All Change

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

As Family party's go, this was a big one, a Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary do for my Grandparents, telegram off the Queen etc. So, huge crowd of relatives many of whom knew, so lots of how we do's, back slapping and fair bit of very horny flirting with my female aunts and cousins. I went outside for some air during the later evening, whiskey glass in hand and breathing in fresh air after the fuggines inside.

After about fifteen minutes or so a female voice beside me said..........

"Hi! I thought your glass might be empty, so.........."

A very attractive young woman was standing beside me and offering a glass of scotch.

"Thanks.....err...have we met before, I,m sorry but I don't recognize you..."

She smiled and said she was my cousin, Pauline. It must have been years since we'd been kids that we met But here was a chance to catch up with long forgotten family members. Pauline said she had seen me looking round earlier and seeming puzzled about something. I told her I was looking for my cousin Paul who I had grown up with and went to junior school with but who I had not seen for some years now.

Pauline surprised me by saying that Paul in fact was at the party. That stumped me base I would have seen him n that case......

"Bryn, you weren't looking properly, Paul's here, you must have noticed....."

"Look Pauline, I'd know Paul even after so long, we were at school together, we played with each other together, and I haven't seen him anywhere here all night."

"Then you aren't looking properly, dear, Paul is here"

"WHERE for Gods sake??"



"STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU, my sweet lovely cousin that you used to have a wank with and who you wished was a girl, when you would put you cock between my thighs and fuck till you came"

"Christ!, YOU!....You and me...then...but..but you're Pauline...Oh my God!!"

"Yes Bryn, I transitioned, I'm a female now in many respects, I behave as a female, I live and dress as a female, to all intents and purposes I AM Female."

"Well, Paul, Pauline I would never have guessed, and you're very very attractive and....well, dare I say it....very desire able."

"Oh thank goodness you've said that, I've been worried all evening since we all arrived and I saw you, that you'd be horrified when I revealed my new self to you."

I was in shock to be sure, but Pauline had such a look of longing and sadness on hr face I simply pulled her gently to me, put my arms around her kissed her, she kissed me back and our kisses became very fervent, not to say passionate and I confess I could have fucked my changed cousiness right there.

"Come home with me Bryn, I've got my own place, we can be alone, just like we used to be as kids, say you will Darling Bryn, with your lovely big cock.....I can feel it now, ohh God it feels so alive in your pants, Please Bryn, please lets leave NOW.............."

So, Pauline and I took our leave, we phoned a Taxi, because we had been drinking and were driven to her address some miles away. Her place was terrific, very feminine as was her underwear on an airing rack, skimpy, delicate, frivolous and exciting. We chatted for a while and she told me all about her transition, the hormone treatment, the development of her breasts (which looked remarkably successful). I was dying to ask if the final sacrifice had been made and how it had effected her outlook.

That's when Pauline said softly......

"I think we need to go to bed, my sweet"

End of Part 1

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