A Very Brother and Sister Arrangement

by Cath (WA)

Prentis and Leah were lying naked together on the bed. They had just spent the last hour fucking and it had been so good.

“I guess we’d better get dressed before mom comes home,” Prentis said, aware that their mom got home an hour before their dad did.

Leah was not especially concerned. “Mom knows that we’re doing it together,” she said.

“What?” Prentis was surprised. Actually he was practically dumbfounded.

“Mom kind of had her suspicions. She sort of asked me, and I just told her the truth.”

Prentis was amazed. “What did she say?”

“Well, she wasn’t shocked. I don’t think that she liked it a whole lot. But she was understanding. She just said not to let dad know.”

“Yeah,” Prentis said, thinking how their father would absolutely flip if he knew that his son and daughter were having sex. Although he knew that their mom was quite understanding, and apparently in this case she was. Still, he was never the less surprised and unsure about this. “Is that all she said?”

“Well …” Leah confessed, ‘she asked me if you and I were in love. I said sort of said that we had feelings for each other. Obviously. I didn’t tell her how serious our feelings were. But I think that she kind of knew.”

“Oh. What did she say to that?”

“She just said how that could be sort of awkward if we were serious about each other. Then she just sighed and said sometimes that’s how things went.”

Prentis could see that their mom was being very understanding, indeed.

“Oh,” was all that he said as he thought about this.

“Well, you are nineteen and I am eighteen,” Leah reminded.

“Yeah,” said her brother. That two of them were still living at home while they went to a local college made the situation both convenient for them and, at the same time, very difficult. They were hardly the first brother and sister to have feelings for one another, or to find themselves falling in love. It did happen and far more often than many people realized. Only, of course, it was the type of thing that just wasn’t done nor condoned.

They had long been aware of the feelings of attraction between the two of them, and even at first quite self-conscious embarrassed about that. Yet, at the same time, it had been very special and wonderful and they had found themselves being quite encouraging of it. Then when the two of them had finally had sex, and his penis had been in her vagina, that had been like opening up the floodgates on their feelings.

I was thinking …” Leah remarked. “You said that you could get into that college in Washington State.”

“Yeah …”

“I’m sure that I could get in there, too. Neither of us would have any problems with our grades or anything. Why don’t we just move out there and we could live together. Nobody has to know that we’re brother and sister. We can just tell dad that we’re going to be roommates so we can save money.”

Leah’s plan was perfectly sensible and reasonable.

Prentis, though, was cautious. “That would mean … well, like us being married. Do you want to be married to you brother?”

“I can’t think of anything more wonderful. That is, if you want to be married to your sister?”

Prentis smiled. “I can’t think of anything better.”

Leah did caution, though, “I don’t know about having a bay together. I’m not sure about that.”

“Prentis said, “Probably not.” He did realize though that the natural desire for both of them was there for him to get her pregnant.

“That’s something we’ll have to talk about,” said Leah, realizing as her brother did that they both felt motivated to do this together. Yet, that it would bring with it a lot of complications that were best to be avoided.

After dinner that night Leah announced their plans to their dad.

“Oh,” he said.

“It is a better school,” Prentis was quick to point out.

“Yeah. That would be a good thing,” their dad said in consideration of this. “Well, I don’t see why not. If the two of you think that you can be roommates together and not kill one another.”

“I don’t think that we’ll have any problem with that,” Leah assured. She smiled. “Prentis and I are practically roommates here.”

That’s true,” their dad agreed.

“I think that they will get along just fine,” their mom said. She looked at the two of them and smiled.

I see that other writers have notes on their story, so I will write one for the reader, too.
My brother and I have been “married” now for the last four years. We both know that this is not necessarily the best thing for a brother and sister. But we really do love each other and we are very happy together, and like in the story we did move away to live together. We have decided not to have children. Our mom knows that we are living together as husband and wife, although our dad still believes that we are just roommates. Neither of us quite know how this will all work out, but we are sure that it will one way or another.
It is a fact that there are many brothers and sisters who have settled for this arrangement and simply that no one knows or even suspects. To everyone that we know, we are just this perfectly happily married young couple. The funny thing is, my brother and I never fight, we never argue. But then we have been together for our entire lives and we know each other so well. We consider ourselves to be so lucky.

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