Abused By Lesbians

by John

My sister is gay. She has a live in significant other. They are both bigger women. My sister told me her friend would like a little different fun and she thought I would be the one to enjoy it. I thought she meant her friend wanted sex with a man and it turned me on. I didn't know but what she wanted was to dominate a man. I went to my sister's house and she opened the door in a robe and told me to come in. Her friend was in a robe also and when I came in the room she undid the belt and let it fall open to the floor.

She had big tits and a shaved pussy with a tattoo just above it of a flower. She said get out of your clothed NOW. I took off my clothes and was hard as they both looked at me. They said I was a little on the small size "about 6 1/2 inches hard." She reached down in a box and pulled out a penis shaped dildo complete with balls that was huge about 11 inches long with a girth to match.

My sister let her robe drop and was also shaved with the same tattoo. Her friend told me to lay on the floor and then had my sister sat on my face, facing toward my feet, it was her ass in my face not her pussy and her friend told me lick that hole Now. I started licking and sticking my tongue in her ass hole as she pushed it against my face.

Her friend sat between my legs with my ass in her lap facing my sister as they kissed each other. They were both reaching down pulling on my dick and balls. So far so good but then things changed. My sister reached down and pulled my legs up so my ass was in the air. She said Sue here's his ass show him what you are going to do. She reached down and rubbed my ass cheeks and then started running her fingers up and down my ass.

She said eat your sister's ass and make her feel good and maybe I won't hurt you. Then she took a finger and shoved it in my ass. I didn't expect it and let out a sigh when she did as if I was making my sister's ass feel good that hurt. They both laughed and said they were just getting started.

Sue started rubbing something I think baby oil on my ass and said she was going to fuck me with the big dildo they had showed me. I couldn't say anything I could hardly breathe with eating my sister's ass. Sue started sliding oiled fingers in my ass. First one then two and three and then fingers from her other hand. They could both see my ass and Sue had fingers from both hands in my ass and pulling it open.

Then my sister said he looks ready to fuck to me and I felt the fingers pull out. Then the head of the dildo was against my ass pushing hard. It hurt but with the oil it slipped in and they said look he has it in balls deep. Then Sue started pumping it hard in my ass and my sister slid back and started fucking my face with her pussy. My dick was hard and I started liking what was going on.

My sister slid up off my face still holding my legs. My dick was right above my face and I could see the huge dick being pumped in and out off my ass. They said when you cum and shoot in your mouth we will pull out our dick. Sue kept pumping the dick in my ass with one hand and used the other to squeeze and pull my balls and pump my dick.

My sister held my legs so my dick was right above my face. They said tells us when you’re Cumming. I realized the pain and all was a turn on and I was going to cum and told them I was Cumming. They said open my mouth and use my hands to help pump my cum directly in my mouth and not a drop better be missed and to swallow every drop. I did what they said.

They kept pumping that dick in my ass at least five minutes more. Then they switched positions Sue on my face my sister at my ass and started the whole thing again. But Sue said I don't care if you cum so I'll sit on your face and you will eat me until I cum then we will see if we're done fucking you. My ass and cock hurt for days. I loved it. We have done the same thing twice since.

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