Anne Chooses Dave As Her First Lover and Husband James Agrees

by Anne Buckley (Florida)

My name is Anne. I am 23, 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, bubble butt, long brunette curly hair and hazel eyes. I also have a Queen of Spades tattoo on my shaved mound and Piercings of my tongue, nipples, clit and pussy. My college Black boyfriend paid for my sex piercings. I am married to James. He is 30, 5’8”, thin muscular, Black hair, brown eyes. We have been married for 2 years. In case you’re wondering James loves my piercings and tattoo. He calls me his “trophy wife.”

My one personal problem is, I have an overactive libido. James knows I need more than one man to sexually satisfy me. We have a married couple that are friends. They are in their sixties. Dave is 62, 5’10”, gray hair slightly balding, very muscular, blue eyes and especially likes me. James and I have discussed Dave as a lover.

Dave is a loving, virile man. His wife Ruth would be not happy with what we have planned. She is a tough farm woman with very little sense of humor. Dave and James go fishing together when they have the time. James travels for an international construction company as an architectural engineer. Dave is a town highway superintendent in a large rural county. He has years of being a highway construction supervisor.

It was a hot summer Saturday late morning when Dave stopped at our house with a bottle of single malt scotch. He and James like scotch with ice and water. I had a glass of my white Zinfandel. We had a few glasses of our favorite drinks. The guys talked about their jobs. My job is working for a large corporation in their computer department. I have a computer science degree. The guys were feeling good when I went to the kitchen to make more drinks. James came to help me.

He whispered,”Now is your chance to be with Dave.”

I replied, “Are you sure?”

James said,”Yes.”

I left the kitchen to freshen myself. James served the drinks with crackers and cheese. When I was naked I called for James.

James told Dave, “Anne wants to show you something in the master bedroom.”

Dave went down the hallway. When he saw me he said,”Oh, Oh my.”

We kissed, hugged. I put my arms around his neck kissing him. I helped him undress. He asked me about James? I told him “this is what we wanted to happen.” “James is sharing me with you whenever you want me. I am yours Dave.”

Dave made love to me. He loved my shaved pussy. We did 69. He licked, sucked and stimulated my clit. I licked, sucked his 9” cock and balls. Dave moved into the missionary possession. He licked sucked my breasts and nipples. He then put my legs on his shoulders. He asked me “lf. I wanted him to use a condom?”

I replied, “No. I want you to fill me with your sperm. I want to consummate our relationship as lovers.”

As Dave pushed his cock deeper into my pussy he was whispering, “How beautiful I am. How much he loves me. When he fucked me faster and harder he was saying, “How much he wanted me and that he wanted me to leave James.”

I had my arms around his neck as fucked me. I was orgasming say the words, “I love you Dave. Fuck me Dave. My body is yours.”

He squirted my pussy doing DP. I wrapped legs around him to keep his sperm in my pussy. As I had multiple orgasms I told him “ I love you Dave.” Dave held me tightly. We kissed and kissed. Finally we showered together. I bathed Dave and he bathed me. I licked, sucked his cock and balls. Dave squirted my mouth and I swallowed his sperm. After showering we toweled each other dry.

James came running to tell us Dave’s wife Ruth pulled into our driveway. Dave was dressed faster than a US Marine and was seated in the dining room sipping his drink. Anne was dressed and straightening the bathroom and the bed in the master bedroom. James offered Ruth a drink. She wanted a cola on ice. She was pissed a Dave for not telling her where he was. Dave said,”He was in the neighborhood and decided to stop and see James and Anne. That’s it.”

Ruth said,” We have an appointment we need to leave now.”

Dave replied,”Yes, Dear.”

Dave said,”I will call you later about going fishing.”

I replied,”Okay Dave.”

Dave did call me later when he was alone to thank me for Saturday afternoon. Dave said, “I love Anne. I always have since I met her. I respect you James for sharing Anne. Anne and I have consummated our love relationship in your marital bed. She is as much mine as she is yours. She has given her body to me.”

Anne was listening as Dave talked on the phone to James. Anne took the phone saying, “I am here.”

Dave replied, “Ruth is upset and paranoid about Saturday even though there was nothing she would know. I have a motel room she would never know where. Meet me Tuesday at the Mountain View motel room 35. Park in the back when you get out of work.

Tuesday at about 4:30PM Ruth drove onto our driveway. She pushed the doorbell button. Ruth said, “Have you seen Dave?”

I replied,”Dave has not been here today.”

Ruth said,”Where is Anne?”

I replied,” She is at the grocery store.”

Ruth said, “Oh!”

She left abruptly.

Anne came home about 7PM. She told me she met Dave at the motel after work.

I told her Ruth stopped at the house looking for Dave and you.

Ruth never caught Dave actually being with Anne. Dave had a smile on his face that Ruth couldn’t erase. Anne has othergentleman into her life. They also have consummated their love relationship in our marital bed.

We are still in love with each other. Anne is happy and fulfilled. Her adventures will continue.

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