An Affair of the Moms

by Leza (CA)

Oh, gosh, Marcie could only think, what if her son found out that not only she was fucking, but was fucking another woman and the friend of his best friend?

Of course what Joan’s son think?

The two of them were both in their late thirties and divorced, and their sons were best friends. Having that in common it had been easy and natural enough for them to become friends as well, and they had been for that last year.

Only it had been a little surprising to find themselves starting a bisexual relationship. Or maybe not surprising, really, under the circumstances. These days women were starting to become much more open to that sort of thing, as they obviously been and they were both relishing it.

That afternoon as they both lay naked on the bed making love, they were thinking about how their kids would be coming home from school and that their time was limited. Both of their sons were fifteen, and Marcie was not sure if her son found out, that he would just say something like, “Cool! My mom’s fucking another woman and the mom of my best friend!” Or if he would be shocked. She suspected that it would be the latter. That he would find her having an affair with Joan somehow weird.

The truth was, and although she had never had any lesbian desires as such, she loved being with Joan like this. It was fun, and more than that, it just felt right. Joan was very much of the same mind.

They had just finished fucking and had given each other a wonderful climax.

“Maybe,” Joan said, sounding entirely casual, “we should just tell them. It would make things so much easier.”

“I know that it would,” Marcie agreed. “But that would make us practically like lesbians.”

Joan took this thought lightly. “So? Maybe we are lesbians … just with each other.”

“I do feel like a lesbian with you,” Marcie confessed, smiling about this.

“I feel like a lesbian with you, too,” Joan said. “It’s difficult not to with my mouth between your legs.”

“It’s just so … I don’t know. So womanly and so satisfying.”

“It is,” Joan agreed. “Well, we were both married for years and we did that thing. Maybe we should just enjoy the woman thing.”

“I thought that we were,” Marcie teased.

“I mean,” Joan chided lightheartedly, “being open about it. Lots of women decided that they want to become a lesbian. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“No. Maybe not. But telling your fifteen year old son that you decided to become a lesbian might … well, come as a shock.”

“Maybe. Probably for my son, as well. But they’d get over it.” Quite nonchalantly she added, “We could just live together.”

“Oh… that would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

“That sounds like a lesbian talking,” Joan teased.

Marcie smirked at her friend. “With you I am a lesbian.”

“It’s not a bad word, is it?”

“No. And I must admit that it feels good to be able to say that.”

“You’re just a fucking lesbian,” Joan teased some more.

“Yes. And I fucking you as a lesbian,” Marcie shot back.

They both laughed and stuck out their tongues to lick each other’s playfully and affectionately and with delight.

“Okay,” Joan said decisively.” When your son comes home, we tell him.”

“I think that your son will probably be with him. He usually is.”

“Good. Then we can tell them both together.”

Marcie tensed just a little about doing this. It seemed so bold. Then, to perhaps make it seem less so in her mind, she joked, “Shall we just greet them with both of us in the buff?”

“Oh! Now that would be very open!” Joan countered, laughing over this thought.

“I think that perhaps dressed might be best,” Marcie said judiciously.

“Yes. I think so,” Joan agreed, saying this in a mockingly proper manner. “I think it’s best not to give them too much of a shock.” Then she added, “Later, when we’re living together, we can start walking around the house naked.”

They both laughed with delight.

It was an hour later when Marcie’s son Michael and Josh came in.

Marcie and Joan were seated n the sofa.

“Hi, mom,” Michael said.

“Hi, mom,” said Josh.

“Hi,” Marci e said, greeting them jointly. “We … um, wanted to talk to you both.”

Michael and Josh exchanged a look.

“Is it … about something bad?” Michael questioned cautiously.

“No. It’s not dad,” Joan assured.

“But it’s … well, rather personal,” Marcie said.

“Now you both know that the two of us are friends …” Joan began to explain.

Michael and Josh exchanged another look.

“Is this about the two of you having an affair?” Michael asked.

Both of their mouths fell open and Marcie and Joan looked at one another in astonishment.

“Well, gee, mom, “ Josh said plainly, “we’ve known that’s what you’ve been doing.”

“How did you know?” Joan questioned.

“Well … it’s been kind of obvious,” said Michael. “I mean, the way that you two look at each other and I guess the way you both act around each other.”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed. “We figured that it wasn’t like a big secret. Just that you probably need to be discreet about it or something.” Josh paused. “Now that it’s out in the open, does this mean that you’re going to start living together?”

Again Marcie and Joan ere both astonished.

“What would you think of us living together? I guess it would be all of us.”

“I think I’d be great,” said Michael.

“Me, too,” said Josh.

Having gotten that out of the way, Michael asked, “Can Josh stay for dinner?”

“I think that we’ll all go out tonight for dinner.”

“yes,” said Joan, her mind reeling just a little bit.” We’ll be eating dinner all the time together soon enough, I suppose.”

Michael and Josh both grinned. “That’s be terrific,” said Michael.

Josh laughed. “Gee … we’re surprised that the two of you weren’t sitting here on the sofa naked together when we came in … or something like that. You know … to just let us know.”

“Oh!’ Marcie responded. “Oh, we’d never do anything like that … would we, Joan?”

“Who? Us? Oh, no. We wouldn’t want to shock you,” said Joan.

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