An Introduction To Art And More!

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

After spending eight years in the US Army, I got out and took a civilian job with Boeing in St Louis. Ended up being assigned to a military site in California for just under a year, great job, and great whether and a great time since my wife Susan came along too!

Shortly after arriving in Oxnard, CA we found a house to rent and started exploring the area. With the advice of some of my military friends we were directed to a nude beach towards Sana Barbara, CA. How cool was this. Young to old, single to married, straight to gay; everyone was at this beach. Susan fit right in because of her hirsute body.

Susan always made an impression everywhere she went especially when she would lift her arms and flash her very hairy pits! While strange back in Missouri, more normal out here in CA than I ever would have thought! Unlike women with PCOS, Susan choose to not shave, ever, and enjoyed men and women checking her body out, especially when they might ask her about it or even ask it touch her body hair!

I on the other hand made an impression, not because of my manly body BUT because of my tiny penis! While I was able to father two children with Susan, she had to raise her legs and ass up in the air after we made love to allow my sperm to run down to her uterus to become pregnant. Susan also had been told to have me run a vibrator in and out of her pussy helping push my sperm deeper into her! She learned all of this from a midwife back in Missouri, actually on the Missouri/Arkansas in a little town of Berryville, AR!

This midwife met with Susan and me, examined both of us and then provided her advice on Susan becoming pregnant. To be truthful, she seemed to spend a lot more time examining Susan than she did on me. How strange I thought when she said that her final exam test was to “taste Susan” which helped her determine if she was ready to breed.

Back then I hadn’t seen any porn movies, but now I would say the two of them had a great beginning of a very hot lesbian movie for sure! She examined me first she quickly pulled my penis head out holding it between her thumb and fore finger, exclaiming that Susan by far would have to do MOST THE WORK in becoming pregnant! The best I obtained during my exam was about a 3” erection and only a dribble of cum.

Back to the nude beach, sure enough quite a few people looked at me but were laughing and pointing at the same time. Even with my man boobs, no one ever confused me for a woman; only a middle aged man with man boobs and a tiny penis! We ended up going to this nude beach about 5 days a week for our year in California.

After the first month, we met Efrain; an Hispanic man about 30 years old, 5’ 10” and quite fit! What I found interesting about Efrain was he was uncut and all of this cock was hidden inside his foreskin. At first I thought he was tiny like me, but as he joined Susan and me, and we all began drinking some wine he brought with him today, I could clearly see his cock begin to grow, and grow and grow!

It was like I wasn’t even there as Efrain and Susan carried on their conversation, but this entire time, his cock kept getting bigger and bigger, finally I guessed at about 7’ long! Turned out Efrain was an artist from Mexico City, MX living in the United States on a student visa. He was attending a four year college in Ventura, CA just up the 101 Hwy from where we were renting a house. Efrain was studying Art in every media but was currently working on drawing and sculptures in clay.

Well of course Susan had agreed to set for Efrain to allow him to do a sculpture of her naked. In just a couple of settings Susan shared with me that Efrain was currently living with another student but he was graduating this month and the apartment wasn’t in Efrain’s name. Of course Efrain couldn’t afford rent on his own, SO MY LOVING wife invited him to live with us! This was actually working out pretty well I thought because Efrain was also a great cook and the meals he made for us were very tasty!

Since I got home later than Susan, most of the time I found her and Efrain naked, in our living room or his bedroom. Efrain always with his sketch pad and drawing pencils, and several pages of Susan in various poses laying on the floor next to them. All seemed above board until I gathered up our dirty laundry that first weekend. As I was sorting them I was shocked when I found a pair of Susan’s panties, with a brand new load of cum in the crotch! This being Saturday and the fact that Susan and I didn’t have sex Friday night when we went to bed I quickly determined it had to be Efrain’s! Susan hadn’t said anything about her having sex with anyone else let along Efrain. I decided not to say anything to Susan, or Efrain, and see if it might have been one of those one-time deals or something else!

Well before I made it to the next Saturday for laundry, Sunday night I was asleep when I felt something touching my butt. We had a large king size bed in this rental house so was plenty of room for Susan and I to move around. I thought Susan might have slipped up behind me, you know, trying to drive me wild making up for her infidelity! But . . . quite quickly I then felt some cool lube slide against my asshole, and then a cock push into my asshole! I didn’t move, didn’t say a thing, didn’t even breath I don’t think, as his cock, which I figured out had to be Efrain’s, begin to build up speed fucking me! I looked towards Susan’s side of the bed but I didn’t see her on her side. To be fair, Susan always stayed up latter than I did almost every night. So here I was, alone in bed, well not really, with this new friend fucking me as if he owned me!

The next morning I kept looking at Susan and she never acted as if she knew anything was different from any other morning. Efrain was still asleep and off to work Susan and I went. The very next night, here we went again! I had gone to bed ahead of Susan, I had fallen asleep, and sure enough I felt someone rubbing some cool lube on my asshole. Right away, a cock, Efrain’s for sure now I thought, pushed into my asshole and began fucking me. I saw that Susan wasn’t in bed yet so again it was just me and Efrain.

This weekend had arrived and Susan had taken off with Efrain to visit the college and it’s Art Studio. She told me that there was a Figure Drawing Class this weekend and Efrain had arraigned for her to be the model! Susan bragged about it paying $300 dollars each day so she stood to make $600 dollars for the weekend! So I began to pick up the rental house, dusting and began to assemble the dirty laundry for washing.

I kept track and this past week and Susan only allowed me to make love to her once, and that was Wednesday morning before work. She told me to felt really horny that morning so she bent over the kitchen table and told me to fuck her. Doggy style was the best for me, allowing me tiny penis to go in deeper than in any other position! As I laid out her panties for this week, I found she had 8 pairs in the laundry basket. Now wait a minute, since last Saturday, that made only 6 days for her to change panties! Anyway, ALL 8 pairs of her panties were loaded with cum, 7 crusty, and ONE sopping wet!

I had also kept track and these past 6 nights Efrain had fucked me everyone except for last Saturday night! While I am not complaining at all, as I have enjoyed this new bisexual life, even if it has been in silence on my part, Efrain must have one wild libido, having the stamina and the sperm count to fuck both Susan and me every day, with some days fucking Susan more than once! Anyway, I soaked Susan’s panties and then washed them in the last load. I also, of course, wash our sheets as there was cum and some shit streaks on my side of the bed. Seeing this I went into Efrain’s room and sure enough I found his entire fitted sheet covered with dried cum. I could also smell Susan on his sheets, boy could I!

Susan began modeling at the college multiple times a month and she also shared she had multiple “modeling settings” at private studios in and around the college town of Ventura. Cleaning our rental house, I found that in Susan’s panty draw, in the very back of the drawer, she had hidden over $9500 dollars in cash! I guess modeling for art students pays very well indeed!

Over the next 10 months the sex routine around our house seemed to improve to say the least! I would come home to find Susan with Efrain and many times 2 or 3 additional “Art Students”. Susan was always the nude model, and everyone was either drawing her, molding sculpture figures, or building what appeared to be a Paper Mache forms that appeared to be of Susan’s breasts or her butt cheeks! I began to realize that quite often these additional students were spending the entire night at our house.

First, I would see them on the couches and even doubled up in beds early many mornings before I left for work. Besides that I realized that it had to be more that Efrain fucking me when my breeding began to increase to at least twice a night and many nights 3 to 4 times. Several of these additional men had cocks that were much bigger than Efrain’s!

Let’s just say I had to begin doing laundry twice to three times a week to keep Susan in clean panties and every bed in clean sheets, especially mine! Again not complaining but our year assignment was coming to an end, Susan shared that Efrain had graduated and was now going to come to St. Louis to live with us while to completed his Masters of Fine Art at Washington University! This was fine with me and one evening Efrain shared with me that he knew there would be many Wash U Art students that would want Susan to model for them, and of course need a place to crash for sure!

I came to California a straight married man, and now I’m not sure that I would legally qualify as a bi-sexual submissive or more like a gay sissy bottom!

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