A Young Black Lover

by Anonymous

I'm 30yrs old and i m in great shape 34 c tits and firm nice ass and tight pussy.

I live in an apartment and one i noticed we had some new neighbors move in, a black family mom dad and 2 sons.

I met them as i was coming home from some shopping and they seemed very nice i noticed the one son eyeing me up a little but passed it off, a couple days later i had come home again from doing some grocery shopping and i noticed him eyeing me ask if i needed any help and i said sure.

I was wearing shorts and a top no bra , so he picked up the rest of the bags and followed me into my place. we chatted while i put away my stuff and i asked how old he was and he said he was 18 and he looked athletics and i smiled when he told me how nice i looked.

I went to put something on the bottom of the fridge and i felt his hand caress over my ass i moaned a little and said maybe we shouldn't at first as i stood up and i faced him and he smiled and kissed me.

After the door shut he kissed me again as he slid his hand between my legs and started gently playing with my pussy i was getting wet.

He then slid his hand under my top and played with my tits and he smiled as he led me out into the living room.

He had me get on my knees in front of him and he pulled out his 11"dick and i gasped ad smiled as i lifted it up and started sucking it.

After he cum in my mouth he had me get undressed as he did to and had me lay back on the couch and he eat my pussy and then we put a couple of pillows on the floor and i laid down and spread wide as he started to push his huge dick slowly into me.

He filled me up pushing past my cervix into my stomach and he slowly started fucking me, he smiled as he seen my tits jiggle some and he felt so wonderful deep inside of me and soon i felt his dick swell a little as he pushed deep inside and i felt a heavy hot load of his sperm inside of me.

He smiled as he said i m going to fuck you some more as his dick was still hard, he kept going as i moaned in pleasure un till he unloaded in me again. He pulled out and laid next to me and asked if he could fuck me regular and i said anytime.

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