After My Motor Cycle Accident: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

After I had my motor cycle accident, my recovery has been complicated on several levels! When the doctors said they would release me, it was depending upon someone staying with my full time, giving me care for my medicines, my dressing and my toilet assistance.

My helmet did its job and saved me from any head or brain injuries, but my leather jacket and pants failed big time as I slide along the pavement face down. I received deep cuts over 60% of front of my body, along with two broken wrists. So casts on both wrists and ten bandages requiring changing on a daily basis.

Among all these seeming major injuries, the one that baffled the doctors the most was my involuntary penis and testicle spasms! To all of their surprises, without any notice or forewarning, and without any kind of an erection, I would fall into an uncontrolled ejaculation that varied in volume and length. If that wasn’t strange enough, none of the doctor had a clue what if any medicine might treat my strange illness!

Living at home, first up to offer me help was my mother Susan. She is so sweet and besides being so loving and kind to me she is a total knockout! Totally fit, with 36c breasts, all natural, and a so sexy bubble butt that would never stay still when she was walking.

Shortly after arriving home, mother tried to establish some sort of routine. Mother told me that each evening she would change and treat all of my bandages including cleaning of course, new medication and of course fresh bandages reapplied. As for my bathing, she said that a shower would of course work the best and she would cover each of my wrists with plastic bags taped into place and do her best to wash my body with medicated soap and rinse me with the hand wand. Finally for helping me with my toilet needs she offered two options, the first was for me to ask for help each and every time it was required or I could wear diapers, my choice!

“Well mother,” I responded, “Normally I wouldn’t prefer either, but in this case I would not prefer to be back in diapers! But while these are all great plans, I do need to pee at this time please.”

“Well then let the games begin!” She said with a smile! With that we went into her master bathroom where she pulled down my sweats and my shorts. “Do you want to try to just aim it or do you want me to help you aim?”

“Trust me mother, it works much better if you help me aim my pee in the correct direction!” I responded. So she knelt next to me and took a hold of my cock as I began to pee.

“Bob, your already half naked, let’s go ahead and get you a full shower and begin with all clean bandages!” Mom shared. She pulled my tee shirt over my head and left my standing there bare assed, alone! “Ok, I have the plastic bags the hospital provided to best cover your wrists!”

I watched as mother covered both of my wrists, and then as if she had to figure out the next step, she smiled and told me, “Ok, so you have seen me in my bikini before so my bra and panties will be the same.”

We both walked into her large shower and she first washed my hair, and then started with my back, legs and front, I assume leaving my cock and balls for the last! She tried standing in front of me, but once she got a hold my cock, she made direct eye contact with me and told me this wouldn’t work! I watched her knell down in front of me and taking both hands she began to wash my cock with one hand and my balls with the other!

“Bob, we both know you’re getting and erection, this is normal, so let me finish up and all will be good!” She told me. Sure enough by the time she was rinsing me off, my proud boy was standing tall at its full 8”. Mom got me dried off and then she and we headed for my room. She had me lie on my bed and she began applying the medical crème to my deep cuts.

As she began rubbing the medicine on my thighs she was greeted with my first load of cum. Soft at this moment, my cock was hanging to the left a little, which aligned with her face.

“Oh my God Bobby . . . oh my god . . . oh my!” Mother yelled as she tried to move out of the way, but the damage had been done and her face had one large string of cum across it and her breasts had two cum strings hanging from them!

“I am so sorry mother,” I told her. “I knew this was a bad idea of you caring for me!” She began laughing as she got up and went towards the desk to grab some tissues. What mother didn’t know is the dresser mirror on the side of my room was at the perfect angle showing me her taking one hand, getting cum from her face and breasts, and quickly sucking it off her fingers!

“Bob, so that’s over,” She said. As she finished cleaning cum from her face and breasts! Mother continued as if getting hit with a load of cum was as natural as breathing! She got all the new bandages on me then grabbed a clean pair of sweats and a tee shirt and we were off to the kitchen for dinner.

A few days later, mother had her own doctor’s appointment so she asked my sister to stay home and help me until she returned. We were watching TV when I told her I had an accident and needed some help.

“What’s wrong Bob,” She asked me. So I told her that I had cum in my shorts and needed to be cleaned up. Karen and I walked to her bathroom where she helped get my sweats off and my shorts, now quite wet! Without saying a word, she began cleaning my cock and of course he started to get hard.

“Oh my Bobby,” Karen said, “I was afraid of this, you know I used to take peeks at you when I could trying to see you naked big brother, but my God . . . your huge!”

She finally got me all clean again and no sooner got me back into my shorts when I told her maybe I should pee while we’re in the bathroom. Now in front of the toilet, Karen pulled my shorts back down and without asking took a hold of my cock and aimed it perfectly as my pee began to flow!

Laughing again Karen said, “You know Bobby I could make a few dollars from my girlfriends if I were to take some pictures of me holding you cock, pissing none the less!”

“Let’s just get this done before things get any worse!” I told her. She shook my cock once I finish peeing, and I didn’t have the nerve to ask her how she knew to do that. We returned to the Living Room and it wasn’t that long before mother returned home only to tell us that Aunt Betty was quite sick and she needed to go help her.

“Karen, be a sweetheart and continue to care for your brother till I can get back here to take over again!” Mother asked.

That evening Karen told me it was time for my shower and off we went. We used mother’s shower again because of its size! Unlike mother, as soon as she had me naked and the bandages off of me, she too stripped and right there in front of my I saw my little sister in all her glory!

“Bobby don’t tell me you didn’t want to see me naked, and what the hell, how else am I to help you in the shower . . . right?” She asked. Like mother, she washed everywhere else first leaving my cock and balls for last! “Ok big brother, let’s get you hardware all clean."

I was already erect and the second she took a hold of him, cum started shooting! I couldn’t believe it when I watched Karen instantly push her open mouth over my cock and take all my hot cum into her mouth! She kept my cock in her mouth until I had finished and with a good solid suck she cleaned my cock off with no cum to be seen anywhere but her lips!

“Wow that was great Bobby,” She said, “Another Kodak moment lost to the times of history!”

“Karen, don’t you dare tell mother or anyone else what you just did, you shouldn’t have done that, I mean . . . eer . . . little sisters aren’t supposed to suck their big brother’s cock let alone well, you know . . .”

“What swallow down your cum?” God Bobby she said, “I’m not that young that I don’t know how to suck cock, shit. I’ll care for you anytime mother needs my help!”

On my second week home being cared and things had become quite normal, I mean as much as they can for me being naked in front of my mother or my little sister! For a couple of days mother made me try out diapers because my free flowing cum seemed to happened multiple times a day and the mess was more than she wanted to deal with. That ended on that second day when I pooped in them and mother had quite the time getting it all off my butt cheeks! She finally took me to the shower, midday, very much out of the standard order of her Care Procedures and soaped my down to finally wash the smashed poop off and out of all my body hair!

She had me on my bed, just finished redressing my wounds. She had me stand and as she was pulling my shorts up my cum released again but this time instead of allowing it to continue all over her, she, like Karen, quickly took my cock into her mouth and allowed me to finish. She started sucking on my cock; hell like a regular blow job! I started to complain when she held up her left hand as in telling me just to wait and let her finish!

“Bob, please don’t misunderstand what I just did son, I mean yes I sucked on my cock, but I only did that so I didn’t have even a bigger mess to clean up!” She told me with a small smile on her lips!

“But mother now you and Karen have BOTH sucked my . . .” Oh shit what did I just share with her!

“Karen . . ., Bob you’re the eldest, you shouldn’t have allowed that to happen!” She all but screamed! “I was afraid that something might happen when I let her care for you in my absence! You have to promise me that you won’t allow that to happen ever again Bob, promise me!”

“Mother it wasn’t like I planned it, I mean just as you did once it started coming out she too quickly, without any notice, took my cock into her mouth, but mother she didn’t suck on it like you just did!” I said, all the while with mother still on her knees, with my shorts around my knees, and my cock still aimed at her face!

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