbed it in both hands then pulled it to her open mouth. Bonnie gummed the head making me blast down her throat almost right away. Then she sucked and Gummed the shaft and even my ball sack. We took breaks and changed positions so her arms and neck didn't get sore.

She let me fuck her face while her head was on the pillow but I didn't get too rough with her. These days we lay around in her bed almost all day until I leave for work. She gums and sucks me and I rub lotion all over her saggy tits and lube all over her dry pussy and inside too. We haven't fucked yet except our fingers in her old saggy gash while she gums my cock but we will soon. She can't get enough of my cum in her belly. She gulps every load like a greedy street whore.

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