Aiden's Birthday

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"Fuck me!" I hissed as I leaned back over the counter with my legs spread wide as my brother held my hips pounding his big cock into my boiling cunt as sweat beaded on my lean, toned body.
"Just like that!" I smiled wildly with fire in my green eyes, meeting my brother's as he powered his perfect cock deep into my pussy.

Cupping my toned ass cheeks, I leaned back on my elbows as Aiden held me up off the floor for the perfect position for his sexy prick to hit all the right spots.

Looking at my brother smiling as he humped into me, I told him to cum.

I wanted him to fill me full of his seed.

"I'm going to suck the cum off your balls!" I grinned wildly as Aiden pumped away at my open hole.

"Fuck me full of cum!" I moaned.

When Aiden's thrust turned more intense and eradicate I started coaxing him to cum in me.

"That's it! Pump my pussy full of cum!" I smiled.

"Fill me up with your cum!"

"I'm going to suck the cum off your cock!" I moaned as my own orgasm ripped through my body.

With a hard thrust, Aiden looked me in the eye with desperation as his prick swelled and started pulsing as his boiling seed filled my tunnel coating my cervix.

"Yesssss!" I hissed smiling. "Fill my pussy full of juicy cum." I finished smiling as Aiden's hard prick pulsed inside of my well fucked hole.

Leaning in Aiden kissed me as I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back.

"You fill better?" Aiden asked as we kissed.

"Pull that big cock out of me, so I can suck it." I smiled.

"I like the sound of that." Aiden grinned at me.

"I like the taste of it." I laughed.

Gently letting me lose, we swapped places.
Setting Aiden up on the counter.
I pushed him back.
Placed my hand on the counter on each side of him and swooped his prick up with my tongue.
Methodically, I sucked my brother's gooey cock clean of our combined seed as I looked up at him smiling.

"Come on." I smiled at Aiden reaching for him once I was satisfied his cock was clean.

"Where we going?" Aiden asked smiling.

"We need a shower and have another hole that needs some that sexy prick." I smiled lustfully pulling Aiden to me.

"Oh really?" I laughed grabbing me from behind pulling me back into his strong arms and holding me as he kissed me on the neck.

Wiggling my tight ass into Aiden's hard cock I giggled playfully enjoying us together.

Holding me with one arm Aiden pushed me over.
Grabbing the back of the kitchen chair I spread my legs wide smiling, eager for his sexy prick in my sexy asshole.

"Fuckkkkk!" I moaned as my brother's dickhead slipped past the rubbery ring of my asshole.

Slow and gently Aiden started sawing his lovely prick back and forth in my asshole.

A little at a time he worked his entire lovely prick into my asshole as I held onto the back of the chair with my back arched.

"Fuck my ass!" I moaned in pleasure enjoying the feeling of Aidens lovely cock sliding in and out of my well-defined ass.

"Mmmmm!" Aiden moaned as he held my toned waist.

"You like fuck my sexy ass?" I smiled over my shoulder.

Pulling me up and cupping my 36D tits Aiden kissed my neck as I leaned my head back on his shoulder.

"I absolutely love it!" Aiden murmured in my ear.

Reaching over my head.
I grabbed Aiden by his head and held him as he pumped a bit faster into my asshole.

"Yessssss!" I hissed.
"Don't stoppppp!" I whimpered in pleasure as sweat beaded on my tone, richly tanned body.

I wished Aiden could cum again as my own orgasm built deep down inside me.

"Pleaseeeeee!" I whimpered as my brother's hard prick pumped in and out of my asshole bringing me mind-blowing pleasure.

"Aidennnnnn! Pleaseeeee!" I whimpered in pleasure.

Pushing back to the chair Aiden grabbed my waist and started pumping into me hard and deep.

"Fuckkkkkkk!" Aiden moaned as he pumped my sexy ass.

"Yessssssss!" I whimpered as my legs started to shake and my orgasm overtook me.

Yanking me back to him, Aiden held me tight around the waist as he pumped into my asshole hard lifting my feet off the ground.

"Cum!" Aiden grunted into my ear.

"Fuckkkkkkk!" I squealed in pleasure as I sprayed pussy juice down my tone thighs.

As soon as my orgasm passed.
Aiden turned me around and set me up on the table. Pushing my legs apart, Aiden buried his head between my legs and methodically started licking me clean.

"Come here!" I smiled happily at Aiden as he kissed his way up my tone body pulling him into my arms.

Laying on the counter I started making out with Aiden enjoying his lean, toned body melting into mine.

"Happy birthday little brother." I smiled as we kissed.

"I thought this morning was my birthday present." Aiden smiled looking me in my crystal blue eyes.

"This is more of it." I smiled happily looking at him.

"Is this like an all-day present?" Aiden grinned positioning his hard prick at my gooey pussy opening.

"Well, I could be.
But, we have to meet m-o-m in a-n ho-ur!" I moaned smiling as Aiden's hard prick entered me.

"Mom daughter trio." Aiden laughed as he pushed into my open hole.

"I don't th-i-nk so." I grinned enjoying my Aiden inside me.
"But, w-e ne-ed to get in the sh-o-wer." I smiled happily.

"Ok." Aiden grinned sliding off me.

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