A Surprising Night

by Peter (Greece)

When I was younger, I was a truck driver in the UK and as such had to spend quite a few nights away from the wife and the comforts of home, usually sleeping in the cab. It was reasonably comfortable and we were paid subsistence money so I didn't really mind.

Only trouble was, service areas could be quite expensive for parking and the norm was to stop, wash and shower, eat then drive out to find a laybye where parking was free.

Had done this one evening and found a deserted laybye closer to my final destination for the next day. Quick check round the motor, make sure the diesel camp's locked then into the passenger seat, turn on radio 2 then just sit and relax for an hour or so before bedding down.

A couple of cars pull in behind me and I glance in the mirror as they switch off their headlights, then silence again. I hear a car door being quietly closed but think nothing of it.

Suddenly, to my left, in the bushes I see some movement but it’s getting too dark to see anything clearly so I switch off my interior lights and as my eyes become adjusted to the darkness, there's a half moon, I realize it's a woman, standing on a worn track, in the bushes and she looks very beautiful.

I'm stunned! She's looking at me, smiling, and slowly inching the hem of her black leather skirt up her thighs revealing her stocking tops and suspenders.

She's wearing a white or cream blouse, hard to tell in the dim light, which she unbuttons and open wide and it's clear she's wearing a corset or Basque. Long blonde hair and maybe a little too much make up but she looks great to me!

The skirt hitched higher now and she's beckoning my, crooking her finger for me to join her. Now I can just make out a man standing behind her, half hidden in the deeper shadows, his trousers unfastened and his cock out of his under pants, kind of semi-hard, hanging down his leg, half way to his knee.

Her skirt now is around her waist and I'm now breathless as she too has a really huge cock, 9'' or more sticking up from 'her' black lace panties. I'd been married for some years by then but had 'experimented' with other men in my youth. My mouth was literally watering as I quietly opened the door and climbed down to join them.

My cock was painfully hard, trapped in my jeans and underwear. I'm not particularly big, 6'' on a really good day and nothing compared to these two. I'd only ever seen cock this big in porno movies and then they were usually black! I couldn't take my eyes off them!

'Like what you see?'' 'She asked. ''We thought you might be a bit lonely parked out here on your own! Thought you might be up for some fun!''

I was going to protest that I was happily married, that I didn't do this sort of thing. I remained silent.

''Come on'' she went on, ''we've shown you ours so show us yours!''

I have to admit I was suddenly embarrassed, but dropped my jeans and underwear. She laughed, not cruelly, and remarked ''It's so sweet. Isn't it darling?'' turning to the man behind, ''He must be a cocksucker! He'd be no use to a woman!''

''I....I...I'm...'' I spluttered.

''You'd love to suck me, wouldn't you, my little cocksucker! Have my big thick cock in your mouth? Eh? I know you'd love that. Wouldn't you? And if you’re really, really good, I'll let you suck my friend off too! Oh look darling, he's drooling!'' I was too. Strangely, I was hugely embarrassed but I was kind of enjoying being humiliated.

A gently hand on my shoulder, long scarlet nails pushing me to my knees. I could see in the dim moonlight her black lace panties were down around her thighs, her genital area smooth, clean shaven, not a wisp of pubic hair in sight. Her swollen cock appeared massive close up, the foreskin partially retracted and clear pre-come juice trickling from the piss hole and hanging down nearly to the hard mud path I was kneeling on.

''That's a good little cocksucker, now open wide!'' She said, ''Here it comes.'' and slipped just the bulbous end between my lips!

''Come round here, darling'' she told the other man. ''Let him feel yours. Feel how big you are. A real mans cock.''

He did and my hand wouldn't even close around it! And I can only estimate it about 11 or 12''. Oh Christ I thought!

Both her hand on my head now and she's gently but purposefully easing her rigid bloated knob deeper and ever deeper into my mouth, her clear pre-come dripping now from my chin onto my naked thighs.

''Come on you little slut, stick your tongue out. If I get down your throat you can lick my balls!'' And I did as ordered. Her gentle insults only making me hornier. Then it's right to my throat and I start gagging!

''Swallow'' she hisses, ''swallow when I push! Take all my cock, you little tart! You filthy little cocksucker!''

Then my nose was being flattened by her belly and my protruding tongue was licking her spunk filled balls. I think I was in heaven. Then she crouched slightly, bending her knees a little and proceeded to 'face fuck me! Back 9'' until only the dribbling glans was between my lips then ramming right in 'til her balls slammed on my chin! And I gagged and choked, her juice and my saliva running in rivulets down my chin and chest and soaking my legs. And I loved it!

''Oh God'' she screamed, ''I'm coming! I'm coming!'' And it was like a fire hose. Jetting out in long salty streams into my mouth and throat, just for good measure and for the camera phone her friend was holding, all over my upturned face!

Panting for breath she exclaimed ''Wonderful! Just wonderful! Oh, darling, he's a great cocksucker but I think maybe you're just too big for him! But...but...maybe you can get that donkey cock up his bottom!

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