Affairs of the Mom and Son Kind

by Ron (OR)

“Ohhh …Ohhh … Honey … this feels so good. It’s nice of you to do this with your mom,” Brenda breathed with sexual passion.

“It’s great doing it with you mom,” Josh said as he slid his hard dick in and out of her vagina with repeated strokes. For a boy, of course, it was very exciting and special to get to fuck his own mom.

His boner was so stiff in her as it speared again and again into her wet female depths to thrill her.

“Oh, honey, I’m going to come!” she gasped.

Brenda put her head back on the pillow and let her release happen, feeling the overwhelming energy being released from between her legs.


For Josh it was so exciting to fuck his mom while she was climaxing and achieving her raw sexual release.

“Yeah, mom …” he said, encouraging her culmination of being fucked. “Yeah! Yeah!”

She gasped. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh …”

Her naked body was writing beneath his.

“Oh, Josh! You feel so good in me! Just fuck me!”

“I’m fucking you, mom!” he said as he gave her every inch of his rigid male organ. “I’m going to fuck my sperm into you!”

“Oh, yes! Yes!” she begged, desperately wanting him to ejaculate in her to make it complete.

Josh felt the semen surge from his boner, filling his mom’s vagina with his male liquid.

“Uh! Uh! Uhhhh!” Josh groaned as his penis throbbed unrelentingly.

They both sighed as the moment peaked and passed, leaving them momentarily exhausted.

His mom looked up, rewarding him with a pleased smile and he smiled back in the same way.

“I know that we shouldn’t be doing this together,” she said. “But it’s so special for a mother to be able to do this with her son.”

“It’s special for a sin to be able to do it with his mom,” Josh told her.

“I can’t believe that we’ve only been doing this for a month, and already I don’t ever want to stop,” she confessed unashamedly.

“I don’t want to stop doing it with you either, mom.”

His mom had been divorced from his father for just a little over a year. During that time he often stopped by to see his mom, and the closeness that they had always shared just seemed to present itself in a new and quite desirable way. The allure of their being intimate had been both a teasing and compelling one.

Finally, in an incautious moment, they had fucked and it had been so wonderful doing that together. Neither had ever experienced anything quite like that before. For a boy to have his penis in his own mother’s vagina was so intensely personal and so significant.

“Oh, Josh … this is so wonderful,” Brenda said.

“It is,” Josh agreed, as he laid there with his penis still in her vagina, his sperm now once more in her, making them as close as they could be.

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