A Virgin First

by Carl (NC)

“I’m going to fuck your tight little butt,” Mel said, grinning as he stood there with his hugely erect manhood jabbing up. Its length well curved and thick, with veins wrapped around its length, and the head mushrooming out shiny smooth and purple-red.

Aaron looked fearfully up at Mel’s raw male organ as he sat naked on the bed.

Mel reached out to turn him around and in the next moment Aaron felt himself being helplessly violated. He gasped as his tight untried butt hole stretched around Mel’s thick boner and for the first time, he knew what it was like to experience a man’s love.

“Oh, yeah!” Mel said as he sank his dick all the way into the younger male. “Ahhhh … yeah …” he breathed. It felt so good to have his sex organ thrust into Aaron.

“Ohhhhh … Ohhh …” Aaron could only whimper.

Mel started to fuck his dick in and out him with firm almost punishing strokes, holding his hips as he did so. His dick was taking Aaron’s anal virginity and he loved it.

The younger male squirmed, impossibly impelled on the older male’s hard dick. His fingers gripped the sheets as he could do nothing but to endure the monstrous penetrations of his smooth, slender nude body. He knew that lots of younger guys got fucked by older men and they liked it, and now he was finding himself liking it, too.

A month ago Aaron had been nakedly jacking off with a friend, and his friend had wanted to fuck him. He had tried, but Aaron had managed to prevent him from sticking his dick into his butt. He had not felt ready to try that. But with Mel, he had found the older male’s determination impossible to resist.

When they had gotten naked together, at first Aaron had thought that he might satisfy the older male’s urge by taking his boner into his mouth and letting him cum that way. Mel had sat there smiling over watching his hard manhood being sucked on, but he had other things in mind.

Again and again Mel rammed his hard boner into Aaron with a lustful delight.

“Your little ass feel so good,” Mel said.

Aaron could only continue to whimper as he was nearly being raped. He could not even find the breath to even begin to object to what was being done to him in such a masculine way. He just let it happen and began to enjoy the anal violation that made his own boner painfully stiff.

Aaron practically thought that he was going to pass out as Mel continued to fuck him so thoroughly. Then, in a moment more, Mel was ejaculating in him, spilling his wet seed into his nude body, doing so with a gratifying fulfillment.

“UH! UH! UH! UH!” Mel grunted with each pulsing discharge from his embedded penis.

“OHHHHHHH!” Aaron moaned as he felt Mel’s manly sperm being infused into him.

Suddenly he found his stiff dick ejaculating wetly onto the bed and he was totally helpless to keep that from happing. His penis just pulsed again and again and again, shooting out his wet response.

He whimpered some more as his sexual angst was completed.

Mel smiled as he pulled his no longer completely hard manhood from the younger male’s butt, not minding that it was streaked with brown from Aaron’s anal depths.

He slapped Aaron’s bare butt.

“There!” he said proudly. “That should hold you!”

“Oh, yes …” Aaron panted. What a way to lose his anal virginity.

Aaron knew that it would indeed hold him, although he suspected that Mel was not entirely through with him yet. That in another ten minutes he would find himself being fucked again. Although now he would know what to expect, how it felt to experience male love.

Aaron thought of his friend, and how his friend would be surprised the next time they got together. He sure would be willing and Aaron was looking forward to that.

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