After My Motor Cycle Accident: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Ok maybe we’re on to something here,” She said with a pondering look on her face as she leaned in and kissed the tip of my cock!

“I thought Karen was already sexually active, especially when I saw her prescription birth control pills on her night stand!”

“Bob, what do you say if between me and Karen, we sucked you off a couple of times each day. . . maybe that would help stop these free flowing cum attacks!”

So starting that very day, mother sucked me off that afternoon and then that evening! The next morning I woke up to Karen sucking my cock.

“Just lay still Bobby!” She moaned, “I can’t believe mother has given me permission to openly suck you off, I mean how wild is this!” said Karen. With that she went back to her somewhat professional blow job as mother walked in.

“Thanks Karen, I was sleeping in this morning dear!” Mother shared!

Well so much a good plan, by 11am I had more cum in my shorts again and it was mothers turn to change me! Once she had me all cleaned up, she said, “Bob, maybe you need help more often, I mean it has only been 3 hours since Karen got you off!” Totally to my surprise, mother got her fingers wet and then worked a couple into my asshole!

“Bob I’m going to try a technique that worked well on your father years ago!” She started rubbing against my prostate as she began giving me a hand job!

Although I had just cum, sure enough I felt my balls begin to constrict and I guess so did she. She continued working my prostate and took my cock into her mouth just as cum stated to shoot, and I mean shoot! No dribble or just running out but a real solid ejaculation!

“Well done Bobby, she said, “I hope this holds you now for a while!” The rest of the day went ok but that evening mother went over to Helens house to play cards. When it came time for my shower and dressing change Karen was acting a little strange!

I couldn’t think of what else she had up her sleeve! As soon as we were both naked and in the shower, she began shampooing my hair. Of course I had my eyes close to protect them against the soap but with the rinse off I saw Terri and Barbara standing outside the shower glass with their phone cameras aimed right at us!

“Oh stand still Bobby!” Karen yelled! “They just didn’t believe me about all that was happening over at our house! No sooner than Karan finished speaking to me, Terri stripped and got in the shower with us! Leaving me just standing here naked, Barbara moved in to get a close up of Karen and Terri kissing and finger fucking each other! I thought about just getting out when she switched from Karen to me and on her knees Terri sucked my cock into her mouth and quickly pushed a couple of fingers into my asshole, pumping in and out of me!

“Thought you might like a little change up Bobby my dear; Terri’s boyfriend enjoys her milking his cock, he is sort of a submissive boy!” Said with a laugh! “Come to think of it, I’m thinking so are you!!!!”

“For sure for sure,” Yelled Barbara as she had put down her phone camera stripped and joined us in the shower. She dropped to her knees I thought to taking over my blow job, she instead she mashed her face into Karen’s pussy and was fucking her asshole just like Barbara was fucking mine! What I didn’t know was that Barbara brought her phone with her to make a selfie of her going down on Karen’s sweet tasting pussy!

I watched Karen grab her head and cry out while cumming! Then Barbara took over for Terri and started pushing God knows how many fingers into my now quite sore asshole!

“Come on Bobby,” Karen said, now outside, still naked aiming her phone camera at the three of us, “This will be the money shot, trust me!” With Barbara fucking my asshole quite rapidly and Terri still sucking my cock I finally felt my orgasm crash over my body . . . again a giant amount of cum shout out!

“Bobby bobby bobby,” I began to hear Karen yelling at me! “My God, you fainted and collapsed on to the shower floor!” She told me. “You have been out for over 30 minutes hell I thought you were dead!

“Shit Bobby, laying there cum flowed out of you twice more and you started peeing like you hadn’t peed in days!” Terri shared!

“Bobby I know mother said that using a diaper was a total mess but with everything happening, you need it back on, I mean what is going on big brother!” Karen all but cried!

The three of them helped my stand back up and then washed my cum and pee covered body. No additional blow jobs once back on my bed, but they just did get my clean diaper on when mother walked in on us all!

“Karen, what in the world is going on?” She asked seeing Karen, Terri and Barbara all naked as the day they were born! “You girls get dresses right this minute!” Mother told them, “I’ll finish up with Bob!” I watched the girls gather up their clothes and run out of the bathroom!

“Mother none of this was my idea, I mean yes Karen was in the midst of helping me with my evening shower and as she chooses to do she was fully naked, but I swear I never ever touched her, never!” I swore to mother!

Karen stepped into the bedroom when she heard mother call out for her! “Karen I need your help with Bob!” Mother said. “He told me he feels like to needs to poop so you have a choice, you can either help him on the toilet right now or clean up his poopy diaper later, which is it going to be girl!” Mother told her!

“No diaper changing for me please!” She replied. So helping back to the bathroom they dropped my diapers, and then helped me set down on the toilet.

“Karen it was your turn this evening, so you finish the job, and do his medicine and bandages right!” Mother told her.

Mother left the bathroom and caught up with the girls setting in the Living Room. “Alright young ladies what all went on this evening?” Mother demanded! Barbara opened her phone, started the video and handed it to mother! Later I heard Terri telling Karen.

“Your mother sat there watching the video and when she got to the part of the video where I started eating your pussy she actually yanked up her dress, spread her legs, pushed her panties aside and started finger fucking herself . . . right in front of us!” Barbara told Karen!

“I couldn’t help myself Karen,” Terri shouted, “I moved between you mother’s legs and started eating her pussy! She grabbed my head and all but smothered me before I felt her cum flowing into my mouth!

“God Karen between you, your brother and your mother, I mean what a family you are blessed with!” Barbara shared!

That night Karen and I went to chat with mother in her bedroom. Mother grabbed us both and hugged us harder than ever before!

“Children, I am so ashamed of myself, I mean to abuse myself in front of your friends and then allow Terri to eat my pussy to orgasm, what in the world must you two think of me?” Mother asked!

“Mother Karen and I have talked and we both understand and want you to understand that all of this sexual epics only occurred because of my stupid accident!” I told her.

As I was speaking Karen pushed up mother’s night shirt and took one of her breast in her hands and then a nipple into her mouth! I could see that mother had closed her eyes, so I finished telling her that we thought the three of us should show each other all the love that we feel and do that often! Saying this I pushed mother’s legs apart and dove into her hairy pussy!

She had much more pussy hair that Karen, but this being the first pussy I’ve ever tasted, it was amazing! Quite quickly I felt Karen pushing a couple of fingers into mother’s pussy and that actually opened her up more than before! Mother began to cry out and buck as she let loose her cum into my mouth. Karen pushed me aside and finished sucking the remaining cum from mother’s pussy!

The three of us slept together from then on, and that next night I felt either mother or Karen pushed back against me and line up my cock with their pussy! I never found out which one of them was fucking me, but my first fuck was equally amazing!

Mother wasn’t quite as happy when Terri or Barbara would stop by. She didn’t seem to mind the blow jobs as much as she minded Terri climbing onto of me and riding my cock to orgasm! She always sucked me clean, so no mess left!

But when Barbara stopped by she on the other hand pushed my cock into her asshole and road me hard! A couple of times, she turned around to clean up my cock, but got poop on the couch! Mother wasn’t happy for sure!

Karen and I continued to exchange sexual favors even after I had healed and my casts came off! Actually thins got even better since I could do more. Mother and I continue to take our showers together and quite often I slide my wet cock into her pussy and take her right there!

With both Karen and mother being on prescription birth control pills all has been good, well that is so far . . . but trust me life is good!

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