All Woman Are Breeders Now

by Anonymous

It is the 2035 and the world has had a plague which has killed most of the women.

Those who have survived have been ordered to become willing breeders to repopulate the world and to have as many females as possible, as the order reads women cannot turn down any sex from a man and must be ready at all times for sex and breeding.

My name is Sharon i m 5'6 36c slender build with a nice ass and tight pussy i m 21, i was walking down the street one day when a man approached me i was wearing a short skirt and top with thigh highs on no panties , he took me into an alley nearby.

He then told me to get on my knees and suck his dick so i did after i got him hard he had me stand up and turn around and he had me bend over a garbage can then he pushed my skirt up around my waist then i felt his 8" dick begin to push into me filling my tight pussy up.

He then began to fuck me as i felt him going in and out me i soon cum on his hard dick soon after he filled me up with his hot sperm after he pulled out he said he wasn’t finished yet and i felt him begin to push his dick into my tight asshole i couldn’t stop him so he filled up my ass and slowly fucked it till he cum again, then he left me there to clean up.

I walk out of the alley a few minutes later and walk down the street, a man i met before stopped me and asked how i was and i said i was good, he asked me to come to his place that he had something for me to do there so i said ok, we went to his place and i walked in with him and to my surprise there were 5 guys there.

He smiled at me and said that we were going to have a breeding party for me and each guy was going to fuck till they were finished.

I undressed and then was taken back to a bedroom and the first guy came in and got naked and i sucked his dick he then laid back and i straddled him and slid down his hard cock and began to ride him slowly at first then i picked up speed and soon i felt his hot sperm deep inside of my pussy.

He then had me go bottoms up and proceeded to fuck me more, pushing his cum deeper into my fertile pussy until he cum again, then he left and i laid there the next guy came in and undressed and he was hard he just started pushing his 9"into me and started fucking me until he unloaded a large load of cum inside of me.

Finally after all 5 guys fucked me i just layed there unable to move and the guy who brought me there came in and said i can stay and rest up so i did.

The next morning i showered and then i let the guy fuck me, soon after i was pregnant and gave birth to another girl the state raised her as to give me a chance to keep breeding.

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