African Fantasy

by Anonymous (New Jersey)

Hubby and I watched a porn movie from the 80’s. It was called Indiana Joan And The Temple Of Poon. It was about a family who went on a safari in Africa. They run into natives and the father is killed.

The mother and daughter are taken to a hut. The Chief and a native man both fuck the mother and daughter. The mom is telling the daughter don’t fight it they’re big black cocks feel so good inside you.

The Chief and the native both fuck the mother and now it’s the daughter’s turn. They’re used as sex slaves and that’s the end of the movie.

I get so wet watching this that I can’t wait for hubby to fuck me. I tell him I wish that was me.

He pulls out of me and says why I’m not good enough for you. I tell him don’t be so stupid. How many times have I’ve not been able to walk after you’ve fucked me.

It’s just a fantasy. I tell him I would love for the Chief to sink his huge black cock inside me. I also tell hubby I would also love to be their sex slave.

Hubby puts his cock back inside me and says tell me more. I tell him yes I would love for all the natives to take turns fucking me. I’ve always loved black cock ever since I had my first one.

OMG am cumming all over hubby’s big cock. I tell hubby I would love to be tied up on a bed and fucked by as many of native black cocks as I could handle.

Hubby is fucking me so hard and deep that I’m going to cum again. I tell hubby cum inside me like the Chief and the natives did. I want all your cum give it to me.

Hubby shoots a big load of cum and pulls his cock out of me and says now clean it off like you did the Chief’s. I suck the rest of his cum out of his cock and he’s still hard.

Hubby rolls me over and says did you let the Chief and the natives fuck you in the ass. I tell him all they wanted was my pussy. Hubby asks would you have let them.

I say yes and hubby pushes his cock inside my ass. He fucking my ass hard and deep and I know when he cums inside my ass, I will explode with pleasure.

I turn to hubby and say fuck me in my ass Chief, give me your big black cock. Hubby hearing that cums deep in my ass and I cum so hard.

Hubby again makes me clean his cock. We’re laying in bed, so I ask when are we going to Africa to fulfill my fantasy?

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