Anal Joy

by Anon (Australia)

I was planning to fuck this mature widow in her early 50s to fuck her anal. She has been great in bed and we have been having sex for the last two years in all possible positions. And she was too happy to have a younger sex partner in me! Her ample pair of boobs and swaying ass cheeks without panties under her skirt always made me horny.

This night we have been busy playing with each other's body after her orgasmic fuck. At one stage I asked her to turn onto her stomach. Slowly I made her to raise ass up into the air and went up with her knees slightly apart. I slapped her ass cheeks couple of times and she shrieked in pleasure moving her ass from side to side and moaning – more … I had now a clear view of her perfect anus and pink engorged pussy lips hanging down that were still wet from our earlier fuck sessions.

I began to massage her ass cheeks pushing them upwards and spreading them making her anus gape slightly and her cunt up so I could see a little open hole between the gaping lips. I applied a dab of Vaseline on between the ass cheeks as my cock began to throb. I brought my cock slowly down until the head just was aligned with the ass-hole and pushed inwards. As I did this, her tight sphincter seemed to relax a little each time. First it was just the softer head of my cock slipped into her hole, then a little further until my cock slipped in bit by bit. She was moaning in pleasure ….

Slowly, I continued the pressure until my cock was balls deep in her ass, then slowly took it out. She was breathing heavy and I felt her sphincter muscles pressing against my throbbing cock inside - the pressure on my cock was exquisite that no cunt could provide at all!! I managed to stop myself from cumming by stopping my movements for a few minutes and the increasing the speed of my thrusting against her ass as she thrust back in synch of my movements.

We both were breathing hard and sweating and swearing dirty words (I did not know that she had such slutty words in her stock!) as the pace of our coordinated thrusting quickened. Yes, we became a synchronized thrashing machine as my cock pounded her deeper and deeper expelling quenching sound out of her anal hole. I held her waist hard and then moved on of my hands under her to find her erect clit to massage it.

I began fucking her like insane using my hard-on as a weapon to destroy her anal passage. Suddenly, I felt her sphincter spasming on my cock as she cried out, I’m cumming… and I felt her gush from her pussy whilst her sphincter closed down on my cock. This drove me wild and those muscles led me to a body-shaking climax - nothing I had ever experienced before. She collapsed down with my cock still deep inside her ass, but it slowly started to soften to come out on its own. (Observation: she was no new to anal!)

We both were too exhausted and went to sleep for some time. Waking up in a couple of hours we moved to bathroom to take hot shower together washing our body, caressing, hugging and fondling each other's assets and more …

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