A Surprise Visits

by Jim (North Carolina)

I wanted to surprise my dad and stepmom with a visit from college by getting a ride home from a school mate. My friend dropped off Infront of my house I was shocked to see my dad's car not there on a Saturday. I looked for my keys and couldn't find them, I knew there was a spare key out back. As I walked around to the back, I heard strange sounds coming from the basement family room. I looked down and was shocked to see my stepmom and the man next door.

I watched in amazement as the younger man had my stepmom bent over the pool table fucking her like a crazy man. Sue my stepmom was begging this stranger to pound her harder and harder. The strange roared as he slammed his baby batter deep into her willing cunt. After resting the stranger pulled himself together spun Her around smiled at her and said, tell the next time hubby is out of town and started to leave.

I moved again in shock and decided that if she will fuck a stranger behind dads back why not me. I rang the doorbell about 1/2 an hour later wanting to give her time to pull herself together.

Jim I didn't know you coming by this weekend come is please come in. Sue was wearing a light sun dress that in the proper light I could see. My room was just off the family room downstairs, walking past the pool table smiling.

Sue, could you come down here for a second I have a question for you. Be right down Jim just give me a minute. Once Sue came down, I was in my tee shirt and running shorts leaning against the pool table at the same spot she had just been fucked. Sue who was only 40 years old, 15 years younger than my dad, slowly walked up to me. So honey what can I do for you Sue asked with a nerves smile.

Well do you like Sue or mom I asked not waiting for an answer. I put my hands on her shoulder I have a question mom, do you want me to tell dad you're fucking around on him or do you want to share with me also.

Sue face went red faced with anger and shame. YOU SAW US YOU SPYED ON ME YOU PERVERT, Sue yelled, before slapping my face. I turn and without thought drove my right fist into her soft belly.

OOOMMMPPPHHH was the only sound heard as Sue dropped to her knees. Or third choice I just fucking take you like the slut you are. I reach down jerk Sue to her feet and shove Sue towards the couch. I guess if you're giving that pussy away for free i should be first in line being family and all.

Sue stammered, as she looked and saw the lust in my eyes...I...I>>I am sorry Jim Please don't tell your father pleaseee. Take off that fucking dress and do it now slut, I bellow, as I pull the tee shirt over my head. Sue starts to plead but stops as she sees the look on my face. Sue shamefully stands and slips out of her dress, standing only in bra and panties. I slid my right had between her legs and up to the crotch,,,, is that your wetness or his cum still in you whore, I tease. I am sorry Jim I am sorry your father is never home anymore I won't see him again I promise..... please let this pass please.

On your knees cunt you have business to take care of I order as I push her to the floor. You need cock bitch, well I have just what you need right. I say I yank my shorts down letting them drop to the floor. My nine-inch meat springs free hitting Sue in the face. MY GOD.... Jim that is fucking huge....YAAAAA you should have stayed in the family cunt

Open your mouth slut my cock needs to be taken care of.... Sues slowness forced me to grab Sue by the Hair and yank her head to my cock. At first Sue fights me but I use my cock as a club and start beating her face with it....... STOPPPPPP STOPPPPPP I will suck your cock that hurts Jim PLEASEEEEE STOP.

Pleased with Sues Change of mind I slid my dick into her now open wet mouth. I was not interested in a blow job from this whore i was going to face fuck her till me begs me to fuck her instead . AAAGGGGG NNNAAAA OOOOMMMPPPHHH NNNNAAAA NNNAAA.....I rammed my cock as fast and as hard into her mouth as I could. The sounds from Sue sounded like music to my ears as her spit leaked from her mouth. I pull Sues mouth down and shove my 9 inches down her throat and hold her there.

As I release her head Sue pulls away gasping for air tears running down her face. I spin Sue around while still on her knees and shove her bending over the couch resting om her chest and elbows. I waste no time to pouch on her dazed body. I rip her panties aside and quickly line the head of my cock at her cuntal lips. Sue screams NOOOOOO as she feels the knot of my cockhead splitting her wet lips.

YESSSSSS SUE YESSSSSS I snicker, as I thrust my hips forward driving 5 inches into her pussy. Sue stiffens as my throbbing cock forces it way into her deep into tunnel. I pull back only the head between her lips only to thrust forcefully balls deep into GGGOOODDDDDD DDAAMMMM Sue groaned as my oversized tool is forced deeper into her. I pin my stepmom to the couch and jerk her head back by the hair making her groan in a mix of pleasure and pain.

You will pay cunt for cheating on my dad and take my seed deeply into your cunt. I drop her hair and grab Sue by the hips and start a savage relentless pounding. GGGOOODDD GGOODDD GOOODDD I force her hips back onto me driving cock. Sue stiffens as her body betrays her and her orgasms race thru her helpless. YESSSSSSS Jim YESSSSSSS GOD DAMMMMM FUCK ME FUCK ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Sues cunt grips my cock tighter than any cunt I have fucked ever has. I growled loudly as my balls exploded sending blast after blast of hot seed into my stepmom's cunt.

As Sues cunt stopped spasming from her waves of bliss as I slumped over her, my cum leaking from her used hole. I slump back on my heals covered in sweat my cock still hard. Sue turned around and sat on the floor looking at me thru dazed eyes. If your father fucked me like that i would have had no need cheat. I stand up and walk over to her my cock hanging freely before her face. Well let's make sure your need is filled by family bitch Sue smiles up as she licks the head of my cock, well we have all weekend to fill my needs Jim after a long lick.... your better than him and your father combined, stands up grabs my cock, your bedroom or mine.

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