An Adoptive Grandparent

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

One Saturday morning, warm and sunny outside, my stepdad buttonholed me and asked if I wanted to earn some money doing job for my mum's father in law, I agreed and dad sent me across town to his dads home.

His dad would normally be my granddad but it was my mum's second marriage so I had sort of adopted her new father in law as another granddad so to speak. Ben, his name, was a really nice guy, pleasant and easy to get along with and interesting to talk with so I was happy to help him out in some odd jobs.

I biked it across town to his house, an Edwardian style place situated on the outskirts of town in a somewhat select area, judging by the other well maintained house and a wealth of expensive cars.

At Ben's place I rang the doorbell which was opened by a lady I only knew as Ben's younger sister, Gwen, she greeted me with a hug and a peck on the cheek, told me her brother was in the garden and that she was sorry but she had to fly. Gwen looked a bit flustered and red face but I put it down to her being in a rush.

Going into the kitchen I looked through the window, there sprawled my stand in granddad, Ben, naked but for his white shorts and soaking up the sunshine which was getting warmer by the hour.

I went outside and wandered across to him and my heart skipped a beat. Peeking cheekily out of the leg of his shorts was the bloated head of his cock with its foreskin partly rolled back. In spite of myself did get a kind of jolt in my nether regions and I was no stranger to other guys cocks on occasion.

Ben glanced up and hailed me....

"Ahh young Bryn, hello there m'boy, how are you this lovely day, well I hope?

"Hello Ben, yes I'm fine,you look well, still as fit and spry as ever, I take it."

"Fit as a Butchers dog Bryn and happy to see you."

"Well whats is it you want me to do?"

"Set those lumps of Sandstone where I show you so that I can build up my rockery"

"OK Ben I'm on it."

It was a lot of heavy lifting which I knew Ben couldn't to because of his hip injury but under his direction I got the job one in a couple of hours after which we sat in the late afternoon sun and sipped a cold beer. Shortly Ben said would I nip upstairs to the spare room and look in the smaller chest of drawers and bring down the big red photograph album, I did so and opened the bedroom door.

I was assailed by the odor of cheap perfume and hint of sweat and oddly enough the definite smell of stale piss, faint but there was no mistaking it. I looked around me, the double bed was rumpled and unmade, the covers thrown back, I looked closer, the bottom sheet was a mass of what I knew to be spunk stains, but worse was the yellow rimmed areas of dried piss and there was even a patch of still damp sheet in the middle of the bed. I thought that old Ben must have a hectic sex life and this must be the play room where he and his fuck buddies performed.

I got the album from the chest of drawers which was full of women's underwear which I assumed were Gwens. Then a sudden wild thought struck me 'Could it be?.. nah! no way...I just cant see it, Ben, big Ben...and Gwen?? fuck no, they're brother and sister, no way would they this this filthy pissy spunk stained bed....shagging his SISTER....his cock up her hole.....fucking her senseless......still, she was a bit flushed and flustered as she was leaving....dirty pervy fuckers' But the evidence was there in my nostrils and in my eyes, Hmmmm!

Down stairs I gave Ben the album and he said we may as well crack open a couple of bottles of vino and I agreed. In the kitchen he said he'd fill some bowls with nibbles and said the wine was on the top wine rack in a cupboard he pointed to. Opening the door I found I could't reach the bottles. Ben came behind me, put one hand on my shoulder and reached over me to take out the wine. We were still in our shorts.

The feel of his warm torso on my bare back sent a sudden exquisite sexual shock from somewhere between my tight anus and my groin and from there up my spine to explode in my head, added to which I felt the massive hardness of his cock crushing into my bum cheeks.

His hand which he had on my shoulder now began pushing, I was face down on the work top and his free hand was undoing my shorts and pushing them down till they fell around my feet. Ben was breathing hard and he groped at my groin and my hardening cock.

"Time I think for us to go and get comfortable, m'lad".

He breathed softly in my ear. I new where we were going and as nervous as I was, my cock stiffened and reared up, very swollen and curved as if sensing what was going to transpire upstairs in that odorous room of incestuous debauchery where brother and sister worked out their sexual depravity.

Part 1 ends, part 2 to follow

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