All Change: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

In her bedroom Pauline was very coy, in spite of her invitation, she froze when I drew her close to me and stiffened up when I kissed her. I pressed my groin against her and she gasped and quivered and then when I softly squeezed her bottom she groaned and squirmed delightfully.

She broke our embrace and looked at me with hot eyes, she was trembling......

"Will you let me undress you, Bryn.....I want to remember how you used to tell me to when we were kids....can I??"

I was thrilled, the past came flooding back to me of our furtive trysts at my house or hers, and the way she would show me her mothers knickers which she would put on, they were obviously to big for her but it always got us going and frolicking around on the bed.

I nodded in answer to her plea, my throat was dry and my chest was tight, but my cock was awake and swelling in anticipation. Pauline’s finger shook as she unbuttoned my shirt and drew it off me, she let soft fingers stroke my shoulders and on round to my chest where she teased my nipples gently, making my knees buckle a little. We kissed again, this time with more confidence and growing passion.

I felt her fingers unclipping my waist belt and undoing my trousers which fell to my feet and which I kicked away. Again our kissing was deep and more passionate and my cock was rampaging in my underpants.......

"I’ve dreamed about this sort of thing with you a lot, do you remember the way we used to do it and get all naked and sweaty, I think I really wanted to become the girl you always wished I I am, Bryn"

Pauline's whisper had me moaning and mashing my body against hers and making her grind in response. All I could do was whisper hoarsely, Bed! Bed! in answer to which she stooped and pulled my underpants down to release my trapped cock which sprang up beating rhythmically, hard and swollen the glands bared as the foreskin peeled back.

"God! I remember it so well Bryn, touching it and wanking you off, getting it between my thighs and you cumming, you use to suck me off and swallow my spunk too and you wanted to dome in my bum didn't you but I always said No. We were so young and naughty then......"

Pauline's voice trailed off then as her cool fingers dropped to encompass my dick, all I could do was gasp and jolt as she slowly slid her hand all over my bloated cock shaft.......

"Ohhh Bryn, it’s leaking, oh I love it doing that, those dear threads of stuff welling up and dripping...uuummmm!"

And then she was delicately licking the tip of my drooling knob end. I was in heaven with my Shemale cousin and I was more than happy to let her use me in any way that pleased her. I nearly took off when unexpectedly her hot mouth opened and engulfed me and next thing as I looked down my dick had vanished down her throat and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Pauline was something of an expert at deep throat sucking and the added trill was her hand squeezing my bum cheeks and a questing finger seeking my anus and stroking it.

"I always loved it when we sucked each other off, Bryn, your cock was so big and hard, I'm only sorry I never let you get it in my arse but only between my thighs"

"Yes but your thighs were so warm and silky soft, Pauline, it always made me spunk off."

"Time to undress me my Darling, time for you to again see me naked and wanting......"

I was sorely tempted to quickly rip her clothes off but instead I controlled myself and my lust and slowly removed her top, lifting it up over her head to reveal the perfect tits her hormone treatment had given her. Unclipping her bra, the twin globes spilled out and jiggled slightly and the pink nipples jutted out cheekily.....

"Ohhhh Bryn, kiss them, do it like you used to, it used to make me tingle all over"

I did so, fumbling at her skirt and undoing it until I could push it down over the swell of her gorgeous arse. Next thing I was shocked to see that on becoming a woman, Paul had not made the ultimate sacrifice because what swung into view was a semi erect cock and not a smooth mound with a darling cleft. It was just like old times except for the feminine body, the tits and the fact that Pauline was a very convincing shemale, and ready to relive our youth, naked, proud, erect and wanting each other passionately.

End of Part 2

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