A Very Wet British Morning

by Krystal (CA visiting)

‘Oh, God, Jane!’ Lisley cried out as she felt the dildo being pushed into her butt.

“It’s fun fucking your butt hole,” Jane said with an eager smile on her face.

She and her best friend had started having a bi fling a month ago. They had met at a rave and had just clicked as girls. They were both in their early twenties, Jane a blonde and Lisley a brunet, and they both had rather ordinary lives. Both of them were attractive, but really just average girls. Typical English girls, really.

They had both also just broken up with their boyfriends and were a bit off of guys right then. So naturally the prospect of having some fun girl sex had presented itself, they had decided to go for it.

Jane had been with several other girls, and Lisley had only been with one other, and even then in a more limited manner. Although this had been enough to let her know that she did like the allure of female sex. So when the opportunity presented itself with Jane, she was happy to respond.

It was raining outside that morning when Samantha had gone over to Jane’s flat. No surprise there. But that did make it cozy for them to be naked with one another and with teasingly lustful designs about how they should such a wet morning.

Outside it might have been dull, but inside their smooth lithe naked bodies squeezed together and their mouths wetly joined with a happy abandonment as they lay together on the bed.

Lisley was keenly aware what her mum would think if she knew that her daughter was doing this with another girl. That she had become this complete lesbian whore. For Jane it was a little bit different. She knew that her mum had had several affairs with other women, even though she was married. The only thing that her mum would probably draw the line at, was her having sex with her father. Although that was mostly just out of sheer consideration of taking the chance of her dad putting her in the club. Like she would let that ever happen.

“I’m going to sick a dildo up you so bad,” jane teased, holding up a red plastic dildo.

“Oh!”Lisley had responded with surprise. She had a dildo, a pink slender representation of a male penis which did enjoy using when she masturbated herself. As she had long ago discovered, it felt far more satisfying have something in her vagina when she climaxed. It gave her muscles something to clamp down on.

As Lisley lay back on the bed with legs apart, Jane had used the smooth dildo tease and stimulate her clit with., which Lisley had definitely approved of.

Jane did this for a minute or two, alternating between using the dildo in this manner, and using her tongue on her friend’s erect clit.

Jane paused to apply some lubrication to the dildo. And then, without warning, proceeded to slide it smoothly and firmly into Lisley’s poop hole., making her cry out in complete surprise.

‘Oh, Gawd, Jane!’

Jane began to thrust the implement in and out with another girl’s delight to be violating her friend like this.

‘I’ve never had my butt fucked before!’ Lisley exclaimed.

‘Well, now you’re going to have,’ said Jane somewhat maliciously. As a girl she was of course used to guys being dominant. But with another female she enjoyed being dominant, and thrilled in being as personal as this with Lisley, in taking full advantage of her anal capacity. And was so completely personal being sexual with her butt.

Jane felt her own excitement growing tremendously as she fucked Lisley’s butt with repeated inward strokes. Quickly and skillfully, while keeping a hand on the dildo and keeping it fully inserted, she climbed on top of Lisley and thrust her bare pussy into her face. ‘Lick me! Make me come!’ she ordered.

Lisley began using her tongue between Jane’s legs, tasting her female liquid as it sluiced from her tight vagina. Again and again her tongue wetly licked over Jane’s expanded clitoris.

“Oh, fuck! I’m going to cum!’ Jane shouted. And she started climaxing, pushing her shaved pussy down into Lisley’s accommodating mouth. ‘Ah! AHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh, shit, I’m cummng!’

Jane’s slender naked body swayed as she had her orgasm in the other girl’s face, the pink points of ner erect nipples pushing wild out into the air.

Jane gasped and writhed.

Lisely mouthed her even more vehemently and with sexual abandonment, making her orgasm torturously exaggerated. In a way that it took another girl with knowledge of female anatomy to do.

Jane gasped and trembled.

Then she let out the breath she had been holding.

As id coming very much out of a dream state, she remembered her purposeful domination of her friend.

Jane climbed off and began to lick Lisley’s clit passionately while continuing to fuck her butt with the dildo.

‘Oh, Gawd! Oh, Gawd! Oh, Gawd!’ Lisley panted as she felt her naked body driven to excitement in ways which she had never known. She was being butt raped and loving it. Right then she wanted Jane to rape her whole naked body.

Jane smiled cruelly as she fucked the dildo into Lisley to ensure that her anal virginity had been fully taken.

“Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhhh …” Lisley moaned and whimpered. And then in the next moment she was climaxing wildly out of control. It was not just her clitoris pulsing, nor the deep spasms she often felt in her vagina, but it was also happening in her butt, as she felt her sensitive opening stretching around the dildo, gripping down it, with its curved length fully inserted deep into her anal sheath as far as jane could get it to go. “Ohhhhhhhhhh …’ Lisley turned her head back and forth on the pillow as her naked body was wracked by sexual sensations she had never before experienced.

After what seemed like an eternity, Lisley felt herself easing away from the sexual torture which had just been inflicted upon her.

“Oh, wasn’t that nice?” Jane questioned tauntingly.

She leaned over and kissed Lisley on he mouth, plunging her tongue deeply inward.

She drew back and again with the cruel look of amusement on her attractive face.

“When I fuck another girl, I like to fuck her,” Jane said triumphantly.

“Oh …” Lisley breathed. “You certainly have fucked me.”

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