All Change: Part 3

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

We embraced again and shuffled over to the bed and got under the duvet fondling each other breathlessly. I had to do it, I badly needed to do it if only to remind me what used to be between us long ago. Taking my time I wriggled down under the duvet kissing and licking Paulines body as I did so she moaned and whimpered and humped, then I reached her cock.

Pauline was fully erect, solid, hot, hard and throbbing. Softly I wanked her off, fondled her balls and gently fingered her puckered arsehole, drawing big gasps from her. It was just as I remembered when we would take turns sucking each other and desperately trying to hold back from shooting our loads of rich warm spunk. We got into a sixty-nine position, gronffed each others cocks and then I introduced my probing tongue between her arse cheeks.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! fuuuuuuuuck!! yes! yes! ohhh YES!!"

Pauline went into hyper drive, pushing her soft warm arse back into my face, her soft puckered arsehole pulsing as she worked her muscles. I licked and probed then reached around to take her cock in my hand and slowly wank her off. My dick was rampaging, jerking madly and demanding attention.

Pauline screamed when I mounted her, her hole was slippery and I simply stuffed my dick all he way up her arse, heedless of her screams, which shortly died away to moans as I shagged her remorselessly. I didn't want to cum too soon so I slowed myself don to long gentle strokes that had her softly panting. I grabbed her tits, mauling them gently and flicking the nipples till they hardened........

"Ohh Bryn, lover, I can feel you inside me, I can feel your cock filling me.......keep doing it like that honey, fuck me long and slow.......Ohhhhhhh God!! how I love it, so long and thick and hard.........."

Pauline was whispering her enjoyment to herself as well as me and her cock in my hand was throbbing softly and leaking.......

"Would you like to fuck, darling...would you like to dominate me and stick your dick in my bum and make me your fuck toy?"

That must have been some sort of trigger because suddenly Pauline's cock exploded in my hand, erupting and pouring a stream of hot spunk into my fingers and causing me to lose control and orgasm inside my shemale cousin, matching her spermy outpouring with my own deep in her bowels.

Shortly my dick softened and flopped out of Paulines arse and I fell onto my back, breathing hard but feeling good. She must have been overcome with a different kind of lust because instead of her cock deflating after cumming in my hand she was still rock solid and beading wildly. She lay on me, her softness felt great, her tits were flattened on my chest, but her cock was throbbing between my legs......

"I want to do it Bryn, I want to fuck you just like you fucked me, I've never done a bum fuck since I changed, honestly....can I darling..pleeease...can I put my dick inside you bum and do it to you, I'd really love it, I'd love to feel me inside your body my love, your heat your tight bum squeezing my dick till I spunked you......"

"Jesus! Pauline, yes, yes sweetheart, do it, do it........"

I spread my legs drew them back and gave her full access to my hole, she ducked down and next thing her hot wet tongue was licking and investigating my hole, It was sensational and my head was spinning. When she did it and quickly drove her dick into my arse I nearly screamed, she impaled me on her beautiful female appendage driving it all the way in to the root and pinching my nipples she shagged me furiously, pistoning madly and breathing brokenly.

"Oh God!...Oh God!...magic! Beautiful tight, so hot.....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! fuclfuckfuck!! its happening Bryn..happening, I'm going to.....oh God!........"

Her voice cut out, she was cumming, unloading her pent up essence into me, I felt her cock jolt several time and I knew I was being seeded, I loved it, I loved my shemale cousin creaming inside me. When it was over she flopped full length on me, shattered. Then she suddenly giggled, I queried why, she said that as she came, my spunk was leaking out of her arse. I think I fell in love with her at that moment.

The End

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