Accidental Encounter

by Jay Lore (New York)

I had been talking to and having phone sex with this girl for a couple of months.

She was very sexy and she loved when I shared my KINKY side. She said she was 30 and sent pics and it was time to meet.

We finally met for a nice romantic lunch and finally went back to her place.

She was cute, 5'5, about 140 with perky b's.

We were messing around and kissing. I lifted up her shirt and her breasts were perfect.

I sucked her nipples deeply and she loved it.

I stood up, pulled out my dripping 8 inch penis that was practically shooting precum.

I rubbed my cock against her nipples, getting them slick and wet. Once they were both covered, I kneeled down and hungrily licked them clean.

We headed up to her bed and started playing and wrestling, but she wouldn't let me touch her pussy.

So strange, I love to lick and taste pussy, but she wasn't having it, which was strange.

Suddenly she thrust her mouth down around my cock and started teasing my ass with her finger.

Just when I felt myself start to cum, I pulled out and aimed my cock at her lips. She kept her hungry mouth open. The first blast shot into her mouth, the second hit her chin. She opened up wider as I shot rope after rope of my milky seed.

She sucked my cock deep into her mouth sucking every little bit out.

She gave me a cum kiss which I barely resisted and held her close. She laid on my chest with my cum still on her face. She looked like an angel.

I fell asleep with a big smile and the hint of my own cum on my tongue.

I woke up a few hours later with her ass close to my face - she had long sweat pants on.

I started kissing her neck and robbing my cock against her ass. She slowly woke up and started pushing back against my cock.

Now all I could think about was eating her pussy. I flipped her over and told her I wanted to eat her pussy.

She said, "I can't." (WHY NOT?)

She told me I just didn't understand and I actually thought she must have a bad scar or something weird.

I told her whatever it was, it didn't matter, again and again.

Finally she slipped down her pants and her stunning eight inch cock sprang out from her pink panties.

Now I'm angry, I'm confused and very turned on.

I stared at her cock and it was literally the same as mine, maybe a little thicker.

Now I'm pissed, but my dick is rock hard and I want to fuck her mouth.

I straddle her face and force my cock in and started fucking her dirty whore mouth.

It felt good in a bad way, nice in her mouth, but I could hear her big cock slapping her stomach.

Now I'm thinking about her cock again. God Damnit!

I roll over and pull her on top of me. I force my dick into her ass. Her eyes pop wide open and it's so tight, my precum easing the path into her tight fucking hole.

Her tits are so perfect and she starts thrashing on it. Her cock is huge now and every time she bounces on my dick, it gets harder and keeps slapping up and down.

I yell at her, "jerk that fucking cock, make it shoot!"

As she gets closer to cumming, I realize I had to have it.

Keeping my daddy cock in her ass, I push her up so the tip is aimed at my mouth.

Spurts of precum pump out into my mouth and all over my lips with my cock still buried in her asshole.

I gag and slurp and suddenly I felt a Hot Shot hit me right in the back of my throat. I can't believe how hard it hit me.

He semen fills my mouth while I ravage her asshole. Her gush of cum fills my mouth.

I swallowed and swallowed and gagged and spit when I thrust my hips up.

My cock blows deep into her fucking battered hole. It pumps and pumps and she can't get enough. I keep fucking her as my semen drips out of her ass and down my balls. I fuck harder, not wanting the sensation to end.

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