After The Family Reunion

by Chris (Minnesota)

After fucking Leslie at the family reunion, I had one thought running through my head. And that was head of course. According to her, she didn't have a gag reflex, and I really wanted to test drive that so to speak.

I swear I walked around hard all that day just thinking about it. I could just imagine sliding right down that throat. Of course, with those big tits of hers, she'd have to be naked while I did.

Late that night, I couldn't wait anymore. So I snuck into her room. It was right across from Mom's, so I had to be extremely quiet.

Leslie was asleep, so I gently shook her awake. She didn't jump or scream, so that was good. She did look puzzled though.

"What's going on Chris?" She whispered it, so no one could hear.

"All I've been able to think about all day has been the fact you don't have a gag reflex. If you get my meaning."

Obviously she did. She smiled at me then.

"And I'll bet you want to try it out. Am I right?"

"You got it."

"I'm up for it. My room or yours?"

"Mine. It’s farther away from Mom's, so she won't hear anything that way."

Leslie raised an eyebrow at that. "Planning to be noisy when you cum big brother?"

"You never know do you?"

"Ok. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"There's one other thing. I want you naked when we do it."

Leslie giggled. "Like that's a problem? Sure, I can do that. I'll see you in a few."

I went to my room to wait, and sure enough, a few minutes later she walked in. She was wearing her robe, but I could tell from the way her body moved there was nothing under it.

She smiled at me sitting on the bed in anticipation. 9 inches of hard cock is hard to hide, and she could see the tent in the front of my pajamas.

"You are ready aren't you?"

I nodded, and she dropped her robe. That right little body topped by those huge tits was on display again. I wasted no time in stripping off my pajamas, joining her naked.

"Where do you want me?"

"Just lay back on the bed. I'm good with that."

I was too. It meant I could watch the whole thing. I stroked myself gently as she climbed on the bed, kneeling between my legs. She smiled at that. She obviously knew how much that amazing body of hers excited me.

She knelt between my legs for a moment, then she started playing with those amazing tits. I watched her small hands manhandle them, pinching the nipples harder than I would have.

With a small smile she said, "Watch this."

Just like that afternoon, she took me down her throat in one easy stroke. I felt her nose against my belly and her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft. Then those lips slid slowly back up, revealing my hard cock shiny with her spit. She let my shaft slip from her lips long enough to say, "Put your hand on my head. Fuck my mouth just the way you want." Then she slid back down again.

I did, pulling her head down slowly, enjoying the sight of my little sister taking my cock.

Plunging into her throat every time was more of a turn on than I thought. I was going to have to take it slow just to envoy it as long as I could.

Soon though, she had a good rhythm going, and I was getting close. I told her that, and she nodded and upped her game. On the next stroke, I felt her tongue click out to caress my balls. That was more than I could take; a few strokes later I exploded deep in her throat.

She kept her head all the way down, taking my cum straight down her throat. She slid up though for the last couple of shots, taking them on her tongue. When I'd finished, she sat up smiling. She opened her mouth then, so I could see my cum on her tongue. Then with another smile, she closed her mouth and swallowed it all.

She crawled up my body then, laying right on top of me. My ear was by her mouth, and I heard her whisper, "You taste good big brother."

"Thank you." I wanted to know some things then. It was time for a talk.

"Tell me something. You're amazing at this, but what else do you want to try?"

"Why do you ask Chris?"

"Because you remind me of someone. Remember that girl I used to date? Her name was Sue."

"Oh yeah. I remember the stories I heard about her."

"Did you know? Well, I can tell you from experience. They're all true. Sue would do anything.

And I mean anything."

Leslie leaned up, looking me right in the eye. "Really? She'd do it all?"

"And more. I found that out one night."

"I've got to hear this story. What did she do?"

I was hard again, just remembering it. "One night right after fucking her, she wanted to go again.

So I was on top, sliding my cock into her mouth."

Leslie nodded. "Why don't you show me instead?"

So we switched positions. I knelt over her, feeding her my cock "That's when I decided to try something more."

I pulled out of my sister’s mouth, and started stroking my cock over her face.

"I like this. What did she do then?"

"That's when I felt her tongue on my balls."

Leslie didn't even hesitate. I felt that tongue of hers exploring my balls, gently teasing and licking them. "She didn't stop there though."

"And what was next?"

"I felt her scoot down a couple of inches, then her tongue slid into my ass."

Leslie's eyes widened, and her tongue went back to my balls. Then I felt her move, and her tongue slipped into my ass.

I stopped everything then. The feeling was amazing, but I was going to shoot all over her face then, and there was no way I wanted to do that.

Leslie was smiling at me. "Now that was interesting!"

"Tell me what interests you. What do you want to experiment with?"

"Anything and everything big brother. I want to try it all. Nothing turns me off, so far anyway."

"Be specific."

"Ok. I want to do it gently. And I really want to try rough sex. The rougher the better."

I was laying next to her, so my fingers went to her nipple, pinching it hard. I pulled out slowly away from her body, rolling my fingers forward as I did.

"Like that?"

"That was perfect! I use clothespins on them sometimes when I'm in the mood."

"Very nice!"

"I want to fuck everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, and even in public. I want to be fucked everywhere too, even my ass."

Now that was tempting. "Oh really? Hand me that little tube on my dresser, will you?"

She was on that side, so she did. "What is it?"

"Lube. Let's do it right now. Ready to lose your virginity?"

She nodded excitedly. So I lubed up my cock and her tight little ass. And the fun began.

She threw her legs over me. I was laying on my side, so my cock was right where it needed to be.

"Now, guide me in. And do it slowly."

The head of my cock popped into her tight ass, and she froze. "Oh my God."

I nodded. "Take it really slow, and relax. It hurts less that way."

She did, slowly taking inch after inch into that hot little ass until I felt my hips right up against her.

"Now take a minute or two. Get used to it. Start moving when your feel like it, ok?"

I reached down to play with her clit, teasing her as she got used to my shaft in her ass. Finally she started moving slowly, sliding up and down my length.

My fingers were covered with pussy juice, and I reached up, smearing it all over her nipples. She was gasping as she took my length again and again. I started moving faster, plunging into her a bit harder then. She reached down and grabbed her tits then, squeezing them as I watched.

I ran my soaking wet fingers over her nipples again and said, "Suck those nipples clean."

She did, sucking them right into her mouth. That was all I could take. The sight of that and her formerly virgin ass combined to make me cum again.

That load went deep inside her, and she moaned as she felt the hot cum filling her up. Finally after pumping my second load of the night into her, I slowly pulled out.

My sister turned to me and surprised me by leaning over and sucking my cock clean. When she'd finished, she looked up and smiled at the look on my face.

"What's the matter? Didn't Sue ever go ass to mouth?"

I shook my head no. As she got up to leave I asked her, "Up for more adventures tomorrow?"

She smiled and nodded, leaving me alone to plan the next day’s fun.

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