Adventure Time at the Nursing Home: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I needed to earn some extra money so I got a second job working at a Nursing Home. My job was pretty straight forward as I was to keep the home in good order and deal with any complaints the residents might have.

I soon found that some of the older men were the main complainers sometimes mouthing off about anything that would get them some one on one time with another person!

Old man Todd, age 75, was their major complainer so I wanted to make him happy. He wasn’t happy with his bed saying it was too hard and lumpy! Once I got to his room I began to feel around on his mattress.

“Here here,” Todd said, “You’re in the wrong place, feel over here!” As I moved my hand in the direction Todd had told me I came upon his cock! I couldn’t believe it . . . I’ve seen other cocks before but Todd’s was like a real live monster!

“Go ahead,” Todd instructed, “Get a good holds of him . . . show me you know what to do with a large black cock boy!”

This was truly fanatic! His cock was so long and . . . well I had to use both hands to hold him! I was really impressed with how warm it felt and how I could move it around being that it wasn’t yet hard!

“Bob,” Todd spoke, “You’re doing a good job boy. Keep stroking him. I can tell he likes you boy! Go ahead boy give him a kiss . . . you know on his head boy . . .now!”

I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t completed my first week of work . . . it was the middle of the afternoon . . . well at least I had shut his room door when I came in!

So had Todd had instructed I began kissing he large black cock head. It was leaking so much pre-cum it only seemed natural to lick it off!

“My god boy!” Todd began moaning, “You’re really good at this. Stop teasing me and suck him into your mouth . . . do it now boy!”

Before I knew it I had sucked his large cock head into my mouth . . . pushing back some of the foreskin. Right now my mouth was so full . . . I mean my jaw was wide open! Besides that his pre-cum was now flowing down my throat! Never in my young life had I ever sucked a cock before!

Sure I had touched some of my friend’s penises growing up . . . I mean all boys do . . . don’t they? But I had never touched . . . hell or even had a cock in my mouth before . . . ever!

Old man Todd’s cock not only felt good in my mouth but he tasted good too! Even the large foreskin tasted good . . . you know sort of cheesy and it felt somewhat strange sliding back and forth over his large black cock head!

It took a while but Todd’s cock began to get harder! It felt like a snake moving around while I still was holding him with both of my hands!

“That’s it boy!” Todd almost yelled, “Don’t stop . . . keep stroking him boy!” I continued as Todd was commanding when I felt his hands on my head. Todd forced his monster black cock deeper into my mouth and then started shooting his man cum down my throat! It was flowing down my throat and spraying out around my lips! I couldn’t believe how much cum . . . held just how many shot he was forcing into me!

“My god Bob,” Todd continued now, “You my boy are one of the best cock suckers I have ever come across in my entire life! You and I are going to get along just fine boy!”

I finally pulled his cock out of my mouth . . . drooling cum and split all the way! My eyes to running with tears but when I thought to rub them away I realized I was still stroking his cock . . . still with both of my hands! His monster cock felt so good in my hands I guess I just didn’t want to let him go!

“Bob,” Todd sort of nodded at me, “You my boy did a great job! I hadn’t cum that hard in a long time! Hell even my old white friend Mike doesn’t suck cock as good as you boy!”

Finally I let go of Mr. Todd’s cock and stood up. “Please don’t tell anyone I sucked you . . . please! I’ve never done anything like this before . . . you have to believe me sir!”

“Bob don’t worry boy,” Todd assured me, “Your desire to suck cock here at the home is safe with me . . . well as safe as it is going to be boy! I have several friends that live here . . . hell even a couple of orderlies that work here too that go for their gay side every chance they get . . . you know sucking and fucking boy!”

“But I’m not gay Mr. Todd!” I almost yelled, “I have sex with women a lot . . . you know going out on dates . . . playing with each other . . . sucking and fucking together!” Even as I was trying to sharing news about my sexuality I found myself looking back down at Todd’s cock . . . still just laying out across the bed sheets . . . still glowing with wetness!

“Boy don’t try to tell me you’re not gay!” Todd was now commanding! “You sucked me off like a pro . . . a real pro cock sucker and that is what you are going to stay while you are here at the home boy! Now give him one last suck and then get the hell out of my room!”

Like Todd owned me I bent over taking his cock into my mouth again! This time his foreskin was fully over his cock head and was there for me to suck upon! I found myself sucking it over the cock head almost chewing on it then pushing it back with my tongue! His cock was still leaking fluids be it pre-cum again or just left over cum from before! Finally I pulled away and turned leaving Todd’s room.

I found myself in the break room drinking a soda when Orderly Deshawn walked in.

“You’re Bob right?” He asked. “You’re the new boy that started here this week right . . . right?”

I finally looked up from the table and saw Deshawn standing in front of me. He was a tall black man . . . I mean young man maybe 22 or so.

“Yes I am Bob and this is my third day working here.” I finally spit out. Without knowing why I just kept talking like my mind was on autopilot! “I was doing just fine when I ran into Old man Todd and he . . . well he was mean . . . oh never mind I don’t know what I am trying to say!”

After hearing this little ditty Deshawn left the break room and went to Mr. Todd’s room.

“So Todd,” Deshawn began, “You had your way with our new boy Bob did you? Got him to suck off your sweet black cock when he came into your room old man?”

“Yea man,” Todd replied, “That boy has a magic mouth! He got enough of my cock into his mouth that he got me off and drank down a good quart of me man cum . . . you know! He likes me foreskin . . . even my head cheese!”

“Dam Todd,” Deshawn began to yell, “You had better be careful old man. Bob may file sexual harassment charges against you for abusing him! Hell man he could get the cops in here question folks about any sexually activity going ons!

“Don’t worry man,” Todd exclaimed, “Our new boy Bob is going to be right at home here! He has a way with cocks and I mean he is going to be begging us to let him suck and fuck him all the time. Trust me this boy is hooked on black cock! Go ahead test him out Deshawn . . . just push you cock against his lily white lips and see what happens . . . I dare you man!”

Later that evening I was back in the break room again when Orderly Deshawn and another Orderly Tyrone walked in. Tyrone walked over and set down across the table from me. The next thing I knew Deshawn was standing right next to me and when I turned my head to check him out his black cock was right there . . . I mean right there hanging out of his pants . . . right there now against my lips!

“What the hell . . . “I started to speak when I felt him push his cock into my mouth!

Deshawn began to work his sweet black cock deeper and deeper into my mouth! This was unreal . . . I mean here I am sucking my second black cock all in the same day! Why was he doing this to me . . . why? Did I have a sign on my forehead telling everyone that I was a gay white boy ready to suck any black cock that came alone?

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