A Very Gay Romance: Part 1

by Anonymous

Danny liked doing it with other guys. He really did. Only he was embarrassed by this and it was his secret. And of course that was a problem. He did not dare attempt to seek out any of the guys around the small town, or his secret would get out.

As he had discovered, though, the Trip’s Motel was a good place to pursue his interest. It was out on the edge of town, and lots of guys would stop there overnight and be gone the next day. And lots of guy’s were looking for a little sex, and were quite open to it being of the male variety. Danny was genuinely surprised by this, and it told him how he was not alone in his cravings. He liked that.

That evening, just as the sun was slipping down and the sky was soon to become a blaze of orange, he wet walking by the motel. He was wearing a t-shirt, cut-off and his bare feet slipped into a pair of insubstantial flip-flops. A man who looked to be in his late thirties, trim and good looking, with a neatly trimmed beard, spotted him.

"Hey, how are you doing?” the man asked with a friendly smile.

The man was just standing outside his room taking in the coming sunset.

“Fine,” Danny said. “How are you doing?”

“Fine, too,” the man answered. “Tell me … what does everybody do around here for fun? I’m just passing through, so I don’t know the place.”

“There really isn’t much to do,” Danny replied. “Not really. It’s just a small town and pretty boring.”

“Yeah. I kind of thought as much,” the man said. He smiled at Danny again. “Hey, if you’re not doing anything, want to come in for a beer?”

Danny gave a careless shrug. “Sure.”

He went in and the man closed the door behind them and went over to where a six pack was sitting on a small dresser. He took one for himself and handed one to Danny. They popped the tops and had a swallow together.

“Bit warm this evening,” the man commented.

“Yeah. It is,” Danny agreed.

‘That’s the trouble. In motels like this, the air conditioning is never very good.” He took another swallow from his can of beer. “It’d be more comfortable just taking off your clothes and sitting around naked.”

Danny grinned. The man was wearing a sports shirt, slacks and shoes. “Yeah,” he agreed. He shrugged and added, “Well, there’s no one to see you.”

“No. I suppose there isn’t.” The man gave a laugh. “Care to join me?”

“Uh … sure,” said Danny. “It would be a lot cooler.”

Setting aside their beer cans, the man started to get undressed and Danny did, too.

Naked, the man was good looking, with a moderate amount of dark hair spreading across his chest, with it doing a sort of small swirl around both nipples. Then the hair extended downward in a line that went over his stomach and down farther to mix into his dark tangle of pubic hair. His man was by no mans exceptional, but large enough. Danny was thin and not all that hairy.

They smiled at one another.

“Feels good, huh?” the man said.

“Yeah,” Danny agreed and he gave something a slightly modest grin.

Actually he found it exciting to suddenly be naked with this good looking man whom he really did not know. And certainly he was hopeful. Although right at that moment, standing there like he was, he was almost afraid that he would get an erection, and that he would embarrass himself in such revealing eagerness. That matter was solve for him, though, as he saw that the man was getting an erection. He watched as the man’s penis stiffened sufficiently to push boldly upright.

The man grinned. “I was trying to keep it down,” he said.

“That’s okay,” Danny assured. He felt his own penis stirring with arousal. “I’m getting one, too.”

The man could see that he was. He smiled in a pleased fashion to see Danny’s boner launch upwards equal to his own.

The man laughed. “Well, here we are … two guys having a boner together. What do you say that we take care of them together?”

“That’d be fine with me,” Danny said shyly. Although feeling the encouragement of his erect organ pushing at him.

The man went and laid on the bed, stretching out on his back, his erection handsomely displayed.

Danny went and joined him, sitting on the bed.

“Come here …” the man said. He reached out and pulled Danny gently toward him.

They kissed on the lips.

Danny was not accustomed to kissing a man with a beard and it tickled.

The man was gentle and nice and Danny allowed his tongue to slip wetly into his mouth. They kissed quite passionately like this for several minutes before pausing.

“Mmm … you’re really making my dick hard,” the man said. “Let me feel it in your mouth.”

Danny took a breath and slid down on the bed a little ways. Lying down he took a hold of the man’s hard penis, loving how its stiff male shape felt in his hand. Then, without hesitation, Danny began to suck on the man’s organ. He really loved sucking dick. He liked how that maleness felt in his mouth. As he slid his mouth smoothly and wetly up and down he began to wonder if the man was going to ejaculate in his mouth. This excited him even more.

Then he felt the man’s hands on his shoulders, gently pushing him back. “That’s enough of that for now,” he said.

The man then leaned over and sucked on Danny’s stiff dick. He did this quite generously, making wet slurping sounds. When he stopped and pulled his mouth away, he gave Danny another quick kiss. Then he got off the bed and went over to where his suitcase was sitting open on a convenient chair. When he turned around and came back, he was splitting open the small plastic envelope containing a lubricated condom. Danny remained on the bed and watched as the man proceed to roll the condom down the length of his very stiff erection, leaving it shiny smooth beneath the thin and transparent latex.

“Here …” he instructed, getting Danny to climb off of the bed and to stand with his hands on the mattress. When he was positioned, the man stepped up behind him and Danny felt the firmness of his manhood press up against his tight anal pucker. The lubricated condom allowed the man’s erection to push smoothly and fully in ward and Danny drew in a breath.

“Ooo … that feels good,” the man said.

He held onto Danny’s bare hips and he began to slide his male organ in and out.

Danny stood there letting himself be fucked.

It was thrilling to feel a man doing that to him, to treat him sexually. His own erection ached with its rigid stiffness, its length curving up from between his legs like a blunt-tipped spear.

“Ohhh …” Danny moaned.

The man continued to fuck him for the next several minutes, doing so in a relaxed and leisurely fashion which Danny found absolutely enthralling. He lived for moments like this, and just wished that he could experience them more often. Danny found it remarkable how easy this was to find himself with a man whom he did even know, and how that just made it all the more exciting. Danny’s hands gripped the bed with his legs and feet spread well apart, as his bare toes gripped at the carpet.

“Oh, yeah … yeah … this is feeling great!” the man said as he plunged his boner lustfully into Danny’s accommodating butt again and again, And now doing so with increasing urgency.

Danny was practically overwhelmed by his own arousal. Without warning he began ejaculating. His wet seed shot out and went a good five feet up and over the bed. His semen came out in intense streams which made his knees almost buckled. As he climaxed he felt his butt hole gripping the man’s boner.

“Ahhhh!!!” Danny choked and struggled with his unexpected release, shocked to find the sperm being fucked out of him like this.

“Oh, yeah!” the man grunted and began ejaculating deep inside of Danny’s anal depths, the condom catching his liquid pulses. “Yeah … yeah … yeah …”

He loved satisfying his masculine urge in the younger male’s butt.

When the man finished, he withdrew his penis, being sure to keep the condom in place. Then he stripped it off and held it so that the end drooped with the heavy load of semi-white liquid it contained. He held it up almost trophy-like, although really more to show that it had held and not leaked during its usage. He smiled and Danny smiled back.

Savoring their feelings of mutual satisfaction, they remained naked and sat on the bed side-by-side with their legs and feet stretched out, and finished their beers and then had another. There was just a sense of good camaraderie being male and nakedly together like that. The man was a salesman traveling his territory, which came as no surprise to Danny.

His named was Doug. Apparently, from Danny gathered, Doug liked women, but he admitted to just how much he enjoyed male companionship as well when that presented itself. They sat and talked and finally both fell asleep. It was a warm and quiet and restful night.

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