A Sweet Summer Interlude

by Joey (Alabama)

Me and my mother Loretta have always been close, then came the morning in july at her friend lisa's house, when i woke up next to her in bed. Lisa saw me and Mom in her kitchen with the lights off, sitting in the floor, and i was holding my sexy mom close and kissing her like she was the love of my life.

Lisa saw my hand under mom's blue denim skirt and knew i was playing with my mother's soft beautiful pussy. She told me and mom we could go to the guest room where there was a bed we could use for our incestuous love encounter.

I'm not sure if me and my mom had sex that night, we drank a lot, but the next morning when i had her alone in a room beside me in bed, i decided to go for it, to see if my mom would really let me make her my next sexual partner, at first as i was holding and cuddling and kissing my mom Loretta, who was 43 with hazel eyes and long brown hair.

She is half cherokee and she is very sexy, for years i had secretly wished she would let me have a sexually intimate relationship with her, after a while of kissing, Loretta opened her eyes and saw that her 25 year old son Joey was the man giving her love and affection.

I kissed her lovingly and whispered in her ear, "I want to be INSIDE you..." waiting for her to decide to share a sexual encounter of mother and son incest together.

"I'm your MOTHER" Loretta gently reminded me, knowing that i didn't care.

I wanted to see what it would be like to take off her cute little yellow panties and put my dick in her precious sweet little pussy.,she said she wouldn't be able to let me get her panties off so me and my mother could reach my secret fantasy of my mother and i fucking each other, even though Loretta was a married woman, and she was my MOTHER, I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANTED TO HAVE INCESTUOUS SEX WITH HER. I TOLD HER I Was OK BUT I NEEDED TO LET IT GO SOMEWHERE. As i took off my shorts to show my mother my dick i heard her softly say "I want to see it"

In that bed where i was a man and she was my girl, her husband had no clue his wife of 15 no clue his wife was about to let her own son have her pussy, watching me reminded her i had a big dick

"IF i let you, you cant tell anyone..." my mother whispered, agreeing to let me get her naked so we could FUCK!" i promised her it would stay a secret between us.

"I;m not wet" she told me, so i told her i knew how to fix that and mom let me reach under her dress and take off her panties. Her Pussy up close was so beautiful and perfect and i loved the taste of her sex. i got her wet and she let me get on top, and helped me find my way inside her forbidden sex.

I couldn't believe i was actually FUCKING MY MOTHER! we kissed and loved on each other, and i looked down to watch my dick go in and out of Loretta's sweet pussy, and noticed she was moving her body to the rhythm of our incestuous love.

I held her close and was kissing her face all over, telling her "I LOVE YOU" as my mom let me make love to her. i can remember her lying back and letting me take off her panties so i could kiss and lick her pussy, and as my tongue found my mom's clit, she was moving her hips in a way that made her pussy getting licked by her baby boy feel even better.

After me and mom had sex and were getting dressed, she had a sad look of shame and sorrow, she had just let her own firstborn child fuck her pussy. i kissed her and said "IT WAS LOVE" mom smiled and said "It WAS Love" and we held each other close, since we were new secret lovers. then mom said, "what did you do with my panties?"

We entered that bedroom as mother and son, and came out sharing a secret loving incest together. after the first time my mom let me have sex with her that summer morning, it would be three years later when we were alone together at her house and mom let me be sexually intimate with her again on a cold january night...i only wished i had asked her if i could keep the panties she wore under her blue dress the first time she let me take her pussy and make it mine...

Since i was a teenage boy i wanted to see what its like to have sex with her. when i was young, i just got out of the shower and wanted to show her my dick now that it was a lot bigger and i had new pubic hair. i secretly hoped since i let mom see my dick, she'd return the favor and show me her pussy! but as my mom, she had to be careful about how she let me see what was in her panties... and a week later at the kitchen table Loretta was reading a book across the table from me, her right bare foot on the chair beside her so her legs were apart.

She had on a cute sexy little flowerprint sundress. i realized i could see up her dress and i was going to get to see my mother's PANTIES!!!' i remembered that she loved wearing her pretty sexy little sundresses, and most of the time under her dress, she didn't have on any panties. i was staring at her uncovered unhidden PUSSY!!! mom let me look at the soft brown curls around the pink lips of her pussy for several seconds, then put her legs together to hide her sex once more. she gave me a serious sexy look that said. "since you showed me your dick, i made it real easy for you to get a harmless little peek at my pussy...keep this our little secret, baby boy..."

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