A Very Gay Romance: Part 2

by Anonymous

Danny was surprised to see the brightness of the sun coming in through the window the next morning, and he was also surprised to find that he was still in the motel room. The man – Doug - was in the small bathroom, not dressed, but still naked, as well. Seeing that Danny was awake, he smiled. “I fixed us some instant coffee,’ he announced.

“Oh. Thanks,” Danny said. He got up and padded over to where there was a small glass coffee pot on a warming stand. He pour himself a cup and took a swallow. It tasted strong and good.

The man came and refilled his cup and took a swallow, too.

“Well, I guess we both feel asleep last night.”

“Apparently,” Danny agreed, not having expected to do so.

The man sat on the edge of the bed with his coffee as Danny stood with his by the small table. Danny was aware of the man giving his nakedness an admiring sort of a look.

“I sure enjoyed last night. It was good doing that with you,” the man said.

“I enjoyed it, too,” Danny responded, knowing that he had. And really, he was enjoying that moment right then, too. Usually when he had sex with a man, they fucked or did whatever, and then he just went back to his place, feeling happy about it and knowing how nobody would never know or find out his little secret.

“Geez!” the man said with a broad grin. “I’m getting another boner!”

Danny saw that he was, as he observed the Doug’s stiff penis sticking boldly up and with no hint of embarrassment on the man’s part.

Danny grinned as he felt his own penis stirring to life. “So am I.”

They kissed and made out on the bed and did so quite passionately and far more romantically than Danny was admittedly accustomed to. Then they fucked again. It was wonderful as Danny found himself accommodating Doug’s stiff manhood once again and loving it as he did. This time, somehow in the enticement of the moment, a condom was overlooked and Danny found himself being excitedly impregnated by Doug’s sperm.

He was enthralled to have Doug being nakedly giving of himself like that. Usually he would have been concerned and would not have had unprotected sex. But with Doug it felt so natural and easy and intercourse in this way was made even more special and meaningful.

When they finished and were lying there together on the bed, recovering, Doug blew out a breath.

“That was so good,” he said.

Danny swallowed and his tongue licked over his lips. “It was.”

‘I’m sorry about not wearing a condom.”

“That’s okay,” Danny assured.

“It felt good, though … getting to do it with you as nature intended.”

Danny smiled. “Yes. I enjoyed it.’

Doug hesitated. “I don’t suppose you would consider coming with me?”

The question was unexpected and Danny was surprised. He was actually speechless.

“I know …” Doug allowed. “It’s probably silly. But I do have a nice place back home and I sure wouldn’t mind sharing it with you. If … that is, you were interested.”

Danny blinked. “You mean … me move out there, and the two of us live together?”

“Yeah. I know. Silly, huh? Two guys fucking a couple of times and thinking that it’s this whirlwind romance. I never even really thought about living with another guy. But with you … I don’t know. There’s just something about you.’

“I … I feel the same way,” Danny confessed, knowing that he did. He knew that this had been the most romantic experience of his entire life, and he really did not want to have it end – ever. He knew that he could leave that small town and never look back. He smiled. “I’d love to go with you.”

They kissed warmly and made love again.

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