A Virgin?

by Yani (Bahrain)

So this time I knew we had time, so I slowly sucked all the air out of Hamad’s lungs, recirculated it through mine, and took a deep breath in, as if all the other times had been practice runs.

It was kind of adorable, since he almost panicked.

“Look man, just submit. We can take turns here, but just give in to me for a minute. Really. Trust me.”

He looked at me, a bit in disbelief. But then he agreed to give in.

I sucked the air out of him, which was probably more than I anticipated, since the dude had a healthy set of lungs. But I wasn’t exactly out of shape myself, so once I knew he felt empty, I slowly breathed in, and delivered him full lungs of fresh mountain air.

We actually fell in sync for a bit, until he pushed me back.

“How the fuck did you learn this shit? I thought you were a virgin?”

I looked deep into his beautiful searching eyes. “You probably won’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

“It’s all you. I’ve barely done anything sexual in my whole, life until I knew you really wanted me in yours.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I love submitting to you, man. I mean, I really, really love submitting to you. It’s kind of scared me all week. But I can’t get enough of you. Your cock goes into me, and I know I need it, as deep as it will go. So every time you send me any kind of invitation, I do my best to go with it, as far as it possibly leads me.”

“You’re really fucking serious?”

“I am. Your dick in my ass, your dick in my mouth, my tongue in your ass, you biting me, me biting you. It’s all you. I really have no idea how else to explain any of this. I do my best not to break down emotionally, almost all the time. I would never have dreamed any of this would be even half as wonderful as it is. I was always intimidated by how amazing I thought you were, but I never anticipated even half of this.”

“So you’re really not sore. At all? Anywhere?”

“Anywhere? Sure. My heart hurts. But only when I’m not as close to you as I could be. I’m a little bit terrified, to be honest. I know it makes no sense at all that I’m not sore. I’ve heard all the rumors. And honestly you have to be bigger than any of the rumors ever lead me to think you were. But I trust you. More than I’ve ever trusted anybody. In my whole life. And yes, it feels a bit crazy. Which is why I hold so tight at times. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”



“How the fuck did I ever get lucky enough to stumble into you.”

“Ok. So one more dumb one. I’m sure you didn’t.”


“Seriously. If anything was ever meant to be, how can it not be this? Fuck. You’re gonna make me cry again.”



“You really need to fuck me.”


“You can feel I’m sliding out of you. I really want to walk you through fucking me. I need you in me. Just like you need me in you. So just don’t eat my hole. Breed it. For both of us.”

Wow. Hamad was actually helping to make sure I was going to fuck him.

“But you don’t do that, do you?”

He actually laughed. “Hell no. But you’re not the only one whose trying to figure out how big this is. I’ve never experienced so many new things in such a short time in my entire life.”

He was so gorgeous.

“And you really need to release as much cum as you possibly can. Deep in my hole. This virgin stuff is over.”

As he coached me into getting hard. Coached me into sliding my hard dick deep into his hole.

“Now do that kissing thing again. I promise I’ll help. As you fill both my lungs, and my ass. Damn. I’ve never felt like this. Ever. And I don’t ever, ever want to stop feeling this way.”

So with him helping me, I slowly pumped into him, as I slowly breathed in and out of his lungs.

And Hamad grabbed my ass, tightly into his, as I shot. And shot. And shot.

I was exhausted.

He rolled me under him. And slowly went down on me. I had been so happy to be his bottom I had never even thought about anything else. As he slowly swallowed my cum-covered dick, as he went hard, as he made me shoot even more, all of which he took into his mouth, until he climbed up me, went back inside me, and kissed me, releasing my cum into my mouth, as both his tongue and his cock fucked me, from both ends. Until both were as deep inside as they could be.

And then he sucked the air out of my lungs.

I was so happy to give in I couldn’t stop from crying. I knew he was stronger than me. He was easily controlling me so much easier than I controlled him. I didn’t even care if he was filling my lungs with cum. I felt so happy to be under him. To be under his control.

I submitted, like never before.

He backed off. Slowly kissing me on and off, until he had eased his cock all the way back in, as I slowly sucked on his tongue, and as my ass did its best to hug his huge cock.

He looked down into my eyes. I knew he was seeing all the way through my soul. And I knew he knew it was his. Damn. He was my king, and I was happy to be his pawn.

Neither of us said anything.

He kissed each of my wet eyes. And hugged me tight.

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