Adventure Time at the Nursing Home: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

The next thing I felt was his groin hair pushing against my face . . . and his cock pushing now deeper into my throat!

“Tyrone,” Deshawn called out, “You see them man? Our boy Bob is the real thing . . . I mean he is the cock sucker supreme boy!” Get some pics of this boy! You know get him on film for all the world to see . . . for sure!”

I saw Tyrone from the corner of my eye lean over the table and begin using his cell phone to snap picture after picture of a giant black cock . . . my second one . . . slamming in and out of my mouth!

“You know Deshawn,” Tyrone continued, “Hell I’m going to make us a video movie showing just what a pussy boy little Bob here is . . . out own white slut pussy boy!”

I lost track of Tyrone as I felt a new load of man cum flowing down my throat! This time if seemed like it was gallons of it! My god, this man can cum and cum he did. Not only was it pushing out around my lips BUT I felt it now running out of my nose! Just how much cum does it take to push cum out of a boy’s nose?

Deshawn pulled his cock out of my throat and then my mouth leaving a trail of cum on my face and now running down the front of my shirt!

“Hell boy,” Tyrone said walking around now next to me, “I want me some of your white pussy boy mouth!” Just like Deshawn Tyrone drove his black cock into my mouth. I was well lubed up for him so his entry was made easy. He had my head by both of his hand fucking me like nothing I could believe!

It sure didn’t take Tyrone very long before he too was pumping his hot black man cum down my throat! Just like Deshawn it pushed out around my lips and out my nose . . . again! But unlike Deshawn he left his cock in my mouth slowly pumping in and out!

“You know Deshawn, “Tyrone said, “Old man Todd was right. Our little white boy Bob here is going to give us a lot of fun and he is even going to make us a lot of money!

I soon found out what these two Orderlies were talking about! The very next time I worked I was taken to an empty room, stripped and laid across a bed that was setting in the middle of the room.

Tyrone stood in front of me with his cock ready to push into my waiting mouth. I then felt someone push some KY into my asshole and then push the cock into my ass! My god this cock was big and oh how it was hurting me! Just as I began to yell out Tyrone pushed his black cock fully into my mouth shutting me up!

While all of my fucking was going on I heard yet another man telling them what great pictures he was getting of this little white pussy boy and agreeing just how much money they could make selling these movies online! I can see the movie titles now! WHITE PUSSY BOY GETS FUCKED!

As he continued commenting about all the money they were going to make I felt my ass rapper push his cum deep into my ass and then pull out. Just as I began to wonder if Tyrone was going to empty his cum down my throat I felt another cock push into me . . .this time spreading my asshole and my spinster open even further!

Who is this monster? I wondered just as Tyrone spoke up.

“So Bob you sissy fuck,” He said, “How do you like old man Todd’s cock up your ass boy? You knew he was big holding him with both hands and now you know just how that large of a cock feels fucking you boy pussy! Once hard Todd’s cock is just shy of 14” boy! And before he is done today he is going to bury it completely inside of your pussy Bob!”

Old man Todd continued to fuck me ass giving me no mercy! I had never felt any pain in my life like I was feeling right now! It felt like someone was shoving their arm up my ass . . . just breaking me in for my new life to come!

Tyrone finally shot his cum down my throat and pulled his long black cock out of my mouth! I prayed no one else would take his place. Sure enough he continued standing in front of me when I felt his hot wet piss shooting out against my face!

As if it couldn’t get any worse he pushed his cock back into my mouth and continued pissing down my throat! Just like his cum before his piss was being forced out around my lips and was again flowing out of my nose!

I guess these men were done with me today as one by one they left this fuck room! I was still lying across the bed feeling and tasting their piss and cum that was still flowing out of my body!

When I finally came back to work the following week I was greeted by Old man Todd!

“Bob,” He began, “So good to see that you came back here! Some of your new friends were afraid you wouldn’t but I knew you had to come back to embrace your new found love of being a little white sissy boy! So tell me Bob, just what do you want to happen while you are here each day?”

I wasn’t sure just how to answer but knew I just had to tell him the truth!

“Mr. Todd,” I began, “I don’t fully understand it but you are correct. I really enjoyed getting to suck the big black cocks that are available to me here! The taste of your strong black cock was amazing. Your black man cum tasted like good food to me and feeling the monster cocks filling my ass was also amazing! Once I got home I shit for a couple of days . . . each time still seeing the remains of cum in the toilet! I have no idea sir what I would do if I couldn’t service all of the men here each and everyday . . . oh please let me be the white sissy pussy boy you have turned me into . . . please!”

“Well Bob I can tell you,” Mr. Todd began, “I can guarantee you all the black cock you can sucking my boy! All the black man cum you could every dream of . . . and of course the warm sweet piss you seem to enjoy too! But there is more now that your back my boy.”

With that Old man Todd led me to my special room again and this time he told me to lie on my fuck bed on my back. I was no sooner naked and on my back when I saw the largest black butt cheeks coming down on my face! Beside the blackness I you see . . . hell I could smell the nastiest hairy pussy I have ever seen in my life! Even my mom’s and my aunt’s nasty panties never . . . ever smelled . . . or tasted this nasty!

“That’s it my poor little white boy,” She said, “Just keep licking my hair pussy. I haven’t washed this bitch in a week and trust me at least 7 different men fucked me dumping their cum there too!” While I was licking her juices began to flow and I soon realized that along with her pussy juices she was letting out her piss too!

“You are good boy, I just knew you would be a total white boy toilet! Tell me Todd just how good do you think your new white pussy boy is as a sissy toilet?”

No sooner had she spoke those words when I felt her shift to her asshole over my mouth! God was it dirty . . . hell I mean shitty! She sure hadn’t washed her asshole either this last week! With those thoughts just gone I felt her begin to push down and then I felt a turd push against my lips.

“Come my little boy toilet,” She began commanding, “Eat my shit boy . . . eat it all or there will be hell to pay! My girl Latifa has a sharp knife and she is ready to cut your little white balls right off . . . I mean gone boy!”

I got that turd into my mouth no sooner than I felt a second turd pushing out of her black asshole! What was this women doing . . . and why! By the time she was pushing out her third turd I heard her talking again!

“Tyrone are you getting my toilet boy . . . my little shit eater on film . . . I mean nice and clear and the close ups too?” At that moment she had lifted her black ass cheeks up just enough to show her forth turd coming out of her asshole and ready to move into her new little boy toilet mouth!

“Yes mama Mo’Nique,” Tyrone answered, “Your beautiful shit being dumped into Bob’s toilet mouth is as clear as if it was up front on the alter at church! I can’t believe that our sissy fuck boy Bob actually chewing on your turds and chocking them down! Hell . . . give him some more girl . . . this white boy can’t seem to get enough of his new black queen’s holly black shit!

“Todd,” she replied, “You are so right! We’ve never stood to make so much money as we are going to make using pussy boy Bob! All the movies of him being BLACKED by the studs in this building and the pictures and movies of him as a new on the scene White Boy Toilet will sell like hot cakes! Make sure you get ahold of all the Police and Firemen around for miles letting them know they have a new Pay For Fucking Pussy Boy available for them. Let’s say for a great deal of only $50 a shot!”

“Bob,” Todd began to speak again, “You now have a totally new life my boy! You will live here now . . . having your own room. Between me and Mo’Nique will ensure you are kept busy and believe me . . . you will get ALL the black cum . . . I bet even some white cum to keep you full as a tick boy! We may even have to put you in diapers to catch all the cum that will be flowing out of your sissy boy pussy!

Mo’Nique finally completed her toilet and slid off my face! I was still lying there on my back trying my best to finish eating all of her nasty shit when someone grabbed my penis and slipped something around it!

“Enjoy your new little boy Cock Cage you’ll be kept locked up in! You can beg to be let out . . . you know to obtain an erection . . . but it will cost you little white boy! Any trust me your new diet from my Queen Bowels will keep you as healthy as you have ever been in your life . . . so far!”

“Todd,” She then spoke, “You got the Extra Strong Estrogen Hormone Shots right? I can wait to see her new breasts begin to grow! That will give us yet another movie stream showing our little sissy boy dresses up in her new panties and her breasts standing out for the world to see!”

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