Amateur Night

by Carol (Florida)

I’m Carol and I’m in great shape George my age. My hubby, Rocky still has sex with me like we’re on our honeymoon. I worked as in a go go bar for twenty years and my birthday parties were closed door affairs. Every house I would here up on stranger and strip for my customers. I had such a great time and the money was also great. The more I drank the less inhibited I got. I mean I would let people put their fingers inside me or anything like tee hat but I would let them play with my 34dds.

Some men would just want to feel them and some wanted to suck them. We moved here to Florida and I told Rocky I always wanted to be a stripper. Well I got my wish. Ricky was driving home and he passed a strip club and the sign reward amateur night this Saturday. It was Friday and Rocky came home and told me about it and said what do you think. I got so wet and horny all I wanted was Rocky’s big cock insider me. I pulled his pants down pulled down my thong and guided his cock into my pussy.

Rocky says Carol what happened and I told him I’m going tomorrow night. He fucked me crazy asking me so what are you going to do. I told him I’ll have to see but I want to do this. We both cum and Rocky is still hard so he fucks me again. Saturday is here and I said to Rocky are you going to be there. He answered no but I’ll drive you and pick you up. I tell him I really wish you would stay and he says no. Ok I’m getting my outfits ready and it time to leave. We pull up to the club and Ricky says have fun.

I get out the car and walk inside. Once inside a big bald man named Sam says you must be Carol and I say yes I am. He says I’m Sam nice to meet you and this is Irv. He’s a big black man that is the bouncer and he says Carol any problem call me. I say to Sam where’s the dressing room. I go into the room and it’s empty. I put on my tiger bra and thong with my red satin robe over it. I go to the stage and Sam says everybody a big welcome for Carol. I get on stage and the men are whistling and yelling take it off.

I take my robe off and I hear a man say nice tits can’t wait to see them. I dance awhile and I go over to this young guy and tell him undo my top. He does and he tries to grab my tits. I’m dancing still holding my top and I drop it. The place went crazy when they saw my tits. I grabbed my tit and started to suck my nipple and the guys said let us suck. I laid on the stage and took my thong off and I spread my legs so the men could see my nice shaved pussy.

The money was flying all over the stage as I put my fingers inside me. One young guy says I hope I get to stick my dick in your beautiful pussy. I don’t pay attention to what people are saying. My set is over and I go sit at the bar. A young guy comes over and says please let me buy you a drink. I say ok and tell him I want a shot of tequila, my favorite. He says Hi I’m Jim and I say I’m Carol nice to meet you. I drink my shot and Sam comes over to me. He says see that guy over there he wants a lap dance.

I said to Sam I don’t know about that. Sam orders me another tequila and I down it and say ok. The man is short, heavy set and not my type but I go anyway. We go to the room and he sits down and the music and the tequila begin to work on me. I climb in his lap and he says I’m Don and I say I’m Carol and it’s nice to meet you. I start to grind Don and his cock is rock hard in his pants. I turn and out my back to him and he undoes my top. It falls to the floor and Don is pulling on my nipples.

He says turn around Carol and I do and he starts to suck my nipples. I’ll let him have his fun but I won’t do anything to him. He pulls my thong off and I’m humping him with my naked pussy. I like to tease and that’s it. Don pulls his cock out and says Carol come ride my cock. I say to him no Don that’s where I draw the line. He says Carol your nothing but a slut now ride my cock. Again I refuse. Don is trying to put his fingers inside me and I tell him no. Don grabs me by the hair and puts his fingers inside me.

I get away and leave and go back to the stage. I strip again and when I go sit down the young guy who bought me the shot of tequila says Carol you want another one. I say yes Jim and after I drink the shot he says could I get a lap dance. I say yes lead the way. We get into the room and I lock the door. I sit in Jim’s lap and begin to hump him. I grab Jim’s hands and put them on my tits. He pulls my bra down and starts to suck my nipples. I keep humping him and laughing. He takes my thong off and his cock is out.

I want him to fuck me so I climb on top of his cock and say fuck me Jim. He slams me down on his cock. Jim is young enough to be my son so I say fuck mommies pussy. Jim says yes mommy your son is going to fuck the shit out of you. OMG with that I came all over his young cock. The shots have now made me a little drunk so all my inhibitions are gone. Jim says he’s going to cum and I say let me taste it and he gives me his big load in my mouth. We get dressed and the bar is closing.

I go to call Rocky and Sam says what’s the hurry. Sam and Irv are drinking at the bar and Sam says Carol we need some entertainment. Sam get a blanket and lays it on the bar and says Carol let’s see what you’ve got. I get naked and lay on the blanket. Sam immediately puts his head between my legs and Irv puts his big black cock in my mouth. I begin to suck Irv’s cock and Sam is naked getting between my legs and pushing his cock inside me. Oh yes Sam fuck me and he says Carol I plan to.

Sam is fucking me and Irb says my turn and picks me up and lowers me down on his big cock. OMG a yes Irv fuck me. Sam is now behind me rubbing his cock against my ass. OMG am I going to get DPed and with that Sam’s cock slips into my ass. I can’t believe both of my holes are stuffed with cock. We fuck for awhile and both Sam and Irv cum inside me. I didn’t want that but I didn’t stop it either. I climb off the bar, both holes sore and go to take a shower. Sam climbs in with me and says I’ve got to fuck you again.

I open my pussy and say do it Sam fuck me. Sam slams his cock into me and I feel his old balls banging up against my ass. We both cum and as I’m getting dressed Sam asks are you coming back. I said sure why not. I go into the parking lot and Rocky is there waiting. He said how did it go. I opened my purse and he saw all the money and said I’ll tell you when the next amateur night will be. I can’t wait for the next amateur night.

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