An Adoptive Grandparent: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I was in a hazy daze going upstairs in front of Ben, I could hear his hums of approval as I deliberately thrust my bum back at him, I knew in my heart it was heat he was after and I was fizzing at the thought of what it would be like with him and his obviously large manhood. I'd been involved with man on man sex since I was eighteen years of age so my arsehole was used to penile penetration.

In the bedroom I saw old Ben had kicked of his shorts and the sight of what was hanging from his shaven crotch made me quail with sudden doubt. My adopted Granddad was indeed gifted with a phenomenal beefy phallic organ......

"Like it, Bryn?"

"Errr, yyyes...its..well its kind of....are you planning to fuck me with that thing Ben?"

"Well, let’s not make any hasty decisions right away, why don’t we just fool around and see what comes up, so to say"

"That’s a monster you have there Ben, how big is it in fact? Mine’s seven inches"

"Yes I guessed as much. This thing is just a tad in excess of ten inches, does that bother you?"

"Does your sister like it, you two are fucking together aren't you?"

"Mmm! well the bed is a dead giveaway but yes, Gwenie and I are lovers even if its incest, but we are consenting adults and like to go at it like polecats on speed."

As he said this we had move close to each other and our hands began tours of inspection and discovery over each other’s bodies, making the aroused sensitive erogenous areas flicker and spasm slightly.

We moved to the sex stained bed and Ben pushed me back onto it and I found myself laying on the damp patch I had seen earlier and the sudden damp made me gasp.

"Gwenie's a squirter, Bryn, she can’t help it when I’m up her. I do like your cock, mmmm! So nice and hard, love that peeled back foreskin....ooooo! lots of lovely pre-cum."

I nearly shot my load as Ben dipped and delicately licked the clear tears of fluid flowing from my peehole. I really had to fight not to cum, more so than when Ben engulfed my cock, all of it, down his throat and kept it there as though he was feasting on it.

Then, somehow we found ourselves in a sixty nine position and were trying to suck his cock as much as I could in my mouth, the two of us moaning and slurping as we devoured each other.

We had to stop by mutual unspoken consent for fear of cumming to soon.....

"I want to savor you, young Bryn, savor you until it’s no longer possible for me to not take you and possess and own you, slide my dick deeply inside you and make us one, then inseminate you and flood your body with my man seed....GOD! suck me again, Bryn, suck my big fat dick, aaaaaaaahhh!!! YES! YES! that’s it that’s it, beautiful! soft, wet, sloppy! nnn! nnnnn! nnnnnngaaaaahhh!"

I choked as a stream of warm semen spurted forcefully from him, filling my mouth and making me gulp, the rich salt/sweet glutinous elixir flowing down into my tummy leaving me gasping for breath, the throbbing truncheon still in my gaping mouth.

"Sorry Bryn, that was not what I intended, I was just so overcome, I'm sorry".

"No, Ben, its ok, really I loved it honestly, I love the taste of you and all that spunk, oh God it was just Wonderful, truly it was."

I meant it too. Ben gathered me into his arms and we held each other tight, my cock beating hard against his hot wet baton which still leaked sticky spunk. Ben shifted and suddenly he was looming over me, eyes hooded, strong legs astride me. I looked down my body to my raging cock and Bens still erect throbbing dick......

"I'm going to take you on a journey to Nirvana, to Elysium, I'm going to let my pulsating arsehole swallow your lovely hard dick and take it deep inside my arsehole where it can soak and bake till it’s so hard it has to release its spermy lava in an uncontrollable eruption, my dear sweet lovely boy.....I wish my Gwenie was here to share this with us, God! How she'd go wild seeing me inside a man arse, she'd frig herself madly."

My head was spinning my brain was whirling at the thought of what Ben promise and yet I was doubtful whether it would be too painful trying to take that Ten inch monster. Before I could caution Ben, he got me on my front and softly ran his fingers all over me as if testing my skin, paying a lot of attention to my bum, obviously and murmuring how soft and plain my bum cheeks were. He pushed my legs apart and got me to kneel, my arse was now there as an offer, my anus tight clenched in fear of what was to come.

I felt hot breath on my wrinkled hole and then I moaned as his warm wet tongue softly probed in investigation. I caught my breath when he licked and probed deeper and I felt my anus soften and relax, if it was going to happen I wanted it to be now, I felt ready eager in fact to be fucked.

Ben took his time, he rimmed me for long minutes and his finger replaced his tongue and I felt it penetrate me, one, two then three fingers reamed my hole delightfully and I happily clutched and clamped my softened sphincter until four fingers had really opened and stretched my arsehole.

Then.......I heard myself wailing loudly into the pillows as Ben enormous bloated blood engorged dick started to burrow into my body, shouldering my innards aside......

"Aaaaah! Ben, Ben, not too much...please....ohhhh God, too big, Ben, too big...I can’t, more, nomore, godgodgod Ohhh, GOD...."

I begged and pleaded, it was really more than I expected, the bulkiness in my bowels felt gigantic, I felt as if my insides wanted to drop out.........

"Ben, please don’t push an more into me, I....I don’t think.....ohhh my GOD."

"Bryn, don’t worry...I won’t hurt you..I won’t push any more dear sweet boy, there's no more to give you......You've got all of me inside you, your darling soft bum is full of my cock, you have the whole lot sunk deeply and happily inside your delicious accommodating boi cunt, flex yourself Bryn, clench hard and feel my stiffness inside you."

As he said this, Ben reached round and his fingers compassed my cock, it was hard again, he gently massaged it and equally gently he started fucking me, his iron hard weapon pistoning slowly back and forth bringing ripples of sensuous thrills glowing inside me.

I was in sexual Elysium I was deliriously joyous, the feeling of being taken, being submissive, used, suddenly........

"Ahhhh....cumming Bryn..gonnacumgonnacum.......cummingcumming....CU...........

I only felt Ben crushing harder against me, pinioning me to the bed while inside the furnace of my arse he was emptying spermy spunky elixir into my bowels, causing my own cock held in his fingers to spout it own slimy offering.

It was done, over, finished, I was Fucked, Inseminated, spunked well and truly penetrated and stretched, nothing would be the same again, I was his, his arsehole fuck buddy, his to command.

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